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The quest rewards are real chapter 54

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Thanks to the emergency power, there have been no major disasters at airports, railways, and hospitals, but many citizens have been trapped in elevators and traffic accidents have occurred everywhere.

Some citizens attempted criminal acts, including looting, taking advantage of the chaos of the crisis, but no inhumane incidents occurred as a result of soldiers’ massive policing.

Compared to other countries’ situations, South Korea was a country that passed the criminality safely.

China, the United States, and surprisingly Japan were also reported to have seen a surge in crime overnight.

“If we put this situation on the Internet, it could be a world-class prophecy.”

But I have no desire to step up to the plate more than necessary.

Such behavior was of interest to me, and personal safety was my top priority.

Even if we guess such a ridiculous case, we can’t help but get caught.

I’m surprised by the extraordinary situation, but there’s nothing I can do for everyone.

Even if the government announces a major ceasefire, I will only be treated as a madman, and it is a specification that there will be restrictions on behavior due to unnecessary attention.

I just think it’s the best preparation I can make to make sure my relatives don’t get hurt by this.

“Cheer up, people in two months.”

I turned to the economy after a brief pep talk.

I mainly looked at the stock chart, but there were no notable articles, so I checked stocks that would soar one by one compared to the current stock price.

“H Bio.”

Even though it was information two months later, there was no big week like T chemistry this time.

The biggest increase in sports is 3.2 times.

Stock prices soared for H Bio, a new drug developer, developed anti-cancer drugs.

It was one of the few stocks that recorded an upward trend, even though almost all stocks recorded a downward trend due to the Great Armistice.

“It’s not as crazy as T-chemical, but where is it. It means that in just two months, the property will more than triple.”

T Chemical’s shares are now at 70 percent of the target.

The rise was steeper than expected, although S Electronics may be buying stocks.

We can decide whether or not to deduct T-chemical shares in advance by looking at the rise of H-Bio.

Having scrutinized the economy thoroughly, I coveted society, politics, and topics.

Then I found a high-profile article on the topic.

[Kidnapped by the government and tested the human body?] [Park, a self-proclaimed psychic who has been attracting attention by making absurd claims, is a test taker who has been preparing for civil servants for 10 years.] [Psychiatrists recommended hospital treatment, saying it was just a symptom of stress-induced delirium, but Park is widely expected to show his ability. It is attracting a lot of people’s attention.]


I don’t know if what Park said is true or not, but it was enough to raise my guard against the government.

“Be careful.”

I left the studio more than an hour later than usual, sleeping in my temple.


The Kaelon Standard Knight Aura which was obtained as a reward for the quest.

Is a strategic asset cherished by the state and close attackers as a training method that allows them to deal using Aura, which can be called the trademark of knights.

If the circle is located in the heart, the Aura is condensed on the lower abdomen, and the size felt now was as small as a single finger.

But the energy felt at the small Aura point was qualitatively different from the mana which spread all over the body.

Aura transforms mana into its own, and accumulates it, feeling a little more heavy and sturdy than the mana used in magic.


When I opened my closed eyes, I got up from my seat recovering my energy as if I were breathing in.

“It’s comfortable that the usage is automatically imprinted.”

I’ve got my hands on the Aura, but this field has no teacher to guide me like Gordon.

However, as if it doesn’t give rewards that can’t be used, the operation method and outline of the orusim law were imprinted in my head as if I had trained for a long time.

My current level of ability is the level of Aura user, which is about 1st~2nd circle of magic.

It’s a small amount, but using this Aura can greatly improve my physical ability.

Even if it does not yet shape energy to the outside like Expert, it is clearly compared to the previous level of rapid, sensitive, and explosive power.

I can only maintain my strength for about half an hour yet.

But if I keep increasing the size of the Aura, the time will increase.

Unlike other skills, Aura can magically train himself to build strength, and I clearly understands how to train it.

Perhaps it is easier to learn than magic that has no choice but to follow the teacher’s path.

-Ding dong.

While continuing to train at the Yongsan mansion, which I had moved to yet, I looked at the clock at the sudden doorbell.


I didn’t know that time had passed so much because I was absorbed in the Aura method.

“Yes, wait a minute.”

I put the separated spear into my bag and quickly went down to the gate, and the courier who parked the one-ton truck in front greeted me.

“Cho Jihoon?”

“Yes, that’s right. Wait a minute.”

Then I opened the gate wide and they put the boxes down without a break.

“I’ve been a courier for a long time, but I’ve never had so much boxes in a house.”

Most of the contents of the one-ton truck were unloaded at my house.

Thanks to you, I and the driver had to carry the box for a long time.

“Thank you very much.”

“No, I’m rather grateful. We’re earning per case, so we’re lucky in this case.”

I scratched the back of my head when I saw boxes piled up at the entrance of the front door after the impressive courier left.

“I bought emergency food just in case.”

There are so many.
I had no choice but to have it delivered because it would too much work, but what did the driver think when he was putting down all this food?

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