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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 50

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Most mercenaries prefer the canyon on the east as a hunting ground.

This is because the number of monsters were high and there was little space to hide up, which can prevent many unexpected raids.

“You don’t have to worry about the ambush. Within 200 meters, I can check the monster’s location at any time. I don’t know which monster it is, but I am never going to be attacked first ”

She tilted her head for the first time, but nodded obediently to see if she thought there was no reason for me to say nonsense.

“Then I think we can solve the problem of party members without any difficulty. You said there was a Orc village, do you happen to know the scale?”

“There are approximately 100 of them, and there are Orc warriors and Orc sorcerers in the village.”

It’s quite a good composition for a small Orc village.

Afterwards, she went through the list, saying she understood.

“Oh, right.”

And she looked at the pub and pointed out with one hand as if she had found decent members.

“I think they can help. It’s a party of one tank and two close combatants, and I’m sure of their skills.”

Where she pointed, somehow, there were three dark-faced men sitting.

When I asked what’s wrong with the atmosphere, it seemed that one of their fixed members, who they recently went together with, just moved to a large clan.

That member was a good Ranger, and because of that, they were now in a state of low hunting.

The composition and their situation were not bad for me.

“That’s great. Can I ask you to do me a favor?”

The female employee took me to them.

“Bart, can I talk you for a moment?”

“Of course! Is it about the new Ranger?”

He sprang to his feet with a bright face, though he hadn’t said anything yet.

I think he mistook me for an archer when he saw my outfit.

A quality-looking leather armor and a well-balanced body. I didn’t look like a wizard to anyone.

The female employee smiled awkwardly and shook her head.

“No, I don’t think so, but I think he’ll go well with you.”

Bartran’s men gave me a visibly disinterested look.

But the words that followed opened their eyes one by one.

“He is a Wizard of 2nd Circle with slaughter skills.”


“He also has exploration skills, so he can locate monsters within 200 meters of him from time to time. He’s also capable of being a Ranger.”

Bartran responded with an unbelievable look on his face as to why a mage can possess such skills.

“I’m a student of Gordon, the wizard of this town. I’d like to hunt with a party. Is that possible?”

When I asked them, they rose from their seats.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation!”

And I laughed at their polite greeting.




The Tank tough shield pushed the Orc back, while the close attacker, who ran in between the gap, attacked the Orc’s Adam’s apple.

But then.

Three arrows flew from the village.

I opened the shield and blocked the Orc Archer from shooting.

“Kill them!”

Bartran shouted like a madman even though he was in the enemy position and ran toward the direction where the arrow flew.

I followed him quietly with the other two, but when I saw the raucous Bartran, I sighed.

Although badly crushed here and there, Bartran was still armed with an expensive plate armour, so he is better than any tank.

The arrow didn’t work for him for someone rushing with a shield.

I don’t know who the monster was when I saw the three orcs running away freaked out by Bartran’s appearance.

I heard that his toughness is famous within Astil, a major activity place, but I don’t know if I should wrap it up with just the word toughness.


I made a rope of light and hung it on the bridge so that the orcs could not escape, and Bartran, shouted Nice.

Because they were trapped, we blew away the groaning orcs one after another.

Then, two close fighters finish neatly without me having to step up.

The battle ended.

Bart’s way of fighting feels a little excessive, but still I didn’t know it was so convenient to have a colleague when fighting together.

Thanks to this, the outskirt of the Orc Village to be Exterminated was collapsing in just two days.

Maybe I can complete the Orc Village Extermination quest by the end of today.

When I slaughtered the Orc carcass, they put the by-product in the cart they brought together with.

“Kk, that’s awesome.”

“A wizard with slaughter skills. What a blessing.”

After the battle, the three always gave me a thumbs up.

The leader of the party was Bartran, but everyone tried to impress me.

I didn’t hate the sight of Bartran’s company, maybe because I haven’t been around for a while.

“Now I just have to clean up the inside of the village?”

I approached Orc Village, nodding at the question of a Damage dealer using Halberd as a weapon.

As the distance from Orc Village narrowed to less than 200 meters, the situation inside was marked on the map, and when I realized something was wrong, I narrowed my forehead.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“There’s a man inside.”

The only white spots caught my eye in a clearly red-dot Orc village.

Note: Damage Dealer/ Close Combatants/ close attacker have the same meaning. Is just they are used throughout the chapter.

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