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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 51

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Strength: 12

Stamina: 10

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 34

Mana: 19

Luck: 6

“He must be the food of the monster.”

I was speechless by Bartran’s opinion.



Soon after, the white spot suddenly disappeared.

I sighed a little and spoke with discomfort.

“I’m afraid he’s already been eaten up. The signal’s gone.”

Just like killing a monster with a red dot, it means that the signal is gone because a person is dead.

Bartran shook his head, saying, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.”

“How many orcs are there in the village?”

“There are 11 left. Among them are the Orc Warrior and the Orc Sorcerer. I know there’s only one sorcerer, but I don’t know how many warriors there were in advance.”

“That’s enough. At this size, there will be at least two warriors.”

Orcs were clustered together in the village.

When their colleagues who went outside the village did not return, they must have felt something unusual happened.

There was nothing special about the orcs’ hideout.

There is no difference between the forest and here. The only thing was the rows of gerunds and leather tents in the forest.

Smoke rising here and there revived the gloomy atmosphere, and the threatening peer expressed urgency.

Obviously this is a village of Orc, but it reminds me of a campsite from a war.

“Please defend us. I’ll try my best to reduce the number by using magic.”

Bartran slammed down a huge square shield, asking me to leave it to him.

We slowly advanced with Bartran, whose existence was like a wall.

“If the orcs stick to me, don’t mind, continue the battle.”

“Will it be all right?”

Although I said that I am good at close attack, he was not convinced of my skills because I did nothing.

They questioned to how well a wizard would fight with his body.

“Don’t worry. This spear isn’t just for decoration.”

I don’t know the strength of the orcs and the sorcerer yet, but I didn’t even think I’d lose with this much power.
The effective distance of a 2nd class long-distance magic is only about 100 meters.

So the enemy Orc Archer’s attack started before mine.

Tada! Tada! Tada!

The arrow flew at us exactly how to target it when it was invisible.

We didn’t stop walking even though the sound of the iron plate being attacked rang out loudly.

And as soon as we arrived where my magic became effective, I used the penetration skill in the Ice Arrow without delay.

I couldn’t see the enemy directly because there were many obstacles to my vision, but I had no problem in using magic because I had a great compass called map function.

I cast it right away.

I cast it again and again and again.

Using map as a fixed coordinate, I would cast magic spell immediately.

When the number of red dots decreased from 11 to seven and there was no change, I stopped casting and said.

“There are seven left, but magic doesn’t work anymore. I’m afraid the sorcerer has taken action.”

Bartran, who nodde and asked.

“And now?”

“Let’s sweep them.”

“Haha! I’ve been waiting for that!”

We made a breaking move after Bartran’s excited approach.

And soon after, we could see them, and the seven surviving orcs were hiding behind artificially built earth walls as shields.

Ice arrows were stucked all over the earth wall.

I’m afraid it’s made from the power of an Orc sorcerer.


The threatening cries of orcs filled the surroundings.

Even though the defeat can already be seen, the eyes of the Orcs staring at us were full of passion and the will to live.


Then the earth wall crumbled like dust and the guys rushed at us like they exploded.

Bartran rushed toward the big Orc warrior as if he had waited for it.

“Be careful!”

“Four Orc Warriors!”

It was my warning of an unexpected situation.

“Oh, my God!”

Bartran, who had stepped up to the plate and tied up to one orc warrior, briefly cursed. While the other two dealers took charge of one orc warrior each.

It was unusual for a village of 100 to have four orcs warriors and an orc sorcerer.

Thanks to this, the other four, including the orc warrior and the orc sorcerer, were now in an uncomfortable position.

A sneering orc sorcerer pointed precisely at me, and two orcs, including an orc warrior, rushed at me.

Fire Arrow.

My magic flew into the heart of the Orc Warrior, but was blocked by a sudden mudslide.

And after being used as defense earth wall, it suddenly became a stone arrow and flew towards me.

“That’s a pretty good, Shield.”

The sorcerer was like a wizard.

Although only soil-related skills were used, the robustness and attack power of the defense were not significantly different from the 2nd class magic.

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