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The Quest Rewards Are real chapter 55

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Strength: 14

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 35

Mana: 20

Luck: 6


Note: if you have watched Parasite Korean movie, the house is based from that but with a bigger basement where the guy hid.

I carried in the boxes piled up in front.

My strength is 14, my stamina is 12.

The constitution itself has changed due to a three-fold increase in strength and four-fold increase in stamina compared to the first time I wandered around the Mu continent.

Thanks to this, no matter how many boxes I moved, I didn’t feel tired at all.

Since no one sees the inside of the house, I used floating magic to unload things through the narrow bunker entrance.

Using magic, it didn’t take long to move about 100 boxes.
I smoothed my chin looking at the emergency food piled up in what appeared to be a food shed.

“I’m gonna have to order 20 more boxes to fill it up.”

Of course, I don’t have to fill it all, but when I look at the size of the food storage, I feel like I have to fill it up.

Why do I feel that there’s a reason for this big size as the warehouse?

It should take a lot of money to fill this place, but it wasn’t that much money for me now.

I didn’t order water because I have water magic, but I think I need to have a minimum capacity when I am absent.

“If I look at what I’ve been through so far, it’s definitely going to explode.”

However, the newspaper shows that although the Great Crisis broke out on July 20, causing great confusion, there is no desperate situation in which the world would turned upside down and threatened the humanity to survive until then.

It means that until that time I just have to be careful inside the fog.

“I’ll have to buy gasoline emergency generator.”

After leaving the bunker, I went to the bathroom to wash off my sweat from training.

Today, there are other people who will be coming at the house besides the courier.

They were none other than my parents.

Originally, I was going to tell them about the house a little later, but suddenly I thought it was now very necessary.

Afterwards or now, all that changes is the excuse of the process of getting your hands on the house.

In fact, at first, I was worried that I would expose my parents to danger if I was together as many accidents occur around me.

However, I thought it would be safer to stick together as much as possible because it would be dangerous if my parents had problems without me, just like what happened abroad.

That’s why I decided not to pay too much and quickly told my parents about my plan.

My parents are coming at 2 o’clock, so they will be here soon.

At least I can’t greet them with the smell of sweat.


When I opened the gate after the phone call that they had arrived, my mother and father stood puzzled.

“Are you here?”

“Huh? Uh… yeah.”

“Come on in.”

I welcomed my parents and brought them inside.

“What’s this house?”

Looking around with puzzled expressions, the two asked while gazing around at the magnificent house.

“It’s my house.”


In a light answer, my mother tilted her head suddenly, asking what I meant, and I opened the front door with a smile.

“It’s literally a house in my name, and I’m going to live here with you two.”

Of course, I know that the current situation was hard to believe.

But I couldn’t tell my parents that it was a reward from a quest, so I had to lie.

My father glanced around the house and yard, and said, narrowing the gap between his eyes.

“At this rate, the land area alone is 150 pyeong. Even if I roughly calculate it to be around 5,000 per pyeong, it would be over 7 billion won.”

“It is actually 7,700,000,000.”

My mother grabbed my hand with a throbbing look and glared at me, and my father said, “Explain quickly.”

I had never been interested in the house, so I didn’t know the exact value, but my father, who was senior, seems to have a rough estimate just by looking at him.

“I am on the stock market.”

When I smiled awkwardly and scratched my cheek, my mother pinched my side.

I immediately showed her a copy of the register instead of answering.

“Gift? Who is this Kim Hana? No, more tax than that? A house like this would cost at least 2 billion won from gift tax alone?”

“2 billion in taxes?”

“At least 2 billion. I don’t know the housing gift tax rate, but it could be also over 3 billion.”

“3…….3 billion.”

My mother’s shocked expression almost made me laugh amidst the serious atmosphere.

I also answered simply.

“The tax issue is all solved. You can check with the IRS, so relax.”

“No, how did you deal with the tax? Where did you get two to three billion?”

It’s a perfectly natural response, they are sweating because they are so persistent in asking.

Perhaps the two were worried about me.

“I earned it. I borrowed from my father and invested in stocks.”

“That’s it.”

It’s only been about 10 days since I borrowed money from my father.

My father knows that my initial investment will not exceed 200 million at the most.

So he looked totally unconvinced.

“Yes, aside from taxes, who is this Kim Hana that gifted you the house?”

“The one who hit the jackpot because of me. I actually got a lot of help from her.”

But because I am still their child, they must feel that I’m hiding something.

No matter how rich i was, there’s no way anyone can afford a 7 billion won house.

My father eventually sighed deeply and asked as I kept answering hastily.

“How likely is this house to be a problem?”

“I have 4.5 billion in loans, and I’ve put them in stocks. It’s more than 7 billion now, so I don’t think there’s a problem.”

“You, by the way…”

My father, shook his head, as if he was saying he give up arguing with me.

Unlike my father, who reached a conclusion like that, my mother looked anxiously at me.

“You’re not doing anything illegal, are you?”

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