Upgraded website security

Recently there have been some complications of the website faced earlier this year. When the server was in maintenance, there were agregators that took advantage of it causing the website’s server overload. That’s why we decided to upgrade the website server.

After the website server, we also upgraded our security with smart encryption. With this, even if hackers, agregators or phishing virus were to happen in our website, encryption of datas (such as password) is assured.

However, as gmails and usernames are considered YOUR public information, they are not encrypted. Still, be rest assured with your password are in good hands. They can only be seen by as random strings of letters by those who try to breach data.

The current smart encryption security is not perfect. Strings of random letter will appear before the website’s load properly, however, after the website is loaded, it is sure that the website content will appear.

It is advisable that for those with slow internet connection to wait 5-10seconds for the website to load.


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