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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 59

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Strength: 14

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 35

Mana: 20

Luck: 6

“What is this?”

“It’s a tea developed by my student. Please help us distribute this.”

The baron seriously looked around at the bottle.

“It’s not a normal tea for you to ask me to distribute it, so its must be something what the aristocrats wants.”


It’s good that he knows it even if I didn’t talk about it.

“Then it’s some kind of luxury. It’s hard to sell an unknown tea to nobles. Does that mean I have to go out and promote it myself?”

No matter how much money an aristocrat have, they don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

In conclusion, someone should come forward and appeal to the aristocracy.

The baron’s piercing eyes pressured Gordon to take out the tea set.

“Please try it first and rate it.”

Gordon said with a confident attitude.

“It looks like a junkie. If you weren’t a private acquaintance, I would have kicked you out right away.” The baron said while putting the glass jar on the desk without even opening it.

Gordon wiped his cold sweat and a forced smile at his words.

He then boiled the tea himself, and I made milk tea and iced tea using the tea I had been brewing next to me, and handed the baron a set of the three black tea sets, as I had given Gordon the other day.


The aroma of black tea filling the room.

A black-colored drink that stimulates vision welcomes the baron.

His facial expression, which had remained calm, also changed due to this unusual scent.

I heard Baron Randy Christopher was a picky man for teas.

However, seeing his expression, which turned out to be pleased with the scent of black tea, foretold my success.


The baron with the original black tea in his mouth opens his eyes.


He then sniffed, chomped with black tea in his mouth, and felt the aroma of black tea.


Before I knew it, the black tea which filled teacups revealed the bottom and the baron put down the teacup, tasted the iced tea and milk tea.


He drank all the tea.

The baron, who had been silent for a long time, asked with a serious look.

“Really, you invented this?”


Actually someone who lives on Earth invented it, but I answered brazenly.

“He’s more extraordinary than I imagined.”

And the baron took a big, drug-like breath, opening the lid of a brown bottle that he had not been interested in so far.

“How can the leaves smell like this?”

It wasn’t an answer, it was an admiration monologue.

He wetted and unfolded the beautifully dried black tea leaves, and was greatly surprised to find out that they were tea leaves.

“Yes, black tea is made by processing tea leaves. Did you marinate the tea leaves in something else and then dry them?”

His study of black tea was as serious as if he had fallen into a new study of magic.

But he didn’t even think about fermenting tea leaves, so he asked for an answer, and Gordon sneaked a look at me.

I don’t think it’s a problem to let the baron know if Gordon believes in him.

It wasn’t something that could be kept by the power of the common people anyway.

“It’s fermented tea leaves.”

“The fermentation like when you make cheese?”

“It’s a little different. It’s a late effect by external action, and black tea is fermented by oxidizing its own ingredients.”


Now, a wizard, who can be called a scientist in this world, can’t be unaware of what oxidation is.

However, he had a complex look on his face, wondering if it was understood that the scent of tea leaves would change significantly by oxidizing the internal ingredients.

“Additional 50 points.”


I had no choice but to express my wonder at the unexpected grading from him.

“Your evaluation by my standard. You started at 50 out of 100 and dropped to 30 points, but it quickly rose to 80 points, similar to my pupil.”

What the hell is he talking about?

It was absurd, but I hid my expression on the outside and bowed my head, saying, “Thank you for your generous assessment.”

He is a private of my teacher, but he is not a close friend, so I can’t help it.

There’s a request Gordon made in the past and the aristocracy needs to be careful.

“How’s it going, sir?”

When asked by Gordon for an assessment, Baron Christopher replied seriously.

“I don’t know what it’s like for people who don’t enjoy tea. It’s gold, at least for someone like me.”

I expected it, but I couldn’t help but be excited by the generous assessment.

“By the way.”


“Why don’t you crush these black tea leaves and sell them?”

“To maintain security?”

“Yes, you understand what I’m saying. If the recipe is not complicated, someone will quickly imitate it.”

There is no concept of “intellectual property rights” in the Mu continent.

Well, pirated books have been circulating in Korea not too long ago, and China has been loose in piracy until recently, so how can the Mu continent be any different?

Although Baron Christopher has a good background, it was difficult to respond if he made and sold black tea in a higher rank aristocrat or other country.

“It doesn’t matter. The leaf shape keeps the scent longer and gives it a natural taste, but the shredded tea has its own advantages.”

Crushing tea leaves makes the scent stronger and can be boiled quickly.

Therefore, Earth uses mostly crushed leaves to make ice tea with milk tea or fruit added.

It’s not a big problem.

“Then shall we try to grinder it?”

While the iron was hot, Baron crushed the black tea leaves on the spot, while Gordon picked up and brewed them.

“This is good, too.”

“I think it’s better. The smell is a lot thicker.”

I think is still better off in leaf shape, but both were satisfied with the shredded tea leaves.

“All right, I’ll step up. There’s no shame in pushing anyone with this.” Baron Randy Christopher said with a big smile.

“Thank you!”

“Instead, would you please let me in on the business?”


If black tea was successful, the distribution would have a significant margin, but it was a baron who wanted to participate in the stake.

Frankly, I don’t want to, but I expected this situation to happen if I could elicit a successful response.

I was forced to nod my head.

The baron patted me on the shoulder with such kindness.

“Additional 20 points.”

Within an hour of meeting, I scored 100 points on my own.

Didn’t his student around 80?

“See you again.”

“Yeah, come visit me anytime.”

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