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The quest rewards are real chapter 53

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Strength: 14

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 35

Mana: 20

Luck: 6


[Intermediate Rewards]

Sitting across the studio bedroom, while fiddling with the black card, I sighed quietly.


How could I accept the current situation?

Every day was like a series of miracles happened.

I didn’t think I’d be surprised to think about what’s happened to me so far.

But I didn’t expect to see the traces of the earth in the other world.

“What a mess.”

The man in a coat with the words “U.S.A.” was a civilian from Earth caught up in the unexpected.

The reason why I could be sure of him as a civilian from Earth is because of the notebook found in his arms.

The notebook contained description about a strange incident on his way home during a foggy dark night road.

Although there were many parts that were difficult to recognize because they stretched out abbreviations and handwriting from time to time, it was possible to translate roughly with the flow of context.

The man’s name is John Ronis, a man in his 30s living in California, and when he came to his senses, he was already walking in a forest he didn’t even know of.

“John” thought he was kidnapped because he was unaware of the unbelievable situation. He recorded what had happened to him in his notebook that he hurriedly carried with him.

The diary detailed his will in case something went wrong with his personal safety and
the diary was full of vigilance and fear.

However, nothing was written after the first day’s record, indicating that he was soon held in captivate by Orc.

After that, I already know what had happened next.

John has become a body that cannot return to Earth.

“What do you want me to do?”

A civilian on Earth appeared in the Mu continent.

John died as if he was a an alarm that would woke me up as soon as soon I arrived at the quest venue.

His miserable body was like a wake-up call to me.

“I’m not the only one who’s going through this.”

‘The only thing the world chooses.’ I am not arrogant enough to think like this.

So I would always wonder if someone like me who has going through something similar finally appeared, but there wasn’t.

However, the obvious fact is that there are times when civilians are caught in such unexpected accidents and thrown into the Mu continent.

In other words, the opposite is possible, just as fog breaks out and monsters appear this way on the Mu continent.

“Is it a harbinger of apocalypse?”

I feel like something is going to explode.

I turned on the computer without opening the intermediate reward.

And I tapped the keyboard to search for things I hadn’t tried to check.


He then tried to add the letters “Inside Quest” and “Mu Continent,” but my hands stopped for a moment.

It may be a pipe dream, but it suddenly occurred to me.

“If there’s someone else who knows this, and he is among those in power wouldn’t he find someone like them?”

In addition, state agencies such as South Korea and the United States may already aware of the abnormalities, and they may be covering them up to prevent unnecessary controversy.

Then these keywords would only be telling them who I was.

“Silly, but absurd things are going on…….”

Because of this, I quit searching and turned off the computer.

Now, I couldn’t take the conspiracy that would usually appear in  movie lightly.

I’ll check it out in the afternoon at a PC room far from home.

“Well, now.”

My hands naturally turned to the intermediate reward card.

I used my remaining time to check the rewards.



An unexpected flash of effect blew me up.

“It’s up.”

I caught the falling object by hand, scattering gold, not white.

The moment I checked the reward, my nervous expression relaxed.

[You’ve earned an M-hour newspaper]

“All right.”

Once again I got my hands on a future newspaper as a reward, I shook off my glitters and frankly rejoiced.

The evening paper’s date is July 20.

It was a treasure containing information about two months later.

Opening the newspaper pleasantly, I frowned at the article, where the title occupied half of the news.

[Sudden shutdown]
[What happened to the nuclear power plant!]

[At around 9 p.m. yesterday, all nuclear power plants in Korea, centering on the Gori nuclear power plant, were shut down, sparking controversy.]

[30 minutes after the shutdown of the nuclear power plant, electricity supply and demand were disrupted and a major power outage occurred nationwide. Many casualties ensued, and the entire administrative system was paralyzed and the people were panicked.

About eight hours later, around 5 a.m., the reactor returned to normal operation as if it had been operating normally. However, the massive reactor shutdown and sudden recovery remained a big question as it was a bizarre situation beyond common sense.]

[11 AM. The government’s rapid response has restored most of the administrative system. But last night, it was shocking to learn that the shutdown of the reactor occurred not only in South Korea but around the world.]

[According to U.S. media, not only nuclear power plants, but also aircraft carriers and submarines, all equipment powered by fission energy had been shut down]

The M-night newspaper also contained economic information that was worth money, but the main article was so big that anyone would notice.

“All sorts of things are happening now.”

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