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I am just an ordinary office worker Chapter 6

Note: If there are grammatical errors please point it out on the comment section. I don’t have any editors because I have no money to pay them and English is not my first language while Korean is my Mom’s. I did not learn Korean from any school but at home from my own mother so in cases such as history or slang languages there might be some mistranslations or misunderstanding.


The power of ’employment’ was great.

My mother was so happy to hear that I would start working from next week to the point she grilled pork belly and octopus.

I know my prospects of being employed are extremely good because of my brother’s name value; everyone in the world knows my brother, yet no one knows me.

So, who cares? I am no longer unemployed as of today!

Oh, that’s a bummer.

When I’m not working, I want to work; when I start working, I want to quit.

“I now want to leave the business even before my first day.”

Unfortunately, the weekend vanished in an instant, and the first day of work arrived.

I rode my bike to the office. I was planning to take the bus, but I changed my mind after discovering an old bicycle in the warehouse’s corner.

Bicycling takes 20 minutes. In any case, it’s not that far.

“How come it’s blocked there?”

It’s the road’s entrance with a no-go sign.

I can save my commute time by ten minutes if I use that street.

Closing this road, of all things, had an impact on my calculated commuting time.

I’m not even sure why it’s blocked.

What will they do if children enter alone and without their parent’s knowledge?

Oh, don’t kids nowadays go around alone?

After I finished working, I should inquire with my brother as to why this road was closed.

“Oh. “I’m ready to go home.”

I intend to return as soon as I arrive.

I entered the lab after hanging my bike on the bike rack.

I think I’m a little nervous because it’s my first day.

I wasn’t this nervous when I first went monster hunting. Why am I freaking out about my first day at work?

“Hello, my name is Lee Sung-Han, and I’m working here for the first time.”

“Oh, Mr. Lee Sung-han. Hello. I’ve been waiting for you. My name is Lee Ji-Hye.”

When Lee Ji-Hye reached out her hand, I shook her hands lightly.

“There’s usually an orientation for new employees, but Lee Sung-Han didn’t come in the open, so I decided to give you a simple guide.”

The interview was scheduled out of the blue. My brother must have pulled some strings behind.

“Here’s the card key. You can take a picture in the lobby on the first floor after you are done. If you leave it at home, you can’t come inside the building, so make sure to carry it with you.”

“What do I do if I accidentally leave it behind?”

“I’ll talk to the staff over there, and they’ll open it. But the self-identification process is a bit tricky, so it’ll be inconvenient if you don’t take it with you. We are quite strict with security.”

I thought about it when I came to the interview, but the company was bigger than I thought.

That means the whole nation is focusing on La Elta.

“You’ll be working on the third floor from now on. I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere else, but I’ll let you know later if you’re curious.”

I went up to the third floor with Lee Ji-Hye.

“Toilet is this way. The pantry is over there. There are tea, coffee, and snacks, so look around the pantry room later. Do you smoke by any chance?”


“Fortunately, the smoking room is on the top floor. Some people want to quit smoking because it’s cumbersome and takes a long time to get there.”

It’s just a lab. It’s the same as a regular company. Dunnie, that’s literally it.

Lee Ji-Hye smiled and talked to people who were wearing formal costumes and tapping on the computer.

“Are you disappointed that you’re not much different from the company when you said it was a research lab? Some people actually do research. Monster by-products, dungeon shards. The actual lab is on the seventh floor.”

“Is the seventh floor all lab?”

“Yes, it’s hard to meet people in the lab. The rush hour is a little different.”

After that, I finished a simple company tour and was guided to my seat.

The seats were clean, but there were piles of paper on one side.

“Do you see this? Based on interviews with players, I organized some of the things about La Elta and quests. You can organize these by category and make them into Excel files. You’re good at Excel, right?”


“There’s a basic framework, so you can just enter the information at the bottom.”

Since I couldn’t understand, they even opened the file and demonstrated it.

“It’s simple. If you get used to your work later, you might have a chance to meet the player in person.”

“Do players come here or something?”

“It’s not like that, but I’ll follow you when you interview me. Most of the time, you’re out of town near a portal or dungeon, and you run into them.”

“Dungeon? Are we going to a dungeon?”

“Don’t worry. I don’t think you’ll ever go. Even if I go, it’s dangerous so that I won’t go inside.”

I’m not worried. It’s because I want to go.

“Some people come to the lab because they want to meet the players. I don’t think you’re that bad, but don’t you want to meet him at least once?”

We meet every day. At home

I don’t think other people know that my brother is a player.

Only a few people with human resources know or something?

I don’t have a chance to see my superiors, and I don’t have to worry about it.

“Have you ever met a player?”

“A few times, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only met people with low levels or rankings, but I didn’t feel that different from us. Will high-level and high-ranking people be different?”

I don’t know because you’re the only player I’ve met.

“If you have any questions, please call me. You can organize all the materials here this week, and it’s the first week, so feel free.”

Lee Ji-Hye returned to her seat after saying goodbye.

I said hello to my co-workers sitting next to me and started to work.

The work was simple, so there was nothing difficult, and when I started working, the time went by quickly.


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I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

The OP but ordinary office worker
Score 9.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Class C player Kim Han-bi stood still and looked at the big monster in front of her. To be exact, she was looking at the wreckage of the shattered monster. “This… what the hell…” No way. In Korea. No, in the whole world. She have never seen a player who can break a big monster into pieces with just a fist. If one or two of such players existed, the monster’s population would be half of the current existing ones. Kim Han-bi turned her head toward the man who created this mess. The man, wearing a black plastic bag over his head, was riding on a bicycle while brushing off the blood from his suit. “Oh, I am so bloody. This blood doesn’t come off easily.” “Hey…” The man on the bicycle turned his head towards the voice calling him. Of course, what Kim Han-bi faced was not a face with eyes, nose, and mouth, but a black plastic bag. ‘How did you get rid of the monsters? Did you know the monster would show up? Is the one you just used a skill? Why are you wearing a plastic bag?’ All kinds of questions lingered in her head, but there was only one question that came out from her mouth. “Who are you?” The man in the plastic bag answered Kim Han-bi’s question in a very refreshing way. “I’m an office worker.” “What?” “I’m just an ordinary office worker.”


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