The Witch and Gretel

The Witch and Gretel

Native LanguageKorean
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Katharina is a witch who can produce little mana by nature.
One day, she takes on a two-month-old witch. “What’s the name of this cute little girl?”
Katarina glanced down at her. Her golden eyes are relieved just by her eye contact. “…Gretel.”
“I’m going to fatten you up and eat you, Gretel. I’m sure I’ll succeed this time.”
But there was a setback in her plan…
“I’m a man.”
“You…If you are lying to me, I’ll eat you….”
“I’m not lying!”
I don’t think she is telling the truth. That can’t be true. Witch can’t be a man. No, if you are a man then you’re not a witch in the first place!
Will she ever eat Gretel?

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