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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 48

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So the only product that I can show quickly to Gordon is black tea, but the first result was so good that I seemed to be able to commercialize it right away for worrying about failure several times.

I don’t know the type, but the scent was too similar to that of black tea I’ve smelled on Earth, and the refreshing and bitter, luxurious aroma spread through my mouth reminded me of the word “success.”


But the evaluation of the product is not done by me, but by Gordon, the upper class of the world.

Moreover, he was more suitable because he had a hobby of enjoying tea.

With a nervous look, I made him an iced tea with original black tea and a slice of lemon and milk tea with precious sugar.


However, after drinking all the iced tea cooled by magic and soft milk tea, he continued to react absurdly, making me nervous.

“How do you like it?”

After all, Gordon’s composure, which closed his eyes, forced him to answer.

Gordon answered him, slowly opening his eyes and earnestly.

“The taste of rice cake is too strong. I think it’s better to look back on the manufacturing process.”

However, his assessment was negative, so he had to hold his forehead with a sigh.

I myself thought it was made successfully, but it seems to have been insufficient for tea lovers.


I opened my eyes wide to Gordon’s immediate response.

“But the rich aroma and deep taste are superb. To be honest, tea leaves that goes through fermentation I never know them, but I never imagined they would taste so different.”


“If the bitterness diminishes, it will add to the icing on the cake, but the product will still be worth it. I’d be happy to buy it, too.

And lastly, his added words made his fists clenched.

“If it is taste and aroma this is definitely going to work.”

“If so?”

“Yeah, I’ll give you my full support. With all the connections and all the money.”

“Thank you, Master!”

Jihoon’s plan to make money on the Mu Continent, along with his active teacher gained momentum.

“Oh, Master. Before that, please fill this out.”

“What’s this?”

“Even though it’s a teacher-disciple relationship, shouldn’t the equity relationship be clear in doing business? It’s a contract.”


Gordon, at my end, had a ‘what’ look on his face, but he soon laughed his head off and signed the paper I handed him without haggling.

“But how did you develop this? This various drinking methods are very interesting.”

His question was perfectly natural.

Isn’t it the history of black tea started with accidental discovery on Earth?

So I said that like the story of the common transportation process on Earth, I failed to store it and damaged the tea leaves, but when I ironed it because it was a waste to throw it away, it smelled amazing.

“Oh, it’s not development, it’s discovery. Will it be….”

Hearing my story with an interesting look on his face, Gordon nodded loudly.


[Quest Occurred]

Rating: C

Contents: Forest of Peace, Midwest Orc Village Extermination

Rewards: Intermediate Rewards Card, Kingdom of Kaelon Standard Knight Aura.

I have already dealt enough with Orcs has, not only did I learn new magic by achieving two circles recently, but there was also an increased in my ability, so I thought that no matter how much time I took, I would be able to attack it.


But it didn’t take long to find out that it was an illusion…….

While dealing with three orcs at the same time, I inadvertently swung my arm at the cool sensation behind my back, and an arrow hit the metal part of the Gauntlet and fell off with a loud sound.


And when I saw a series of arrows flying in, I freaked out and opened up a two-class shield.




“Oh, my God, this is crazy.”

Looking at the bows and arrow breaking my shield, I thought it was impossible to attack the quest in the same way as before, so I ran away without looking back.

I think I’ve been too conceited.

No matter how ignorant orc is, he was an intelligent monster, and he should have realized that I would make a linked attack if those guys lived in a village.

Having escaped unharmed, I calmed down my chest and click my tongue.

“This Quest difficulty makes me sweat.”

I tried hard to figure out how to attack, but the village included not only archers but also high-ranking orcs warriors and magicians, so I had to give up the solo attack.

“I can’t help it.”

So eventually, I entered a building that I had never headed for, recalling what the owner of the blacksmith said before.

[Mercenary Guild]

Solo play is good, but if it’s a quest Ity hard to finish with individual power, I have to borrow other people’s power.

In the first place, there was no rule that quests should be targeted alone.

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