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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 43

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Strength: 12

Stamina: 10

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 31

Mana: 14

Luck: 6

Returning home, I hurriedly turned on the computer with the copy of the register and the intermediate reward.

It complies with computer performance and hard drives are SSDs, but the boot speed feels longer today.

I was waiting, biting my nails, and as soon as It finished booting, I clicked on the internet window.


A copy of the register is issued.

The reason why I even went to the Internet registration office even though I had a copy of the original registration , I wanted to confirmed that the document contained an unimaginable content.

It allows users to enter the address of a safe house in Yongsan and view all records in the selection of the type of certificate of registration.

Subsequently, the payment of the issuance fee was made quickly, so I could see the notarized copy of the registration.

[Transfer of Ownership= 2017.3.21
Sold= Owner Kim Hana
Transaction amount= KRW 7,350,000,000]

[Transfer of Ownership =2020.5.24
Gift = Owner Cho Ji-hoon]

And I was speechless when I confirmed that the content was consistent with the registered copy of the compensation.


This was a lot of money that a normal family can’t earn even if they work their whole lives.

7 billion is not the name of your dog, and that amount is too unrealistic, so there was more laughter than joy.

“You’re very generous.”

Gift from Kim Hana.

It’s God except for the castle.

It’s a ridiculous pun, but anything now is forgivable and pleasantly acceptable.

How can I complain when I have a single house with a market price of more than 7 billion won?

I prayed to the ceiling of the studio, feeling that I had never been religious.

“God, given that my name is embedded in the owner of the register, the tax issue has already been resolved, right? It is impossible to pay gift and acquisition taxes for buildings over 7 billion won. And even if the tax problem was solved, the gift tax of a 7 billion won building would be billions of won, so they wouldn’t come in asking how I paid the tax, would they?”

He must have given something that he could not even use as a reward, now he had no choice but to calm down as he got his hands on a property of ridiculous value.

Later, when I checked with the IRS, I was able to get a definite answer that all taxes were paid.

I hope that there will be no backbiting of tax investigation later with all-powerful force.


It is said that the liver is on the big side, but the power of money is great.

“Let’s get a loan on this.”

I have a huge fortune, so I shouldn’t make fun of it.

If I rent the safe house and buy T-chemical shares with it, wouldn’t I be able to gain more?

Currently, T Chemical’s shares were renewing their highest prices, continuing to grow day by day.

Shares bought rose from 9,200 won to 50,000 won.

People already think T-chemical has reached its peak, but I knew it would go up to 89,000 won in the future.

Originally, mortgage loans are tough if I were unemployed, but I think there is a way because a property owned is property.

Having checked the condition of the safe house, I quickly visited the bank.

At heart, I wanted to see the new house as soon as possible and open my rewards, but T Chemical’s stock was still rising, so I was busy.


“Huh? What’s wrong? You seem to be in a very good mood.”

Asked my magic teacher Gordon, I answered with a big nod.

“Yes, I had a good dream.”

“Dreams…….well, mental well-being, rather than material well-being, may affect your training.”

To be exact, I felt extremely material happiness, but I did not necessarily correct my teacher’s thoughts for his disciples.

To tell you a little bit about the bank, after successfully completing the loan, I invested an additional 4.5 billion dollars in T-chemical shares.

The bank made up the conditions supported by the property, and by then I became a full-time investor, not an unemployed one.

Being a full-time investor is not much wrong, but I thought it was good to have money in front of the eyes of people who changed in just one day.

If the investment is recovered safely, I will have more than 9 billion won in cash, including loans.

This lot of money that doesn’t make sense considering what happened a month ago.

And what if I get more information about the future and invest with this 9 billion?

Just imagining it can cause a chilling situation to occur.

“Let’s go to the second floor.”


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