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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 111

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The hunters, who were driven away by the growling Izuna’s words, hurriedly carried the wounded on their backs and ran away.

There were a few dead, but the war was broken and the surrendered hunters were sent out without killing them.

Either way, those skills did not mean anything, whether they were killed or saved, and there was no possibility of being reunited once the guild leader had already died.

It was Izuna who took good care of the situation according to Sung-Hyun’s instructions.

“You’re here, Lord… No, sir.”

“You don’t have to worry about that when we’re alone.”

“Oh, yes, Lord.”

Izuna’s face was in harmony for a momentarily.

Both vampires and werewolves were very intelligent enough to learn human culture quickly, but they seemed to have a headache because they had a lot to care about.

It seemed like it would take a little more time to get used to it completely.

“But it’s not bad for a building for a short time.”

Inside, Sung-Hyun looked around.

A five-story building located in the city center

It was late, so most of the ordinary employees left work, and some of the remaining employees were surprised by the sound of the fight and ran away.

Thanks to this, only three people, Seonghyeon, Izuna, and Locan, entered the empty guild building.

Knock knock!

As he stepped inside a little more, the guild’s safe and various documents were still inside.

There was no such thing as taking this or crushing it, so you just had to take over and proceed.

It’s like taking over the wilderness guild’s territory.

They destroyed hundreds of mid-sized guilds in just one day and swallowed up the entire area as well as the guild building.

‘It’s a perfect area for my situation because I can avoid the gaze of people and avoid interference from anyone.’

Each local guild operating within the realm of the giant guild was bound to be subject to interference with all income at a low commission.

But it never happened here.

Since the wilderness guild was not a guild under someone’s wing and was not in the sphere of influence, this area, which was taken from them, was completely crossed into the Seonghyeon area.

‘Of course… it’s just the beginning.’

Sunghyun’s eyes became sharper.

Obviously, just taking one area of this size could have swept away a lot of money and wield great influence by the standards of the general public.

However, Sung-Hyun had no intention of being satisfied with his performance.

‘I didn’t make it for guild play. Only when I can influence the whole game can I be a meaningful player.’

Sung-Hyun was planning to raise the guild he had in his hand to the equivalent of the 9 guilds.

Of course, before doing so, money will be needed to raise the guild in earnest.

That’s a lot of money.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you personally.”

 Fox-masked guild leader of Heukryeon

Seo Yeon-Hwa opened her mouth.

“I’ve heard that you’ve made several deals with the branches, what brings you here to see my face this time?”

“I think we can start trading in earnest now.”

Sunghyun in front of her replied.

In the meantime, whenever he visited the branch of Heukryeon, he continued to make transactions worth at least thousands to hundreds of millions of won.

As a private trader, this amount was never small.

However, the amount of VIP transactions was not enough compared to preferential conditions that reduce fees and the amount of VIPs that can be treated exclusively by the guild leader of Heukryeon.

“Is this a little trustworthy now? I’m looking forward to this.”

Seo Yeon-Hwa said with a big smile.

She has continued to make small deals so far, but she has never suspected that his instincts were wrong.

“Then let’s see what we’ve brought.”

“Wait, I can’t do this here. I need a bigger space.”

“What? More than here?”

Yeon-Hwa tilted her head in his words.

She already knew his ability to use space and had already left a fairly large room empty to receive the goods.

However, Sung-Hyun once again insisted that there is no space like this.

Eventually, they came out and headed for the empty guild’s warehouse 13.

“This should be enough space.”

Standing in the middle of a large warehouse, Sung-hyun nodded satisfactorily.

“If possible, we’d better close the deal here… It’s hard to get all the money today.”

“Ha? What are you talking about? Of course, I can pay right away.”

Listening to Seong-Hyun’s words, Yeon-Hwa reacted as if she were speechless.

It was not a small branch, but it was the home of Heukryeon, where a huge amount of black money was constantly.

In addition, he was now having a private relationship with the guild leader of Heukryeon.

If he wanted to make a deal worth billions of won, he could have stuffed a bundle of money right now.

“Well, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to fill this warehouse with black and white? There’s a cash flow.”

“Oh, my God, bluffing men are not attractive…….”


As if to replace the answer, Sung-hyun shook off his inventory.

It would be easier to show it yourself than to explain it all over the place.

“What the… what the…….”

Beyond the fox mask.

Seo Yeon-Hwa’s mouth opened wide with her head tilted.

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