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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 112

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While Sunghyun is busy inside and outside.

The amount of resources accumulated in the dungeon in the basement has been beyond imagination.

Various mines, plantations, and logging fields over the three fields have poured out enormous amounts of resources.

Not only were there a lot of buried resources, but they were also powerful monsters who did not get tired of the labor force being mobilized.

Resources were pouring out constantly.

He was in trouble because he had a lot of resources.

In order to dispose of the accumulated resources in the dungeon in large quantities, Sung-Hyun visited Heuk-ryeon and poured out the goods from the warehouse.


Of course, Seo Yeon-Hwa was shocked to see the scene in person.

Even the guild leader of Heuk-ryeon was embarrassed because it was her first time experiencing it.

‘I can’t believe it.’

It’s not like you’re giving me billions of dollars in treasure at once.

Spilling out all the resources to fill the warehouse by himself.

No matter how much he had subspace ability, she didn’t know there would be no limitation on my ability like this.

“Gilde, it’s over.”

The man in the bear mask approached and said.

The inspection for the products that Sung-Hyun brought was over.

Even though dozens of people were attached, it took quite a while to price the product as it filled the warehouse.

“How much money do we owe you?”

“That’s 85 billion won. It’s a quantity, but almost all products are the best. Rare medicines that are hard to get at a price are piled up, and I don’t know where they came from.”

The man in the bear mask shook his head and said.

It was a deal worth more than 80 billion won.

No matter how large the amount dealt with by Heukryeon was, exchanging transactions of this size at a time was not so common even for large guilds.

But she can’t believe individuals have made such a huge deal.

She looked around for a moment.

“Where is the trader?”

“Our client has already left saying ‘I don’t have time’.”

“…without paying the bill?”

“That’s how much they trust us. Maybe it’s a test.”

Seo Yeon-Hwa smirked as if she was dumbfounded.

After pouring the goods into the warehouse, Sung-Hyun left the room coolly, saying he would come back the next day.

It also means that he trusts Heukryeon to a certain extent.

It also meant that there was no risk of risking their lives on such items.

“Well, once you’ve brought this much in the first place, you can’t have offered it without even looking at how much you’re going to get.”

Anyway, one thing she could be sure about the opponent was that he was more of a big shot than she thought.

And she didn’t want to lose her long-term purse strings to try and hit some pennies here.

“85 billion…Can you raise cash by tomorrow right now?”

“It should be possible by tomorrow.”

” A customer you should never miss, so pay more attention to it.”

Sung-hyun swallowed up the entire wilderness guild.

However, even if they had secured an active area, they were actually guilds that hadn’t even started yet.

It was not officially registered and there was no single guild employee.

However, Sung-hyun, who had prepared thoroughly in advance, quickly followed the procedures.

For now, capital was needed to set up a guild in earnest.

Hunter’s power is said to have already been secured, but the guild needed not only Hunter but also ordinary employees to roll.

In addition, we start with various equipment and maintenance costs to control and clean up the dungeon.

A guild needed a lot of funds to roll.

Therefore, Sung-Hyun secured funds from Heuk-ryeon first.

‘I don’t have to worry about money for a while.’

Just like those who had engaged in various illegal businesses, they were able to collect the funds contained in the safe of the wilderness guild in a pretty good way.

That alone was more than enough to cover the initial cost of generating the guild and operating expenses for the time being.

However, Sung-Hyun was planning to accelerate the expansion of the guild size in earnest.

This is why he secured 85 billion won in cash from Heukryeon.

Even if the Hunter Guild’s growth cannot be achieved with money alone, it was clear that it would accelerate further if money was sprayed.

“Hoo… good. It’s working right now.”

Sung-hyun looked around and murmured.

Inside the empty guild building, its employees and hunters were coming and going.

It was not just an armed group of hunters, but a guild that began to roll normally.

This is in contrast to the fact that only a few days ago, there was no employee.

When the recruitment announcement was made on conditions that were not envious of the large guild, experienced people lined up.

A job with a clear safety and good pay from awakening adults.

There was always a line of people at the entrance of the guild, which had some power.

Sung-Hyun was also not very worried about this, and he was able to hire employees this quickly.

‘How many days I’ve been through this.’

Running a guild was never easy.

In particular, if it is a newly established guild, there were many things to pay attention to, starting with various procedures.

Sung-Hyun, who deceived as a non-combatant employee, had to come forward and assign and order each of the employees.

Fortunately, however, Sung-Hyun has experienced rolling and rolling in Cheongseong for many years.

In the past, he had a pride in joining the company through a competition rate of 500 to 1 and even got a job as a head of the office, and he had the ability to work accordingly.

Thanks to this, Sung-Hyun was able to handle these complicated tasks skillfully.

Although he was busy for a few days, he was now on track and the whole process of the guild has been roughly completed.

“Lord, have you called?”

Izuna, who approached with a low voice, said.

On the surface, Izuna was clearly on top of herself, so she had to act moderately when there was someone else’s eyes around her.

For now, she was going to hide who the guild leader was for the time being.

The reason was of course Cheongseong.

Whether it’s Sunghyun, a junior hunter who awakened at a late age, or The King of the shadows, a necromancer who debuted as an S-class hunter.

There was nothing good to do because he sat in the guild leader’s seat and stood out.

“We’ve arranged a meeting for the small and medium guild leaders in the area. Everyone should be here by now, remember what you said last time?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll come forward and tell you the story, just watch from the back. Then let’s go.”


“Everyone’s here.”

“Is this the first time we’ve come together like this?”

“Well, there’s no reason for this to happen. I was busy doing MY job.”

Various guild leaders gathered inside the guild building talked about this and that.



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