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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 57

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Strength: 14

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 35

Mana: 20

Luck: 6

“The owner of the Royal Tower is not the Master of the Tower, but the King. Therefore, even if there is a territorial war, the prohibited area that should never be invaded with is the tower. If you experience trouble while traveling in the countryside, head to the Wizard Tower branch. Attacking the Royal Tower would mean treason against His Majesty, so they would not hurt you recklessly.”

I nodded at his useful tip.

I’m still in the village of Karas, but I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.

The increase in ability through rewards could lead me to 4th Circles like Gordon faster than expected, or when I complete quests.

It’s best to be aware of these tips as much as possible.

“That’s how much His Majesty cares for the wizards. Although it does not come with a great deal of funding like the Whisward Empire, institutional treatment is no less than that.”

The Royal Wizard Tower’s official wizard (3rd-4th circles) is itself a title and is placed in the same rank as a standard knight.

In addition, a baron title is given to a 5th circle high-ranking wizard, and a baron title with territory are given to a 6th circle that can be inherited even after three generations.

For 6th Circle’s high-ranking wizard, it was easy to enter politics as a royal family supporter, one of the few ways commoners could become great nobles.

In other words, Gordon’s private connection is a senior wizard within the 6th Circle and he is entitled to go into politics at any time.

Of course, a wizard growth could stopped as soon as the wizard fell into politics.

“Oh, aren’t you Gordon, are you?”

As soon as he entered the tower through the entrance guarded by a Royal Guard soldier, not the Territorial Army, someone recognized Gordon and expressed his welcome.

“Oh, it’s Serrad. Good to see you.”

It seems to me that Gordon and Serrad are similar in age, but Gordon’s position seems to be higher due to his formal wordings.

“I’ve heard before that you traveled to the Whisward Empire.”

“It’s been a while since I came back. Now I found a disciple in the village of Karas, and I’m teaching him magic.”

Gordon then introduced me.

“Nice to meet you, Serrad. I’m Jihoon.”

“Well, good to see you.”

Serrad received my greetings with a disappointed expression, perhaps because Gordon first disciple was too old.

Usually, children were more receptive to Mana, so if the wizard had a disciple, he preferred to be younger.

“He’s a genius who made it beyond 1st circle to 2nd circles in just five weeks. He is my pride.”

But at Gordon’s subsequent comments, he opened his eyes wide, and the other wizards passing by looked surprised.

“What kind of joke are you making…….”

“Am I someone who tells such a lame joke?”

“Oh, my God, is this real?”

Gordon’s simple burst of laughter filled with pride.

Maybe it’s because of the system’s assistance based on real ability, but I’ve never thought it would be difficult to achieve the 2th circle, so I’m just ashamed to praise you like this.

“He’s been using mana naturally since the beginning. That’s why it’s easier.”

“The mana affinity alone doesn’t increase the circle, does it?”

“That’s it. That’s it.”

Serrad burst into admiration and looked again, and I responded leisurely with a commercial smile.

“I’d like to get my student to join the wizard tower. Can you help me?”

“Of course, you come this way.”

Whether it’s on duty or be in charge, he seems to be in charge of administrative affairs on the first floor.

There was a teller, but he handed me the documents himself and explained them to me.

“That’ll do.”

The paperwork was completed before long, and Serrad instructed the teller to do something.

“It’s a gift.”

And I was handed a bunch of black cloth by an employee.

Spreading something out, it was the same design robe Gordon and Serrad were wearing.

“Wizard Robe is a personal item that is supposed to be bought at your own expense, but you are Gordon’s disciple, and we can’t just say hello.”

I don’t know the exact price. I don’t know if I should be willing to accept something quite luxurious.

I glanced at Gordon and he nodded, “You deserve it.”

“Thank you.”

Then I immediately put on the robe and Serrad responded with satisfaction.

I like it because it’s comfortable and warm, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear it in combat because the end of the robe is just too thick.

“Oh, my God, I’ve been holding you back for too long. Aren’t you going to meet the branch manager?”

“Yes, I have something to discuss.”

“Hurry up and go up. Let’s continue talking  after you come down.”

We left Serrad behind and headed upstairs for a meeting with the branch manager, the highlight of the day.

I thought something magical would send us up, but we moved purely on foot with the stairs.

If they decide to make an elevator by magic, they can make it as much as you want.

Is it a budget issue?

Thanks to that, I climbed the stairs for a long time, and Gordon’s breathing became increasingly harsh.

By the time we arrived at the branch manager’s office at the top, he breathe for a long time, saying, “I should have used fly magic.”

“Come on in!”

Did we stand outside the branch manager’s office too long?

Inside, I heard the shouting of an old man.

As a high-ranking wizard of the 6th circles, he must have felt an external abnormality.


Gordon, relaxed at his own pace and opened the door as quickly as a soldier and went inside.

Thanks to that, I also had become nervous.

Entering the branch manager’s office, it was an old man with gray hair who welcomed me.

His name, written on his desk, is Baron Randy Christopher.

He was the first aristocrat I met after coming to the Mu continent.

Although he is part at the bottom of the five ranks, he is still at the position where he can make the commoner unable to look at them straight.

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