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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 52

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Orc warrior had a physique similar to Bartran, the biggest of us.

However, Bartran pushed the Orc warrior he was dealing with the shield and ran towards me.

“Let’s get out of here!”

And two close dealers asked for a temporary retreat, but I refused.

“We’ve got enough power. Hold on to the Orc warrior!”

I survived in a more critical situation, but now I had a backup.

I thought this was enough to win.

This is not a belief, it’s certainty.

Bartran was held back by the Orc warrior, who had been pushed out, and the two damage dealer swung their weapons.

From the look on the dealers’ faces, they thought I’d fight right now but run away if things didn’t work out.

“All you have to do is stall.”

It’s too much to ask them to believe in me anyway.

It’s only been two days since we met, and what matters to mercenaries is life rather than trust.

“I’m sorry to all of you who have been running hard.”

Before I knew it, I waved at the Orcs that came close and flew high using my leap skills.

Often, when a group PVP is played in an RPG game, the first thing to be dealt with was the mage.

Just as the Orc Sorcerer aimed at me, I was also the enemy they needed to get rid of.

So I waited for the rest of the orcs to rush in, and decided to take care of the orcs left alone.


Having safely landed on the floor after a long jump of five metres, I lash out at the sorcerer, leaving the bewildered orcs behind.

Magic missile, penetration.

Using the leap skill, the distance between us quickly narrowed, and the face of the Orc Sorcerer was in utter disbelief.

“Double casting doesn’t work. It’s a pity.”

In the meantime, our distance narrowed to less than a meter, and I used a magic missile and gathered up Mana and penetration into the spear.


Just as I can’t still use both magic at the same time, the orc can’t use both magic at the same time also.

But the difference between me and him was that he was a junkie with a lot of skills to use besides magic, and he was faithful to the characteristics of a sorcerer.

The blue-colored spear broke through the shield and smashed the head of the orc sorcerer.

The earth wall, which was made of this tomb, became dust and disappeared, and the body of the sorcerer, who lost his head, collapsed there.


When the orc who interfered using magic disappeared, the remaining orcs running toward me were only considered as target practice opponents.

Two orcs were shot by Fire Arrow without approaching, and the Orc warrior, who had been galloping and swinging the Glave was temporarily hardened by the Curse spell.

“Ha-ha, that’s great! I don’t think you’re worthy of intermediate if you aren’t good, Jihoon!”

Soon after, we had defeated the rest of the Orc warriors. I sighed with relief and celebrated the victory.

“I’m not an Expert or a 3rd circle wizard yet.”

“No, no, no. I I didn’t think you’d actually think you are an expert or anything”

l’m sure they aren’t happy at first to support a person who just went up to the 2nd circle as a magician.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked around.

“Let’s pick up the body and go back. I heard that orc warrior leather and sorcerer are quite expensive, is that right?

“Yes, they’re more valuable than trolls. Orc warrior leather is about five silver coins per sheet, and the price of the mana stone is all different, but you’ll get at least one gold coin.”

I think that would be a considerable income for us four people.

My smiling face looked as good as it could be.

“What about the dead?”

However, I had a bitter look on my face as I remembered something I had nearly forgotten.

It was inevitable, but it wasn’t pleasant to see a person dead.

“Usually, I only take personal belongings that can identify them. Where’s the body?”

Recalling the white dot on the map, I pointed to the back of the orc sorcerer.

The three of them moved as fast as my men.

“Here he is, Jihoon.”

And when the one of the attacker waved his hand, pointing behind his body, we moved there.

“I don’t think he is from Kaelon, do you?”

“That’s a pretty nice outfit, isn’t it? An aristocrat maybe?”

“I’ve never seen this before.”

But the body was cut off as if it were bleeding to death, and unlike the three men who looked at the body casually because their job was to do so, I hardened into my place as if I had been electrocuted.


It’s not like killing a lot of monsters gave me resistance to dead bodies.

“Are you all right?”

The reason is because of the text embedded in the coat worn by the dead body.

Perhaps thanks to the quest, I am using the letters and languages here like Korean, but could still clearly recognize that the official language of the Mu continent and the language of the earth are different.


The text was unfamiliar to the people of this place, but I was too familiar with English.

[Quest completed successfully]

[Excellent performance in the party battle] Strength and Stamina increases by 1]

[As a reward, you have acquired the Kaelon Kingdom standard Knight Aura.]

[Acquisition of Aura improves all stats except luck by 1.]

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