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Healer in Nord World Chapter 2- Monster Invasion Winter Event

There might be some typos, errors and wrong grammar.

Sorry for that in advance! I am just alone editing and translating.


All messages disappeared and a short silence fell.

His vision, which was black because of his eyes closed, gradually brightened up. He opened his eyes naturally. Then a simple message of “Access complete” appeared briefly in front of his eyes and then disappeared.

Before he knew it, there was a real virtual reality world in front of him.

A virtual reality where everything, including his five senses are real.

It was such a vivid place that it could have him believe he had fallen into another world, if it was not for the transparent system window that filled his view.

Night and day, and even the weather, was perfectly reproduced. He walked around “Midgarde” city with a very familiar way.

The city was based on the streets from the Middle Ages. The beautifully decorated streets was full of players. Throughout his walk on the street, the players were glancing at him.

His character was a middle-aged aesthetic man. It could be normal, but there were many peculiarities noticed by other players as he passed by.

Not only did his muscular body shape of a giant, but also his stylish beard paired with a stylish sunglasses made him the center of attraction.

His unusual appearance was somewhat weird in their eyes, but above all, his chocolate-colored skin with the bright pink trunk swimsuit was weirder.

“His fashion sense this summer is unique, too.”

“I talked to him because I was amazed on his style, but he didn’t talk much. He didn’t even open the voice chat at all.”

“He is probably a gay, right? His ID is girlish too.”

“I don’t think she’s a girl in reality. He ks obviously a gay.”

A small murmur was heard among male players.

Honestly, he couldn’t hear what they were saying in detail, but still he did notice that they were talking about him seeing their glaces at him.

Of course, he didn’t care much because he had been misunderstood many times with his unusual taste before.

What he had to care about now was the server rather than such a fuss.

“Hmm, how come they’ve been so negligent in managing it these days. It’s already been months, but no new update was done, it’s almost as if it was abandoned.….”

“Nord World” is a fantasy-style MMORPG game, and there were no fresh features as it was the same as the other mass-produced fantasy mixed bath setting that borrowed Nordic mythology and others common interfaces.

Therefore, it remained in the top ranks only in the early stages of commercialization, and the current ranking of games was in the middle to low ranks.

Overseas servers launched together at the same time responded quite well. However, it was a time when many unique virtual reality games were pouring out in Korea, so Nord World, which lacks competitiveness locally, quickly fell behind, rather than staying at the top.

Still, there was an advantage of the game. Nord World had a high degree of customization freedom for playable characters, and unlike other virtual reality games, it became popular in the early stages with the advantage of being able to choose genders.

This is because, unlike Nord World, where gender selection is free, the virtual reality world has recently been flowing in a direction based on reality. Using real gender and even real appearances with some modifications available.

And that was the biggest reason why he chose this game.

In addition, it was criticized for its stories and detailed settings, but the loyalty of fixed players was high as community contents, including the degree of freedom of appropriate lines in the game, were clearly established.

Above all, they are more generous than other games about Proxies for players.

Due to the nature of virtual reality games that require identity recognition and identity verification procedures, other people’s proxy access was not possible, but Nord World did not prevent proxy access.
Nord World’s game company “Restier” has a strong perception that rankers are VIPs, so they did not compete with other games.

Taking advantage of the game company, not touching the players’ proxy access, rich and freelance player got to enjoy the so-called “Salary Player”.

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This was only often done among rich players where level-up competition was fierce. Honestly, even that, the server atmosphere is now desolate, so there was no one who wanted to do it.

In addition, Nord World was a relatively clean game due to its high volume of adult players.

The influx of new users has also been steady every month due to high ratings within the online game community.

Above all, it was a reasonable game where people could work for money, and cash items were not mediocre because they helped avatar style fashion or game play assistance.

Of course, Nord World is a game, so over time, gambling charges using certain cash items became severe cases….

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Thanks to this, Nord World’s main source of income was the cash business, including avatars, and cash transactions were also active due to its high value for gold, which is a good in the game.

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The final content of Nord world’s story is to stop Odin, the god of the world, but… Under the current level-up system, the probability of getting closer to the final content was low.

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‘Is no one coming in again today too?’

As soon as he accessed, he checked the guild list first. It was the peak time in the evening, but there was only one access to the guild member list.

Looking at the history log, almost all of them didn’t login for more than a week.

“If you raise it a little bit, everything goes into hiding. If you’re a normal person, you don’t want to play this kind of game, right?”

Running a minor guild “Dawn Light,” he is a healer character.

A couple of months ago, he reached the the level 70 and recently he was helping beginners. It was a job he chose because he was not talented in game strategy.

Is it because of his original tendencies? These days ge was fostering beginners. How proud was he whenever he saw a beginner who knows nothing to quickly adapts and settles down with his help…….

“But a few months ago, there were up to five people connected at the same time, but now no one is on-line at all.”

Dawn Light Guild. A total of 34 people.

One player accessed within the last week.

It was like a one-person guild to others. Sadly, most of the guild members were new players who quit after about a week.

Two or three people settled in Nord World with his help and left for a good guild. Feeling a sense of accomplishment with that pride, he was unable to give up on new support.

“Should I change to a new guild now?….”

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I’m Living as a Healer in Nord World

I’m Living as a Healer in Nord World

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Nord World, a game that is being ruined by the production company’s neglect. One day, an event notice suddenly appeared. [Pre-Booking for the Winter Monster Invasion Event]] [If you accept, go to the waiting room. If you refuse, you’ll be logged out immediately.] [Will you make a reservation in advance reservation?] [Yes | No] All players who pressed Yes for the event are now trapped in the game.


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