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The Quest Rewards Are Real! chapter 42

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Stably getting off the troll’s body due to the landing effect of the leap skill, I twisted my whole body without pulling out a spear and tore the belly skin long.

The ship, which was split by the act of a troll struggling without understanding the situation, opened with a puckering sound.

Thanks to this, intestines poured on both sides in an instant, creating a grotesque scene.

It was an act that revealed that he was big and had a bad head.


The sound of vomiting from the citizens.

But having seen so much worse, I didn’t bat an eyelid this time.


The evil one swung his palm like a mosquito.

But I took a leap forward and slipped away lightly.

The stable landing effect of the leap is a big advantage in this situation.

I rode the troll’s body stably, using a leap as a mobile, and lifted the spear high when the fur arrived at the chest reminiscent of the grass.

‘To kill a troll, you have to blow his head or destroy his brain completely.’

Unfortunately, there was no way to destroy his brain or blow his throat in a single blow.

So what I’m thinking, this is the way.

I cut a big hole in his chest as I dipped down the spear, and a terrible smell leaked out of it in the wind.

The target I set in the first place was none other than his lungs.


Simple water without attack poured into the hole like a small waterfall.

No matter how big the guy was, it was not long before one of his lungs was filled with water, and the troll’s terrifying ability to recover blocked the hole on its own so that water wouldn’t leak.

I diligently performed the same procedure on the opposite lung to avoid the hands of the troll flying again, and I flew far away.


Only then did the troll feel something strange, and the troll opened his eyes round and “gulped” with a painful expression.

The revenge of the creature, who was unable to fill the hole with his protruding gut, was a visual bonus.

The troll, who hit his chest and rolled around on the floor in case he couldn’t breathe, completely lost his will to fight.

No, you’d be right to say you can’t afford to continue the battle.


Someone’s appreciation came from behind, but I ignored it and released the grease under the feet of the troll.

‘He’s a big guy. It’s easier than I thought.’

I may have simply fought well, but I think this is enough to hunt.

Of course, it is absolutely impossible to deal with two at the same time at this level, and the risk is different from that of Orc.


At ease, I approached him and cut the tangled intestines like a yarn with the spear.

If my hands and feet were cut off, can i recover like a lizard’s tail.

But how do I recover if I cut off the middle of the intestines that connect both sides?

I think it’s impossible to recover unless one connect the cut with hands again.

And the severed bowel will cause him tremendous pain.

The movement of the guy, who couldn’t do this, just wriggled and soon faded.

[Quest completed successfully]

[First quest on Earth. All capabilities rise by one.]

[Intermediate reward card acquired]

[Safety house acquired]

Then, as the fog that hung around began to fade, people shouted with jubilant expressions.

“The fog is clearing!”

“I’m alive! I’m alive!”

But if I go back to the way I was right now, my situation would be embarrassing.

“Sleep for a second.”

“Great deal?”

I used sleep magic on them, picked up equipment, including gas guns and trilogy sticks, and quickly hid in the bushes.


The bodies of the monsters disappeared with fog and the usual scenery of the park welcomed me.

I was worried that people might be gathered around me, but the fog was quiet to see if it had a function to bite people and disturb their perception.

Looking at the time, it was obvious that about half an hour had passed, and it was strange that no one had realized more than that.

Last time, there were people who recognized fog, what happened?

People began to emerge one by one after a long time after the fog cleared up.

“What, what, man!”

The citizens entered the Kkachisan Park and ran, freaked out when they saw the five men and women lying on the floor, and after checking their safety, I returned to my original form and headed the opposite way with my bag on my back.

Perhaps now that I came to my senses, the voice of a middle-aged man resonated in the Kkachisan Mountain Park like an echo.

I smirked out the disparate objects I felt in my pocket.

[Intermediate Rewards]

In the circumstances, the compensation that was supposed to be at the bedside came from the pocket.

“This is my first intermediate.”

Expectations are high on what can be gained from intermediate reward cards.

It would be nice to have strong skills and information about the future like last time.

[Registered copy]

And with a reward card and a bunch of paper from my pocket, I had to put on an absurd face.

When I heard that the reward was a safe house, I didn’t think it would be a real house.

I was embarrassed because I thought it was something similar in name.
[Owner Cho Jihoon]

The names of the land and buildings were all in my name and were clean without mortgage.

The location is near the Yongsan Triangle area, with about 150 pyeong of land and 65 pyeong in one building combined with one to two floors.

However, it seems that there must be something to be called a “safety house,” but there seemed to be nothing special just by looking at the copy of the register.

“By the way, a house this big in Yongsan…….”

Wouldn’t it be a little over a billion?

“What the hell is this?”

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“Minha casa minha vida” (my house my life) thanks for translate

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