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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 44

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I headed to Gordon’s lab, where initially all sorts of lab materials were stored are now full of materials for my training.

It looks like the landscape of the family that changes due to a child.

“Teacher, may I ask you a question?”


“How much does subspace artifacts cost?”

“Subspace artifacts?”

He tilted his head to the out of the blue and answered as he knew.

“There’s a price difference depending on the size of the storage, and the smallest one would be about 100 platinum coins.”

How many orcs do I have to hunt in order to collect 100 platinum coins?

As I collected about three gold coins while hunting 30 orcs, it means that I could collect 100 platinum coins by catching 10,000 orcs using the simple calculation.

This will happen if I save money steadily, but it will take a lot of patience to achieve this goal.

“Why are you asking that all of a sudden?”

“It’s convenient to hunt. I can’t borrow teacher’s everytime.”

“I see.”

Even if Gordon had a lot of money, he wouldn’t be willing to buy an item valued 100 platinum coins.

Perhaps purchasing subspace artifacts on the Mu continent requires a lord or a high-ranking merchant who can afford them.

It’s out of the blue, but I suddenly asked about subspace because of my new skills.

That’s this.

[Item Slot]

It’s a new skill I got from the “Intermediate Compensation Card” with a function that allows me to use it right away without having to take it out by hand.

In real life, I experimented with this , and if I register the assembled spear in a slot, separate them three parts and put them in a bag, I can pull out the intact spear whenever I wanted.

If I store and use food in a slot, I can not eat it by hand rather the contents except for the packaging can absorbed into my body.

If I register a potion, it can permeate my body without any motion, so this can be seen as something with great utility.

The total number of slots are 3 spaces.

Items of the same kind can be used in combat as long as they are stored in duplicate.

A game-like system has emerged properly.

‘It would be the best to combine the item slot with subspace.’

Change weapons immediately according to the enemy.

Consumable weapons (dagger, javelin, arrow, etc.) can be used constantly, and large traps can be installed on the spot.

The item slot is good enough as it is, but I also thought subspace was necessary to utilize it 100%.

‘Money is needed here too…….’

It’s good to have a large fortune in real life, but it’s all the rage on Earth, and I’m still close to living in the Mu continent.

“Why don’t I make money by working?’

Until now, I had no intention of doing anything arbitrarily other than being strong on the Mu continent, but in fact, I am in a position where I can earn as much money as I want.

Not only did I have advanced knowledge of the earth, but I was also able to learn the necessary knowledge from time to time and used it in the Mu Continent.

I’m sure it smells like money.

‘I never have to gain strength only through training.’

Money was power on Earth.

And it wouldn’t be much different here either.

With capital, there are plenty of other ways to be strong besides training.

I’m not the type to use my body in the first place, but I think I’ve been acting too naive.

“Don’t lose your focus.”

Gordon squinted and glared, urging me to concentrate on the training.

But that’s also for a moment.

[Life], [Culture], [Technology]…….

Before I knew it, I was thinking of items by category that would make money on the Mu continent.

Was it because I think too much about something else that the system gave me a new mission, rather than breaking a quest.

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: C

Contents: Forest of Peace, Midwest Orc Village Exterminationtion

Rewards: Intermediate Rewards Card, Kingdom of Kaelon Standard Knight Aura.

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