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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 58

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Moreover, he is a high-ranking wizard of the 6th Circle.

He was capable of being an aristocrat in any country in Midland.

2nd circles was already a great help in combat, how strong would 6th circles be?

“It’s been a while. Master.”

“You’ve never had a disciple before, have you?”

Despite Gordon’s greeting, he went straight to the point.

I don’t know if he’s hot-tempered or doesn’t like unnecessary greetings, but Gordon smiled familiarly and patted me on the back.

“I’m Jihoon. It’s an honor to meet you. Baron Christopher.”

And the baron frowned at me.

“It’s only been five weeks since you learned magic, right?”


“You must be talented. You doesn’t seem to have bad intelligence.”

I was about to thank him for his calm praise.


“Why did you learn Aura for nothing?!”

Gordon flinch at the sudden angry words of the baron.

I guess he didn’t need to take a closer look because he is a high-ranking wizard.

While, Gordon didn’t notice it right away…….

Of course, I told Gordon in advance, but he only responded that it was amazing and did not reject it as severely as the Baron did.

“I learned it before magic. It’s only recently that the Aura point has blossomed…….”

“The coexistence of Circle and Aura! There are a lot of dangers with this. A lot of people did that because of their dreams about being the greatest. No one really achieved it and disappeared in the history. Do you know what they have in common?”

Is this how he usually talks?

There was a degree of control of strength and weakness, as he talked after shouting, he only looked “unusual” rather than angry.

“I don’t know.”

“Due to the imbalance between Circle and Aura! It will cause a collapse of balance.”

As soon as he finished talking, Gordon made an expression asking for more detailed explanation.

“It’s a source of power that strengthens the body, such as circles and Aura points! How could that have no effect on each other?”

How long is he going to use that tone?

Unlike Gordon, who was in between panicking I felt little sense of crisis at the baron’s words.

“Do you know what circle would he achieve right now? The maximum would three. To achieve more than 4th circles, he have to get to the level of ‘Beginner’ in aura.”


“To be a 5th circle, he needs to be intermediate level of Aura! In order to become a 6th circle, the highest level of expert! This means that to become a 7th circle great wizard, you have to reach a level an Expert! I mean, why do you limit yourself? You can’t guarantee success if you can’t focus on one thing!”

Here’s a quick comparison between the level of wizard and knighthood.

Probationary wizard (1, 2 circles) = Probationary Knight (Aura user)

Regular Wizard (3, 4 Circles) = Regular Knight (Beginner, Intermediate)

High-ranking wizard (5, 6 circles) = High-ranking warrior (Expert, upper level)

Great Wizard (7 Circles) = Master (Aura blade, or shield)

Great Wizard (8 Circles) = Upper Master (Flying Sword)

Grand Wizard (9 Circles)= Grand Master (Spirit Sword)

Chinese characters and English words are mixed, but this is the conversion if you write the name of the Mu continent in a way that I can understand.

Unlike wizards, who are easy to divide ratings as the number of circles means level, there are only four levels for Aura: user, expert, master, and grand master.

The four categories are classified according to the wizard’s grade, which is the way shown above.

In other words, Baron’s words mean that in order to increase a circle, one must maintain the aura level at least one level below the circle.

He was admonishing me for wasting my talent while being greedy.

“What happens if he cant keep up?”

“His balance will collapse and he will die like a glass body.”

“Oh, my God.”

Gordon must have been shocked as he had high expectations for me.

Surely, i might have been to hasty.
But I didn’t have to worry much.

Don’t I have the quest?

“Don’t worry. Teacher, I will make sure to maintain the balance.”


I’m in a distinctly different position than an average man here in the Mu continent.

As the reward increases, my ability will continue to increase, so I think it’s not a problem that cannot be solved if I carry out the quest.

Even if I came here in the first place, I’ll still get a reward from learning magic.

If God wanted to screw me, there were more opportunities than this.

“What an arrogant fellow!”

The baron was yelling at my attitude, but soon changed his expression and rolled up his mouth as if it was funny.

The baron was such a changeable figure.

“But it’s not bad. You are a rare sample, so it will be good to observe.”


“You are too noisy.”

In response to Gordon’s irascible response, the baron continued in a normal way without ranting.

“How can I just observe? But he’s still my desciple , and I’m trying to help him as much as I can.”

The baron stood up to approach me.

Strength: 14

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 35

Mana: 20

Luck: 6

He checked my physical condition thoroughly, and he even checked mu abilities and looked surprised.

“You have learned magic, but you haven’t forgotten your physical training. As I said before, 3rd circles won’t have any problems right now.”

And the baron has made me an unexpected offer.

“Who’s your martial arts teacher?”

“I don’t have any at the moment.”

“All right, then I’ll put a knight from my family as your teacher. Let him teach you aura.”

That would be great for me.

As expected, people need to have connections.

“I don’t want to……but this is necessary. Thank you, Master.”

“Your role will greatly affect him. You’ll have to make good control of your teaching.”

Unlike the previous rants, is he quite a charitable character?

“Then take it out. You said you’d bring business items.”

At first glance, he was concerned about my constitution, but that was not the original intention here.

Gordon scratched the back of his head and pulled out a well-packed brown glass bottle from his subspace.

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