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Suddenly I have a husband and children

When I woke up, 7 years later. Suddenly, I have a husband and children.
Izak, who I had a passionate crush, became my husband.
This gracious situation made me realized that I have given birth to twins!

I thought it was a happy situation… but why are we now in the middle of divorce?

Divorce before I can enjoy my marriage.
I don't even remember how twins were made.

Estella, facing a divorce crisis, tries everything she can to change the cold heart of Izak...!

"Chew, Papa and mom."
"Mom likes Papa, don't you like her?""

A lovely mother, a twin, who claims to be Cupid.

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon was created in the basement of my house.
A super-large dungeon of SSS+ rating that has never appeared in history.

Lewd contract

Kim Jin-Hwon, the best pitcher in the Major League, is Hana's crush for 12 years.

He suddenly returned to Korea and declared that he would play in the domestic league for a year, which was hard for his fans to accept.
Hana joined the club for the purpose of just seeing him one day, and finally she had a chance to meet Jin-Hwon in person.

Kim Jin-Hwon, a naive young man who only love baseball, suddenly fell into an impure temptation during his stay in Korea.

Hana, couldn't restrain her old unrequited love that she proposed the most absurd thing.

The Witch and Gretel

Katharina is a witch who can produce little mana by nature.

One day, she takes on a two-month-old witch. "What's the name of this cute little girl?"


Katarina glanced down at her. Her golden eyes are relieved just by her eye contact. "…Gretel."


"I'm going to fatten you up and eat you, Gretel. I'm sure I'll succeed this time."

But there was a setback in her plan...

"I'm a man."

The owner of the summer villa

Born as the fourth daughter of a fallen baron, she was chosen by Count Bell, the head of the highest family of the Esseln Empire for her outstanding beauty.

Contrary to the expectation that she would enjoy a rosy marriage, like the heroines of the romance novels she had been reading all the time, her marriage began to crack from day one.

As if it was an escape from such a marriage, she immersed herself in writing romance novels, and as a result, she succeeded in all her three published works.

The day when fate pushed her back, thinking of a new future, she faces a living room stained with blood.


Music Show Genius

Everyone dreams of a brilliant life, but that life can only be enjoyed by those chosen one?
Yoo Jung-ho dreamed of becoming an idol star by practicing day and night for the past 3 years!
However, he was dismissed from the agency overnight.

It was none other than his role model, Jera, who reached out to him.
Become the world's most successful musician who makes songs for world-class pop stars!

Yoo Jung-ho, a man who does not stop moving toward his dream.
The success story of the hard working music genius Yoo Jung-ho begins!

Playful Woman

"The man I met for the first time, I laid him down!"

An unpopular kid's YouTuber, "Mini and Friends" Eunha accidentally injures a man during a cleaning part-time job.

Super tall, muscular, massive physique, bloody expression and scarring! The frightened Eunha runs away. Meanwhile, Ji-hwan, the scary man who woke up from the hospital, said, "Find her and bring her back politely."

I think he knows Eunha for some reason...…?

Superstar From age 0

Thousands of reincarnation, a new life that he didn't even know.

Born as a human baby, Lee Seo-joon!


Elves, fairies, slime, gift boxes, the devil, etc. in the library of life where his memories of his previous lives remains like a fairy tales.

His mysterious abilities that charms people, will make him a superstar!

Hardworking beauty! Crazy method of acting!

He will become a superstar that will go down in history!

Damn Reincarnation

Hamel, a warrior who traveled with his colleagues to exterminate the devil. Yet, he died just before the battle with the devil started.


What the hell?

He was reborn as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth.

The son of the great Vermouth, Hamel. No, he was now Eugene Ryan Hart.

"It was already enough me having the delusion that I was a genius in my past life. But... this... It's... It's incomparable.’

The Greatest Extra in history

One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel.

I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.

This Damn Marriage

A married couple will divorce in their 7th year are the only way they can think of to live! 

Ji-seok, who married a woman from a chaebol family, became vice president at the Geumyoung Department Store. 

I believed that I would be happy with love alone, but now it is difficult to endure the ignorance of Do-hee and the pressure from her family, who would growl only looking at my face. 

“If you want to divorce, do it.” 

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