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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 47

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Strength: 12
Stamina: 10

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 32

Mana: 19

Luck: 6

I thanked him and told him about the plan I had agonized over.

“I’m thinking of creating a business that specializes in selling a variety of luxury goods.”

“You mean you’re going to do business with the upper class.”

Midland, the territory of humans, is a world with a solid status system.

Ninety-nine percent of Midland’s economic power is held by royal families, nobles, quasi-nobles, wizards and merchants, and there is only a handful of property held by ordinary people, who can be said to be an absolute majority.

If you want to make money properly, it is natural to deal with the upper class rather than with ordinary people who don’t even hold onto a small fortune.

In particular, most of the aristocrats were arrogant, proud, so they thought they could make a lot of money if they did well.

Therefore, as a means of making money, he has chosen a luxury item for aristocrats.

“This thinking is dangerous. You should never look down on the nobles. It’s so quick to lose your voice.”

Gordon needed to let me be aware of the dangers of the aristocracy when I saw his reaction, even though he spoke clearly, it was contrary to the above idea.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Whether my answer was satisfactory, he looked gracious again.

“Certainly, the aristocracy’s efforts to maintain dignity are great. It is also possible to make a lot of money in a short period of time if products that can attract their attention are prepared.”

“That’s right.”

“But it’s a different story when there’s such a goods. Do you have such an item?”


This was a problem.

From scented soap, which is used as a favorite material for fantasy, to cosmetics, accessories, miscellaneous goods, and clothing that ladies will like, there is a lot to bring and use.

Since this is a world where the intellectual property rights of the earth do not prevail anyway, there was nothing wrong with it.

“Yes, there is.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing your confident response. All right, then show me the things. If you think you’re capable, I’ll give you a lot of support.”

“Thank you, Master!”

Among them, the products I will sell to establish my foundation are gourmet foods.

One of the items that set the stage for the Opium War is the fermented tea “Black Tea” and the ripening year “Cigarettes” to replace pipes spread from Indians to Europe.

Since there were many restrictions in the early stages of the business, it was necessary to find money-making that did not require a large labor force and special skills, and what came to mind was these two goods.

The existence of tea and tobacco leaves to be two ingredients has already been confirmed.

Not to mention cigarettes with mainstream pipe smoke.

Midland’s tea is mostly roasted or steamed and then dried, so there is no idea of fermenting and eating tea leaves.

It was a great opportunity for me considering the value of black tea, which was dismissed as gold in the past on Earth.

“Well, I think it’s something unusual, but I don’t know that it’s special.”

I nodded confidently at Gordon’s response to whether it would be worth the money.

Although it is not enjoyed much in Korea, black tea is a very successful food worldwide.

I am sure that the scent of black tea will work in Mu continent as its taste resembles the Earth.

Above all, the biggest advantage of these two was that it was possible to produce goods without going through a complicated process.

“I’ll have to verify it first. They’ll get you ready, right?”

“Okay, sir.”

I couldn’t disagree with Gordon, who was acting carefully to see the product first, without disagreeing with his disciple.

Verification would be essential for his part.

Hoping that Gordon’s unlikely appearance would turn into a surprise, I went out of the mansion to get the ingredients.



Before I tried to step up and Gordon stopped me.

“Don’t put off your magic training in business or you’ll never see that happen.”

“Of course.”

“Well, then, remember that magic training must always be a priority. If you can’t do this, I’ll stop helping you.”

I am well aware of that point.

As much as I decided to make money to improve my ability, I shouldn’t be a drunk in power.


Black tea fermentation doesn’t take as long as you think.

Rather, it can be said that the fermented ripening time of tobacco leaves, an ingredient of cigars, takes longer.

Black tea goes through withering, rubbing, fermentation, and drying, and it takes three days no matter how long it takes.

On the other hand, cigars need at least a month because it takes more than a week to dry and ferment tobacco leaves, and additional ripening is needed even after making cigars.

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