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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 110

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Fortunately, Izuna did not make more provocations or Lokan was angry in this situation.

This is because there was a strict order from the lord.

It hasn’t been long since Sung-Hyun’s words to stop were dropped, but he couldn’t try to start a lame argument.

‘But I’m glad you’re keeping this line.’

You won’t be able to see it again, but you’ll fight.

He was satisfied to the extent that he couldn’t see right now.

More than anything else, Sung-Hyun was about to do something important that he had planned in his head all the whole time.

“The third field, the Blade Gorge, is all in hand. I’m trying to assign you guys an important task, okay?

“Of course, Lord.”

“Say anything.”

Izuna and Locan answered enthusiastically.

He was ready to deal with any enemy he spoke of.

However, what Sunghyun wants from them was a little different from his usual duties.

“You guys need to study outside. Let’s get dressed together.”

She already held back the enormous power of an S-class boss monster, and even this was not using all its power to suppress shadows for human behavior.

However, even with their strength hidden, these little shits were no match for her.

She should have done so because in such a mid-sized guild, the guild leader was a B-class hunter at best.

No matter how many numbers she had, they couldn’t handle the S-class.

“Way to the end! I can see you’re getting tired!”

The guild leader of the wilderness shouted at the agitated hunters.

However, he was more scared than anyone else in front of Izuna’s armed forces.

Her movement is nowhere to be seen.

The guild leader felt an overwhelming difference in ability when Izuna was clearly not doing his best.

“Darn it, damn it……!”

The guild leader, who was standing behind him, quickly turned his back and left the battlefield.

He didn’t know what monsters were involved in, but he couldn’t afford them.

He had to get out of here to live.

Take care of yourself!

Throwing himself hurriedly, he broke the window and ran out.

Leaving the guild building behind with a harsh sound.

The guild leader, who hurriedly pulled himself up, ran away from the alley.

“Jesus, let the Viryu Guild know as soon as possible……!”

“Are you leaving your men behind?”


A sudden appearance of Locan blocked the road.

The guild leader, who stopped without realizing it, was surprised by the pressure he was spewing and couldn’t even think of swinging the sword.

“You don’t deserve to lead anyone.”

“Come on, wait a minute……!”


The guild leader’s body fell flat.

Locan inadvertently shook the blood off his hands, followed by Sung-Hyun, who properly identified the guild leader’s body.

‘I don’t know about other guys, but if I missed the guild leader, I could get annoyed.’

‘He’s definitely dead.’

When he got up, he looked back and asked.

“Good job. How’s the world out there?”

“It’s awkward, but it’s okay. I think I’ll get used to it.”

The outside world is full of humans.

Even if he was aware of it, he felt a little rejected about the heterogeneous world because it was the first sight in his life.

However, the instinctive urge to kill humans has long been gone.

In the past, he would have tried to slaughter and destroy them as soon as he faced humans, but he was a Locan who came out of such obsession by accepting shadows.

“More than anything else, it’s a place where we have to continue our mission, so I’ll get used to it quickly.”

‘…As expected, it’s different from the image of the werewolf I thought.’

Locan’s calm tone made Sunghyun think.

What surprised Sung-Hyun has been watching Locan for the past few days was that he has a very calm and rational personality.

Thinking about the image of Werewolf, he expected him to be hot-tempered and emotional, but he was calmer than Izuna.

Of course, the story changed a little when it became a werewolf.

Anyway, Sung-Hyun and Locan walked to the guild building after finishing the work.

As expected, the guild was already organized.

“Take the fallen ones and get out of here. If you step around here from now on, I’ll pull out your neck, so don’t move.”

“Yes, yes…! Thank you for saving my life!”


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