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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 45

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Strength: 12

Stamina: 10

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 32

Mana: 19

Luck: 6

If the principle of 1st circle is a property transformation, then the principle of 2nd circle is a combination.

Adding different properties to make it stronger and more effective.

It was a simple and natural principle.

I smiled, savoring the 2nd circle I felt in my heart.

Within five weeks of learning magic, I achieved the 2nd circle already.

Gordon, my teacher, said, “A magical genius has appeared,” and was excited.….

[2nd Circle achieved]

[Mana increases by 5.]

[Intelligence increases by 1.]

Before I could enjoy the message that came to mind, I returned to reality immediately.

I woke up 10 minutes later than usual and remembered what I had to do today after being immersed in the presence of 2nd circles for a long time.

First of all, collecting Earth’s things or information that would make money on the Mu continent.

And an investigation of the new home called a safe house.

Yesterday, I simply checked the condition of the safe house, but given the unusual name, I thought there must be something hidden.

But before that.

“Morning exercise comes first.”

For some reason, I am reluctant to go to the Kkachisan Mountain Park because I feel like the man who used to call me Warrior is going to die.
No matter how much I cover my face, the intuition of a person is not to be taken lightly.

Even if I was not sure, if I suddenly stick to it and talk to it, I may get caught with my voice or if I ignore it without answering, he will be suspicious again.

It’s better not to go near Kkachisan park for a while.

“I’ll have to I exercise in the safe house.”

Unlike this studio apartment, there was spacious yard in the safe house.

I think I can do morning exercise including spear practice there.

While I am at it, I did some research on safe houses.

I simply washed up, dressed in training clothes and wore a heavy backpack.

And I took a taxi right in front of my house and headed to the Yongsan Triangle, not towards the park.

A residential area lined with detached houses and low-rise commercial buildings.

It doesn’t feel like a rich village, and it’s just a normal neighborhood on the surface, but it’s said that even old buildings that look easy are simply over 1 billion won.

Until then, I didn’t care because buying a house or land was just a dream, but after I got my property, I realize how hard it was to get a house in the center of Seoul.

If I live normally, isn’t it impossible for an individual to get a house worth more than 1 billion won?

Arriving in front of my house, people’s eyes are on me.

Unsuited to a common residential area, this rich house was the safe house I got yesterday’s reward.

I opened the gate calmly with the key.

For your information, the gate was unlocked yesterday and the key was placed on the porch.

And the inside door is door lock, initially the password is set to 1234, so I changed it to the number I often use.

“How to manage this big house in the future?”

I’m going to clean up my stock next month and bring my parents to live with me, but it would be funny to ask them to take care of it, so I think I should hire someone.

Not long ago, I was kicked out of the company and couldn’t find a job, but things have now changed completely.

How would they react if I showed my current situation to people who ignored me?

I’m a human being and I have a lot of things piled up, so I kept thinking like a child.

If I look at the house from the outside, the fence is about 4 meters tall, because the first floor was underground, and I had to open the garage, open the gate, and come up to the stairs to go to the garden and the house.

The land is 150 pyeong.

The building is 65 pyeong, including the first and second floors, 40 pyeong on the first floor and 25 pyeong on the second floor with terraces.

There are a total of four rooms, two individual bathrooms, one public bathroom, and two kitchens, one on the first and second floors.

The overall color of the house was just my cup of tea, black and white.

However, as if the compensation was only a home, there was nothing except a built-in refrigerator, sink, and cabinet.

There will be a lot of money soon anyway, so it will be fun to buy home appliances and furniture to suit my taste.

Looking around the house, I came out to the garden.

“After the exercise, a detailed investigation.”

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