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[Werewolf “Locan” (A)]

[Grade – Monarch]

[Level – 131]

[Boss’ pressure] [Broadening], [Martial Arts] [Rejuvenation]

[All the warewolves in the Knife Gorge accept your shadow.]

The battle in the fortress was over.

Sung-Hyun, who defeated Werewolf’s great general Locan, was able to take over all the Werewolves under his command.

Each base quickly fell into his hands when he joined the corps of evil soldiers led by Death Knights, as well as Frost Troll and Werewolf.

As a result, Sung-Hyun was able to take control of the entire third field and put it in his hand.

“Werewolf village. You’re pretty good at this.”

Sunghyun, who entered the village, looked around.

It was a village of the Werewolf clan, located in the northern part of the Knife Gorge.

He recalled a werewolf in his image and expected to live in a dark cave or deep forest, but a proper medieval village unfolded.

Even if it wasn’t just a vampire living in a luxurious castle, it was definitely different from ordinary monsters that formed their own living environment.

‘It’s a shame this site is a little small, too.’

The werewolves under Locan numbered more than 300.

Of course, it’s never a small number.

However, it was basically hundreds and thousands of units, and in the case of skeletons, up to 10,000 units of Seonghyeon’s minions.

In the meantime, two or three hundred could not be considered too many.

‘Vampires, too, are they some of the characteristics of the demons? No, it wasn’t as many as I expected, but it still doesn’t change because it’s a high-quality workforce with human-like intelligence. I’m satisfied.’

Sung-hyun shook his head and thought.

As vampires do, they are new families who appear to be no different from humans.

Thanks to this, he seemed to be able to move on to the next step that Sung-Hyun was envisioning.


“We’ve come to destroy the monsters as you ordered.”

At that time, Izuna and Locan, who returned to the village, visited him.

Both had returned from hunting in the large-scale Regen area.

Locan also needed to raise the level through hunting, and Izuna and other bosses were hunting and coming close to Seonghyeon.

“Good job, everyone.”

Sung-Hyun gave Locan a sneak peek.

The figure of him holding a shadow

“Do you have any good memories back?”

Sunghyun asked him.

It was to ask the effect of the ancient book of memory.

It was an ancient book that did not work for ordinary monsters, but it worked for the demons and found some of the memories that Locan had lost.

He even remembered that he was a force that ruled over a huge territory in the past and that he had forgotten some of the martial arts.

However, Sung-Hyun asked if there was any other memory that came back later.

Smelting a new mineral, alchemy, or magic.

It was about something that could help the entire corps.

Izuna had some facts that she could only remember later.

However, Izuna said in a cold way.

“Lord, don’t look forward to it. Even if your memory is a little back, you won’t have any knowledge to help. The only thing they have is their bodies…….”

“Shut up. If it weren’t for the Lord, I would have twisted your neck right now.”

An angry Locan gritted his teeth when he saw Izuna.

It was a side effect of memory returning.

As Izuna felt hostility towards the werewolves, he also had a great hostility toward vampires.

“Ha, the mouth is still alive.”

“I didn’t like you as much as I did before I came back.”

They stand up to each other.

The two monarch-level boss monsters were full of bloody lives, so there was no separate battleground.

Sung-Hyun sighed for a moment and intervened in the fight between the two.

“Both of you should stop, right?”

When Sunghyun said, they stopped flinching.

“I’m ashamed of myself. You’re so mean.….”

“I sent it with you to get along, but nothing has changed. It’s not going to be this simple.”

Vampires and Werewolf.

It is a conflict between tribes that have been at odds for many years.

Even in the eyes of the third party, Sung-Hyun, they seemed to be difficult to mix because of their big differences.

It’s a shame that it was tied together underneath Sunghyun.

There was nothing strange about fighting until each other’s death at a time when memories of the past returned.

“Anyway, you can’t think of anything else?”

“Yes… I don’t have any more memories back.”

Locan seemed to be ashamed.

Unlike the vampires, who have a wide range of knowledge to use in many ways, the Werewolves did not have knowledge of that.

Werewolf, who fought mainly with their natural bodies, did not use weapons, nor did they rely on magic at all, so they could not be as well-informed in many ways as vampires.

It was a difference between the lifestyle, and the werewolves who thought vampires were weak.

But not as much as now.

The fact that it was not helpful to Sung-Hyun came bigger than anything.

Izuna’s elated mouth went up, and Locan’s expression when he saw it was full of frown.


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