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As soon Raymond opened his eyes, he saw the wizard managing the Gate of the Tower.


Raymond nodded his head.

His act could seem somewhat arrogant, the wizard looked at him unexpectedly.

“I’m here to take a class”.

“The Lecture is being held in the 4th lecture hall.”

“4th Lecture hall… Okay.”

He passed by him with a light greeting.

He felt many gazes looking at his back.

This didn’t happen once or twice, regardless of what are they thinking about him he walked away while ignoring their gaze.

“It’s really big.”

The Magic Tower was not the Magic Tower for no reason.

It was large in size as it was a building containing all the current magical knowledge and magical elements developed so far.

“Crazy, there’s even an elevator.”

This wasn’t written in the novel.

He went inside feeling somewhat strange.

How does this move?

“Is this flying magic?”

He read in the novel about the magics existing, but he actually didn’t know anything about magic.

He ‘tsk’ his tongue and turned around. People dressed as apprenticeship wizards flocked.

“Aren’t you Raymond? As expected, you attended this year as well.”


What are these guys doing?

He took the lead and looked at the apprenticeship wizard talking to him.

Unlike his welcoming words, there was contempt in his eyes.

He had seen that look before. The same look the main actor would have as he play as an Extra.

A look that completely ignored him.

It was a great feat to still be a 1st Circle wizard, after growing up as the only child of a Master Wizard for the past 17 years.

“Is it my fault that I don’t have any talent?”

It’s not his fault that he don’t have talent.

But if they ignore him this much, he will start to get annoyed.

That gaze that ignored him makes him want to crush his face.

He clenched his fist. He wanted to jump at him and punch him, but he resisted.

If he did that, Alice is not next to him at the moment

Even if he makes a move now, it will become annoying if he can’t take care of it afterwards.

He wanted to act like a jerk, not trying to be an Idiot.

“I’m sure Raymond looked forward to this year too.”

“Of course. Beatrice is here to give a lecture today.”

Apprenticeship wizards chatted loudly.

If they’re going to talk to each other, why did they called him out?


Beatrice Skylar.

A Wizard from the Skylar family.

She is 18 years old, the same age as Raymond, but she is already on the verge of breaking through the 4th Circle wizard.

Despite the lack of knowledge in magic, he knows the reason why he visited the Magic Tower today.

‘He has to figure out what kind of person she is.’

The protagonist of the novel, The Master of Talent, tried to destroy the entire world in the second half.

It started with the kingdom where Raymond and Beatrice lived.

He started a revolt by advocating that he would reform the kingdom, and more than half of the Great families have fallen because of him.

In the meantime, it was the wizard Beatrice Skylar who remained until the end and tried to protect the kingdom.

In particular, Beatrice has blocked the main character many times but still died at the hands of the main character, even though she was already a 5th Circle wizard at that time.

Beatrice is the opposite of Raymond, who is not talented in magic.

She has a tremendous talent for magic, but her physical ability could not keep up with it, so she stayed in the 3rd circle for many years.

Beatrice grew up long after realizing that her body could not keep up with her situation where her talent was too good, but it was not enough to fight against the main character.

And of course, her talent for magic had became nourishment for the protagonist’s growth.

“In the end, I have to get Beatrice to my side.”

Eventually, he will also bump to the main character in the future.

The protagonist will try to kill him as soon as sees him, and then he will try to destroy the world later.

In order to live, he had to stop the main character.

‘I will attract people who will stop the protagonist by my side.’

That was the Path he pondered over the past few days.

Recruiting people to his side and building power to block the protagonist.

It’s not like he has many options, anyway.

First of all, in order to live, he must create a force that could protect him, and later prevent the protagonist from trying to destroy the kingdom.

There wasn’t much he could do right away.

If it’s not him, who will stand as the enemy of the main character and fight?

And who is the most talented of them?

‘I have a talent for swordsmanship.’

The same talent for swordsmanship that the protagonist will continue to use in the future.

Raymond has the talent, but his talent for swordsmanship alone will not stop the protagonist.

In the end, he will kill another being in some way and take away his talent.

To stop him, Raymond needed another as talented as him.

“First would be Beatrice.”

He took a step among the other apprenticeship wizards.

It was fortunate that they were also on their way to the 4th Lecture hall.

Otherwise, he should have asked others for directions but it will take time.

As he sat in the front seat roughly, he felt other people’s eyes starring at him.

“Hey, that jerk.”

“Wow… He is still 1st circle? I would die with embarrassment if I were him.”

“He is here this year too. That’s amazing.”

“He must really be embarrassed. He’s the son of a Wizard Master, but he’s still at the 1st circle.”

Veins bulge out of his forehead at the words of two men and women talking.

He tried not to make any mess as much as possible, but his body reacted on its own.

If he had endured this much, he would have crossed the tolerable limit as an exemplary jerk.

At the same time, however, a feeling of fear slipped out of his heart.

This was not him, Sunghyuk, but this body, Raymond’s feelings.

Did you always allow people beneath you mocking you?


You’re already scared of this. That’s why you’re called you’re incompetent.

He sighed, he then turned around and looked at them.

[“The Unknown God” watches in anticipation of a new incident occurring.]

This is…

A phrase came to his mindΒ  It was quite bothersome, but now he had to focus on those guys.



“Talk to me again.”

“What? Raymond, are you talking to us?”

“Yes, say what you just said again.”

He got up from his seat, speaking roughly.


The sound of the chair being dragged sounded in the whole lecture hall.

Everyone in the classroom paid attention to him.

They were suddenly interested on what will happen.

“Ha ha… what did you say? Do you want me to ask again?”

Looking at the person infront, he can’t help but laugh.

These guys were similar to the original Raymond after all.

They talk hard behind the scenes, but they are afraid of actually coming forward.

“What a mess.”

A cold voice.

Along with his voice, his heart also became cold.

His muscle started to tense and prepared to move at any time.

As soon as he tried to fight, his body seems to react on its own.


Surprised by his cold voice, the female apprenticeship wizard made a small noise.

The male apprenticeship wizard was seen flinching a little.

It was obvious that he was nervous and showed an awkward smile.

“Raymond, I think there’s a misunderstanding.”

“Do you think I’m a fool? Why are making up excuses?”


“I may be a trash and talentless. Everything with that is right. But I’m not a fool.”

He warmed up hi muscles by moving his shoulders.

The female apprenticeship wizard slightly grabbed the man’s arm standing next to her.

Still, did he have the courage to be in front of a woman?

The male apprenticeship wizard stared at Raymond with his eyes wide open.

“If you keep talking to us in such an open place, we can’t stay still either.”

“What if you can’t stay still? Oh, you’re going to use magic? Then I can’t stay still either. You said very insulting things to me in such an open place. Don’t you think so too?”

He sneaked a look around.

Everyone was silent with their mouths closed.

Until now, they have implicitly made fun of Raymond and ignored him.

They must have definitely realized that Raymond is different from usual by now.

They didn’t know that the guy who was not talented and was just a headache in the family would suddenly appear like this.

What kind of miscalculation did take place?

The apprenticeship wizard confronted me head-on.

“Even bugs wriggle when someone stepped on them. Furthermore, the situation is just in place.”

Raymond think they have notice to some extent how he has changed.

“Madness, incompetent, arrogant…”

“Oh. Shut up. If you’re going to use magic, use it, and if you’re nervous, just shut up, or just do one of the two.β€œ

The apprenticeship wizard was already preparing to use magic with his arms raised.

If he used magic right in front of him, he will do this even though he know that there is a risk of serious injuries, even if it is only a 1st circle elemental magic.

“Sigh… Why are you so slowy?”

The apprenticeship wizard eventually started moving Mana faster at the words of Raymond.

Red energy flocked around the man’s arm.

By the color alone, he already knew that he would be using fire magic.

Raymond’s heart was calm even though the magic was about to emerge right in front of him.

“Fire ba–…”

He moved his body as he tried to shout the starting word.

He quickly punch his body with his fist, he then raised his chin.


If he can’t shout the incantation, no matter how hard he prepare, he won’t be able to do it.

Raymond laughed at him.

“Silly. You opponent is right in front of you, but you’re trying to use magic?”

The first thing one need to learn about magic is to widen a distance from the opponent.

This guy didn’t even know the basics.


Raymond hit his chest.


The manas gathered in the arms of the man immediately scattered as soon as the punches of Raymond Fe.

He was ready to ouch the face of the beaten man this time.


A person’s incantation sounded from behind, and a shield was created in front of the apprenticeship wizard.


He felt a weak pain in his hand that hit the shield.

He slightly narrowed his forehead and stood up from his seat to check who tried to protect him.

“What are you doing here right now?”

He heard a cold voice, and as soon as he checked her face, he was stunned.

Reddish hair, ruby eyes.

It felt like he was looking at a beautiful jewel.


Beatrice Skylar.

The reason why he came here was now standing infront of him.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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