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The quest rewards are real chapter 56

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This situation doesn’t bother me at all because I know they care about me.

I answered pleasantly with my thumbs up at my mother’s question.

“Of course not, I’m not that stupid, so don’t worry.”

“As long as it isn’t illegal.….”

I am the only pride of a normal family.

However, the pride creaked for the first time last year, but without seeing me for a moment, I appeared again with billions, or more than 10 billion won in assets.

No wonder they thought it was absurd.

It wasn’t up to my personal skills.

“We only need furniture and appliances, so you can move in tomorrow.”

The interior is already perfect, and these days, home appliances are delivered on the same day, and I don’t think there will be a problem with that.


My parents seemed to be troubled by the sudden suggestion, but soon they nodded, saying they understand.

“Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable living with us?”

“Of course not.”

“Yes, we have things to sort out, so it’ll take a few days.”

“Okay, father.”

“This is ridiculous… ridiculous……. I didn’t expect us to live in a house like this.”

I think it went over well somehow.

It’s entirely thanks to my parents trusting me and letting it slide.

Since then, the two of them looked around every corner of the house and continued to be surprises at the latest facilities.

After looking around the house, I ate out with my parents for a long time.

Then we stopped by an electronics store to decide on home appliances and bought a bed, a table, and a sofa at a furniture store.

My parents kept saying it was useful to get the appliances from home, but I think they were too old and they must be replaced.

“Isn’t that too much?”

“It’s not too much to do now.”

I had spent about 30 million won for today, but after buying furniture and electronics, my balance quickly ran out.


Black tea smells different depending on the method of manufacture and the location of production.

Freshness reminiscent of a green apple.

Freshness reminiscent of wild flowers.

Even the sweetness that reminds me of honey.

In addition, black tea has a variety of different scents, and it is like a perfume that can add freshness through combination.

– Appreciation of black tea, Source: Me-


“Aren’t you born in the capital? Why are you so surprised at the sight of a provincial Earl?”

Following my teacher Gordon, we arrived in Adrian City, the capital of the state where the village of Karas is from.

Magnificent castles and solid gates with numerous flags fluttering.

Inside it, red-roofed houses line up and the castle, located in the center, shows off its elegant appearance.

A scene reminiscent of a scene from a fantasy movie.

It was only natural for exclamations to pop out from his mouth.


One peculiarity is that all the people traveling to and from this European city, look like Asians.

Thanks to this, the exotic scenery felt a little familiar.

“It doesn’t feel like the capital.”

“No way.”

I don’t even know what the capital looks like.

“By the way, you have enough stamina to hunt with a spear. This teacher is already exhausted without doing anything.”

We traveled in a carriage for half a day to arrive at Adrian City, but it was not hard at all, perhaps because of my automatic recovery skills.

Gordon kept stretching himself after seating for a long time.

Seeing him suffer like this, I wonder if he was the same one who burst with passion while lecturing about magic in the carriage.

I really don’t think anyone else can play the role of a teacher.

“Thia is what good about wizard. There is always a free pass when the line is so long.”

I glanced at the long line of checkpoints behind my back as I moved along with Gordon, who passed by the gate leisurely.

“It’s like a small benefit to a full-time wizard from the Royal Tower. If you register to the tower and take your circle to the next level, that’s the benefit will also be given to you.”

A wizard like himself is a privileged class of the world.

And I’m safely settled within the privileged class.

“I see.”

From now on, even if everyone of my peers runs to success with me, I stand in an advantageous position that is not comparable to ordinary people whose freedom is restricted.

I think being Gordon’s pupil is the best choice I’ve ever made.

“We’re here.”

Moving along the main street of the city for about 10 minutes.

A huge cylindrical tall tower welcomed us.

[Royal Wizard Tower Adrian Branch]

I will register as a wizard here today, and I have an appointment to meet the branch manager.

The head of Adrian’s branch is a 6th class wizard and baron noble who is well acquainted with Gordon.

It was Gordon’s private master and patron that replaces his dead teacher.

In addition, it is also a starting line that will become a great help to distribute black tea to sell.

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