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The Quest Rewards Are Real chapter 41

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Strength: 9

Stamina: 9

Agility: 9

Intelligence: 30

Mana: 11

Luck: 6
Unlike near the center where the fog was light, the visibility in the fog hung everywhere like a barrier was only about 1m.

“Mana Emission.”


A blue light formed on the spear, and the map was used as a compass in order to direct the spear toward the red dot.

Thanks to the blue energy, which is the effect of Mana Emission, the enemy’s silhouette was visible in the fog as the spear approached.

Thanks to this, I was able to make changes at the end of the spear and hit the enemy accurately.


I got rid of three goblins and an orc.

Seeing the red dot on the other side approaching the citizens, I was busy flying.

As I came out of the fog like a moon and skipped over their heads, people all looked at me with a dumb expression.

And as I landed on the ground, an orc appeared in the mist as promised.


I used Mana Emission together with penetration skills and made a standard stab.
I couldn’t see any weakness to attack because of the exquisite glaze covering my chest, neck, and head, so I trusted my skills and chose to break through the front.


As if I was not betrayed by my expectations, my spear penetrated the front-blocked orc’s breast with a glave.


Not a few shocking sounds resonated like echoes in the fog and easily pulled out Spear using magic.

“Wow, even the black fog! Great deal!”

Can you shut up when it’s noisy?

I hunted the Goblins, one after another through the fog, after sending a gesture to a middle-aged man to shut up.

After hunting two orcs, and seven goblins, there were only three red spots left.

Oh my gosh!

This quest that looks very smooth.

But it was just my illusion.


As twice as many red dots as I have removed so far, a new red dot has been created on the map, including a loud roar that I have never heard before.

As I overdo my skills, 40% of my mana has depleted.

As it is not known how many times monsters will come out, I have to fight for efficiency rather than speed.

In this case, citizens’ risk will inevitably increase, but I can adjust the balance between speed and efficiency properly.

I bit my lip and used Grease magic to direct the fast-paced approach to the Prey.


Fortunately, there hasn’t been a third wave since.

In the end, I protected the people safely, and now there is only one enemy left.

“Are you the boss?”

But the problem is that the enemy is an extraordinary fellow.

“It was a troll.”

I had to look tired of seeing a giant monster that exactly matched the characteristics of the troll I saw in Monster Dictionary.

The first roaring I’ve heard before was this guy’s.

“You’re so big.’

4 meters tall.

It weighs 1.2 tons.

Trolls are said to have great resilience enough to make new arms in a minute, and they can only be killed by completely destroying the brain or blowing the head off.

In addition, in the leather were also quite tough defense also be considerable, and powerful muscle strength like steel armor.

I swallowed my dry saliva, pointing the spear at the troll who showed up with great dignity.

Thanks to my precious use, my remaining Mana is about 30%.

I seemed to be a relaxed to deal with only one monster, but it was hard to ensure of victory because the troll was a monster I had never faced and it has a troublesome characteristic.

Safety may be a top priority like attacking the boss of a game, and if one was careful, you may be able to knock it down, but there was no choice but to be nervous about the overwhelming difference in physique.

The citizens, relieved to hear that only one was left, sank into place, swallowing the wind from the giant’s appearance through the fog.

“Well, let’s say hello first.”

Pointing at his head at the end of the spear, I fired a bunch of magic missiles with penetration skills added.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

It’s hard to miss the size of the head.

A total of six magic missiles splashed blue blood into his head, and the troll staggered, screaming painfully.

Citizens who became spectators from behind burst into exclamation with jubilant expressions.

But that’s also for a moment.

The hideous holes in the troll’s face and forehead created a bubbling bubble and looked devastated as they recovered quickly.

“Me, crazy.”

“How can you beat a monster like that?”

“It’s not like they’re fighting, so I hope you don’t say anything weak.

The attack was just for a sneak peek anyway.

Magic missiles didn’t do much damage, but at least he found out that high-speed recovery would not relieve the pain.

I think this alone is a great achievement.

As trolls have a human-like bodies, their body structure will not be different from humans.

Then there were many ways to target.

I thought it was worth a try, so I had a look on my face.


Since it’s too big, I’ll lie him down and start.

At one stroke of Grease magic, the troll fell with a surprising tumult.


But it’s not all about knocking down monsters like this.

Thanks to the overwhelming physical difference, the floundering arms and legs were very threatening.

An anomalous attack is fatal just by passing through.

‘Leap forward.’


Under his feet, his big hand passed by with a sound of wind tearing.
Recognizing the troll’s attack, I flew so high that my hands and feet couldn’t reach it, looking at my eyes full of life, and flying a penetrating magic missile toward his eyes, neck, solar plexus, and nangshim.


The magic missile aimed at the eyes and neck penetrated his hand, but the attack aimed at the solar plexus and the nangshim went right.

Whether the pain was considerable, the troll fluttered like a fish on the ground, fell toward the belly of the exposed creature, and stabbed a blue-colored spear into it.


A spear penetrating the skin deep into its flesh.

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