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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 115

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Because this was the only thing they could do.

From the moment the dungeon and monster appeared and the world turned upside down, it has become an inevitable reality even if it is already dirty.

“But the new guild name is Aegis? It’s a little unusual.”

“The name isn’t unique. I even announced that I’m going to get rid of the power of awakening people. I heard that Hunter’s crimes against civilians, in particular, will not be slashed.”

“Ha, they can’t do anything with words. Do you fall for this once or twice?”

“Well… but it’s good to hear.”

“Nice to hear. I’ll be angrier later.”

Just as Seo Gil-young laughed at the guild’s new policy.

The reaction of the citizens was not much different from that.

The guild seems to have changed, but there have been no guilds that have really taken steps for citizens.

Come to think of it, it was a matter of course.

Hunter is the only one who can stop him, but why would he put down his privileges and use his power for citizens?

“Did I drink too much beer? Give me a second to go to the bathroom.”

The man staggered up from his seat.

But the moment he pulls his chair back to get up.

I bumped into the leg of the man walking behind me.

“Oh, I’m sorry….”

“You bastard!”


He was hit by a fist that suddenly flew in.

The table fell over with the fallen man, and the sound of a crash resonated loudly.

“It’s about hitting someone’s leg and moving on…….”

“What are you doing?”

The group who jumped up grabbed the man by the collar.

However, his body did not budge.

It was like holding a big rock.

“Hey, this is….”

“Ha. What are you doing?”

Choi Yonghyuk, the hunter of the Icheon guild.

His mouth twitched.

Boom boom!



The man who was hit in the abdomen rolled around the floor.

Even though it was a very relaxed fist, he was gasping on the floor, hard to breathe.

“I can hear you guys talking, I can hear you on the other side. They’re wildernesses. It’s none of my business, but I’m one of those bad guys. What do you think? Huh?

Choi Yong-hyuk, who approached, kicked the fallen men with his feet.

When he was kicked while he was having a hard time controlling himself, he only wiggled with groans.

“Sorry… I’m sorry…I didn’t expect it to be Hunter.….”

“Shut up.”

Choi Yong-hyuk trampled on his head.

“You made my shoes dirty.”

Choi rubbed his feet against the man’s hair and wiped off the soles of his shoes.


The man bowed his head in a humiliating situation.

The party next to him was just shivering with fear.

Not only the other customers but also the shopkeeper, could not do anything about the sudden situation.

In particular, the store owner, who knew Choi Yong-hyuk’s face, knew that he was an executive of the Icheon Guild.

Even Choi Yong-hyuk is a C-class hunter.

It’s not a level that ordinary people can do.


But then, a woman sitting alone at a table rose from her seat and approached the fight.

“Come on, wait! It’s dangerous…….”


She stood in front of Choi Yong-hyuk, who was trampling on a man, who also resisted the owner of the store who tried to dissuade him.

“What the hell are you? Are you Hunter?

“I would have told you not to use violence against ordinary people. Are you going to ignore the guild’s instructions?

Black-haired woman with long braids.

It was Ernil, the female warrior of the Werewolf clan.

She was the first woman to be killed by Isna while standing up to Sunghyun.

After accepting his shadow, she was revived and was externally serving as a hunter for the Aegis Guild.

Then she came across the scene while walking around to adjust to the outside world as a night patrol.

“Don’t tell me you’re Aegis’s……?”


Choi Yong-hyuk briefly flinched when he asked if she was a guild member of Aegis.

‘I told you not to run into anything for the time being.’

Aegis was a new guild that swept away the wilderness guild a few days ago.

As a local guild, you have to be cautious.

Choi Yong-hyuk, who has strong self-esteem, was also forced to soften his momentum a little.

“Hey, you don’t have to be so hard on me, do you? I’m gonna get these guys out in a quiet place, so can’t you just pass by pretending you didn’t see them? I’ll treat you to something later.”

“You’re saying something that’s funny.”

“Hey… come on.”

Choi Yong-hyuk, who was approaching slowly, stuffed some crumpled bills into her pocket.

However, as soon as his hand brushed against the collar, Hernil’s impression was frowned upon.

I got it!

She was the one who hit Choi Yong-hyuk’s arm at once, and Choi Yong-hyuk grabbed her tingling wrist.

“Hey, you punk!”

“Don’t play tricks on me. Unless you want to die here.”

“Ha… you. The guild is a little bigger, and I have a lot of pressure on my shoulder, do you think I’ll get fooled by you if I stick to you one-on-one?”

Choi Yong-hyuk said with his eyes fluttering.

He was C. Rank’s Hunter, an executive of the Icheon Guild who was struggling around here.

If he was an executive, he would not be embarrassed by the average guild member of a mid-sized guild.

“If I kill you here, it’s simple to silence the non-awakening people in the store. Do you know what’s going on?”

Choi Yong-hyuk, who pulled out a sword, threatened with a fierce look.

Unfortunately, however, it was the moment that crossed the last line.

As long as he pulled out a sword or a bluff, she didn’t want to let him go nicely.



Choi Yong-hyuk swung the sword reflexively at her sudden approach.

But his sword was blocked with a sharp sound.


What’s this?’

She didn’t even draw a weapon.

She blocked Choi Yong-hyuk’s sword with his bare hands.

No matter how much Hunter was naked, it was ridiculous to get the same Hunter’s sword.


Hernil, who stretched her arm, grabbed Choi Yong-hyuk’s neck in a flash.

“I’ve just heard that humans need to see blood before they can hear.”

“Cough…! Now, sleep…”…!”

Choi Yong-hyuk, whose body was lifted up, struggled with his feet.

The hidden wildness flashed in her eyes holding her neck.

“If so, set an example for you.”

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