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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 60

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Afterwards, as a result of dividing the stake in the profit distribution, I decided to divide it into five and two people into 2.5.

Thanks to this, when I left the tower, the branch manager himself came out and waved at me, and I returned to the village of Karas with Gordon, receiving the eyes of the people from the tower.

I don’t know why I yelled and weighed myself in the first place if I was going to laugh like this.

To me, Baron Christopher was remembered as a geek, tea-loving, money-grubbing old man.

Still, it was a great achievement to have a strong ally of nobility.


[Quest completed successfully]

[A proper balance between Mana and Aura achieved. Strength and Mana increases by 1.]

[Feeling is learned as reward]

“Hey, it’s only a day or two a week, but hunting with Jihoon is always fun. I can’t believe we’re handling trolls so easily.”

Bartran’s party rubs their hands hard and flatters themselves.

I slaughtered the enemy Troll who fought in the fog, waving my hand that I didn’t need any rhetoric.

“Even if you say so, it’s going to be hard to raise our pace now. My teacher barely gave me the green light.”

The last of the eight days to stay in the Mu continent.

For me, that is the last day to complete the quest.

“Oh, how can I be more greedy. That’s enough.”

The three of them looked at the knight’s arm crossing behind me.

As the article itself was a noble given, I felt quite uncomfortable even if I couldn’t express it.

“Let’s go back to town.”

He magically gathered the blood of the trolls together and put it in a wooden bin, and put into a subspace bracelet he borrowed from Gordon with leather.

This quest was to hunt 10 trolls.

It would have been difficult if there were mercenaries fighting only with spears and their own skills, but with magic and Aura added, it was easier and faster to complete than the Ors Village quest.

“Mr. Pierson.”

The knight waiting behind my call followed side by side, arm in arm.

“You’re also a very capable fighter. You’re not the one who cares for nothing.”

“Thank you for your kind consideration.”

The knight was Pierson, a martial arts teacher and escort knight sent by Baron Christopher.

The situation became ridiculous as the knight followed the mercenary’s back as an escort.

Bartran’s party would be particularly distressed, but I didn’t find this situation so bad.

I was able to fight back to the fact that there was an article that supported me.

“It’s not empty talk. I think Jihoon has a better talent for martial arts than magic. You’re smart with the four basic moves you learnedfrom the guard.”

When Baron Christopher hears it, it’s hard to believe.

He was secretly hoping I’d choose the martial arts path.

However, if I did it, I will lose all the connections I built up on the Mu continent.

I can’t do that.

I’m pretty happy with the way things are.

I’m spending eight days very well without wasting time.

I’m learning magic, learning Aura, performing quests, and even making black tea and cigars.

Most of this time is spent on magic training, but these days every day has been very busy.

Baron Christopher said he would send slaves to make black tea, so I think I will have some time to spare when they arrive.

It was uncomfortable to enslave the same human being, but now I couldn’t refuse the baron’s offer because I couldn’t afford it.

After arriving in the village, I returned to Gordon’s mansion, where I dealt with by-products and distributed income as set.

“How would you like to train today?”

“I’m sleepy, so I need to get some sleep.”

“I see. I’ll talk to you when you wake up.”

And when I came into the room, I opened up a 2nd class magic book from Gordon.

These days, when I complete the quest normally, I have to lie in bed to fall asleep.

Of course, I’ll be kicked out again if I stayed awake, but the system gives me time to wash up and lie down after returning to the safety zone.

I decided to take advantage of that brief spell to get acquainted with the last magic of 2nd class.

If I master a class of magic, I wake up treatinh it like I completed a quest, but I don’t want to spend the day without proper compensation.

So I deliberately postponed the 2nd class mastery, leaving only the easiest part to complete at once, such as the quest.

Then, when I memorized the short final formula, I felt drowsy.

[2nd class magic mastered]

[Mana Increases by 2.]

[Intelligence increases by 2.]


Even though I have spent busy days on the Mu continent, I can feel refreshed by relieving all my mental and physical fatigue as soon as I return to Earth.

[Intermediate Rewards]

A reward card for completing the quest.

It was an item that made me feel good as soon as I held it in my hand.

Standing in the middle of a messy studio apartment to prepare for the move, I raised my reward card and said.

“Intermediate Rewards Released.”


It’s always a brilliant reward effect.

The dazzling light stimulates vision, but nothing else appeared this time.

This reward was not in kind.

[Active Skill Magic Exploration has been acquired]

The more skills, the better.

It’s a quick way to be strong right now.

Although the “feeling” and “Magic exploration” skills gained from this reward do not seem to be related to combat, there was no need to be sorry as the seemingly insignificant auxiliary skills were also being used.

It is impossible to immediately check how the passive skill is applied, but since Magic exploration is an active skill, it can be checked immediately.

“Magic exploration.”

I immediately used the Magic Exploration skill.

A small amount of mana was consumed and a small mana field like sound waves spread all over the place.

[No Navigation Results]

That’s how it feels.

The area where the Magic Exploration has been scanned is drawn in my head.

But I couldn’t find any abnormalities, and it seems to allow me to feel the presence of other magical powers except me.

And then I put the light magic a little far away and use the Magic Exploration.

[Left 35 Degree / Distance 4.1 m]

[No other navigation results]

As expected, I have explored the magical location of Wright.

I think it’s useful if I do well, but it’s a little vague for a skill from an intermediate reward card.


But then.

Suddenly, a useful use of Magic Exploration came to mind.

What I’ve always wondered about going back and forth to the Mu continent.

It’s the question of ‘Is there anyone else in the same boat as me?’

However, I felt that I could solve the question by using this magic exploration.

The magic exploration has a range of about 300 meters.

What if we use this to travel around densely populated areas and use magic exploration?


It looks like it’s worth to try.

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