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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 108

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Vampire Lord, Izuna.

There was a slight friction between the areas, so he could see at a glance what she was.

But the problem wasn’t simply because she appeared.

“You don’t know when you see it? I’m just following my true master.”

“That’s impossible.”

He already got information about that man knocking down monsters in the dungeon and calling them his minions.

But no matter how good the command is.

It was a basic fact that even the demons knew that Izuna and other monarchs could not be placed under power.

“I think I know what you’re thinking. However, such petty restrictions do not apply to the Lord. You’ll find out soon enough. It’s a great honor to be given to you ignorant bastards.”

“Shut up, it’s like a demon next to a man.”

Locan growled and said.

This was enough to listen to the lame sounds.



Locan’s body began to twist and deform.

A wolf with a black impression appeared, and at a glance, he was bigger than the other werewolf standing next to him.

It was different from the pressure of ordinary werewolves.

“Do you think I… bow down to a human being?”

In addition to the monster’s instinct, he spoke with pride as a demon.

Human beings are just prey to bite and kill.


The two boss monsters, who faced each other, began a fierce fight.

Izuna, who lightly avoided the flying Lokan’s claws, cut his chest deeply with a sword.

However, the slight wound quickly regenerated, and Izuna, who frowned, put all her mana in her hands.


The flame ball that exploded at close range showed off its tremendous power and set off the fire.

Her magic flew into the air without escape.

No matter how strong Locan was, he couldn’t be as safe as he was swept away by magic directly magic.

It was the skin of Lokan, which was burned all over with blackened skin, and some burnt flesh and bones were visible.

The wound will heal due to its regenerative characteristics, but it was a wound that did not even regenerate easily.

Surprisingly, however, Locan’s voice came close to the fire.

“As expected, you’ve become stronger. But I expected this much.”


Locan broke through the formidable flames.

He then stuck a sharp tooth in Izuna’s neck.


Get out of the way!

Blood gushed from Izuna’s neck as she heard the eerie sound of bone chewing.

The large Lokan’s teeth were embedded deep into her neck and were breaking the bones of her shoulders.

“Wow, you son of a…….”

Izuna frowned to the fullest.

No matter how much she penetrated her neck, her posture was loosened and her balance was shaken.

If Locan continues to push ahead with this situation, it could cause more damage than a wound suffered by magic.

‘But you can’t kill him.’


Locan’s eyes, which were biting, turned sideways.

The opponent was also a demon monarch and boss-class monster.

Even if he was bitten properly on the neck, it was impossible to break Izuna’s breath with this one attack.

Locan’s goal from the beginning was Seonghyeon, not Izuna.

Except for Izuna, there was no sign of the corps around the room.

Whether he noticed the sudden attack and set a trap or not, the fact that he was separated from the corps has not changed.

This means that he was obviously off guard.


Locan, who turned away, quickly turned to Seonghyeon.

Izuna’s existence was a big obstacle, but even so, there were no thousands of corps to protect the body of Necromancer by building it in layers.

If he killed him, this situation will end as it was.

“This is the end of your carelessness!”

At once, Locan, who came right in front of him, stretched out his arm.

It could be torn to shreds just by brushing aside the weak human body, which uses magic as its main focus.

With this close, there was no room for him to survive.


The thick blood soared high.

However, it was Locan’s arm, not Sunghyun’s neck, that was cut off.

The unbelievable fact opened Locan’s eyes wide.

‘How is this……?’


Sung-Hyun grabbed Locan’s neck in one go.

It was obviously a fragile Necromancer, but in the face of a one-sided difference in strength, Lokan knelt down.

Locan, who had already run at the risk of injury caused by magic, couldn’t cope with it.

“That was a good try. It was quite impressive.”

Let’s go!

Shadows crept behind Sung-Hyun’s back, who grabbed his neck.

An indescribable chilling energy has come over.

‘Hey, this is….’

Countless eyes staring at him in the abyss shadow.

He thought the opponent caught a gap by taking advantage of his carelessness, but it was only his own illusion.

He was already standing in front of tens of thousands of people.

In front of a true predator that he had never seen before, Locan became stiff.

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