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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 68

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Meanwhile, inside the dungeon in the basement, Sung-hyun climbed a mountain range.

It was the site of the boundary between gray land and the third field.

“It’s Wyvern’s territory that’s blocking the boundaries of the area. They’re sensitive to invasion of their territory, so they attack every intruder.”

“They’re the ones that need to be taken care of if I want to go to the next area.”

Sung-hyun said after listening to Izuna.

The monsters in the way had to get rid of the dungeons as they had to keep going.

In addition, he had another purpose of visiting this place.


He climbed into Wyvern’s nest at the top of the mountain.

In a large cave, he could see countless Wyvern nesting and lurking.

They were all B rank monsters and powerful enemies comparable to vampires.


The Wyverns noticed the existence of the two invaders.

Those who turned their heads spread their wings and rushed toward Seonghyeon in unison.

“How dare you try to harm your lord… Know your foolishness.”

Izuna stood in front of Seonghyeon, blocking the way of those who are rushing.

She boosted her mana in a heartbeat.



Vampire Lord Isna’s powerful surprise magic poured out.

Due to the nature of magic, which is easy to emit strong firepower or overpower the majority at once, her powerful wide-area magic baked the wyverns relentlessly.

The bodies of the men who were hit in one blow fell down.

Since then, Izuna has cleared the way by handling the rushing Wyverns.

Thanks to this, Sung-hyun was able to reach the center of the nest without a single finger.


The one who emerged from the center of the nest.

It was a Wyvern, distinctly different size from the others.

“Is that him?”

Only then did Sung-hyun touch her waist.

The presence of a giant with red scales.

Like the leader of Wyvern, who is classified as a similar dragon, if not as much as a dragon, the pressure was considerable.

Drake Ancaras.

He was the one dominating the border mountain range.

“I’ll take care of him. To test your new power on the boss.”


At Sung-hyun’s words, Izuna took a step back.

Other than Ankaras, however, there were signs of the Wyverns approaching them.

“Can you keep the others out of the way?”

“Of course, Lord.”


While Izuna stepped back to stop the approaching Wyvern group, Ankaras, who came as he approached, looked down at the castle.

He is a boss monster with a minimum level of B-level dungeon.

Sung Hyun-in, a necromancer class, has to be difficult to deal with by himself.

However, he was not going to take advantage of the summons until the end.


Sung-hyun picked up a sword.

It was the same sword as usual, but a changed state window appeared in front of him.

[Liberated Sword of Shadow]

[Grade – Best]

Endurance – Undestructible.

Weapon attack 741-1056 (+92)

[Property-Shadow], [Mana Sensitivity], [???]

[The equipment is adapted to the user’s mana. The sword’s power increases with the user’s mana-stat.]

The question mark, which was covering the name and characteristics, disappeared.

It was a change in the sword when his mana stand exceeded 200.

Sung-hyun’s power was so weak that the characteristic of “mana-sensitivity,” which had been asleep, has recently begun to respond to the rapidly increased mana.

Thanks to this, as the mana stand increased, his power increased, and his blade began to grow



Sung-hyun cut off one of his wings, which he had been running to.

The split wings lost their function.

‘Cause you can’t bother running away or go up to the sky.’

Surrounded by very hard scales, his wings could not be cut easily.

However, he had a super-class sword with so much power.

It could have left a fatal scar on the boss-class monster if he wielded it properly.

Thanks to it, Sung-hyun was able to attack the boss much faster.


At that time, Ankaras, who opened his mouth, emitted a fierce flame.

Like the secret weapon of the Wyvern family, a fever that could not be compared to ordinary magic was set on him.

It’s hard to avoid because it’s a narrow cave.


Let’s go!

The sword he had turned dark.

It is a strange scene where the mana of Seonghyeon is wrapped around and the color of the blade is reversed.

Following the mana-sensitive characteristics, the second characteristic hidden by question mark was expressed.


A black sword stretched out, offsetting the flames of Ankaras.

While the embarrassed one faltered, Sung-hyun, who ran out of the blazing heat, wielded a sword wrapped in shadows.


Sung-hyun, who cut Ancaras neck deep, landed on the floor.

Ancaras’s tilted body fell down with a thud.

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

‘It’s worth it.’

Sung-hyun looked down at his sword, which fluttered with shadows.

The more his mana stand increases, the stronger the power of the shadow that can be handled with a sword.

When he first obtained the sword, it was no use that the name and characteristics were not marked.

‘Adaptive armor that the sword’s characteristics follow depending on the owner’s ability. This is really unusual.’

No matter how high-quality the weapon, this level of weaponry was considered one of the best.

Later, if it was time to destroy Cheongseong and hide his power, he seemed to have to pay any price to the old man who handed him this weapon.

Meanwhile, Izuna, who had been blocking the crowded Wyvern, was approaching him.

“You are the Lord! You cut down the mountain lord with a single sword. I’m sure that one day, all the demons and monsters will be under the Lord……!”

“Okay, stop being so shy.”

Sung-hyun gave Izuna a hard time.

However, it was hard to dismiss her as a fussy person.

Already, Sung-hyun had reached the point of catching B-rank’s boss without a summons

Of course, there should have been help from various doping potions, but it is also part of Sunghyun’s power.

It should have been considered that he has already become a skilled man who is close to an A-class hunter.

This is the result of the rapid strengthening of the sword by knocking down the vampire lord Izuna and opening up the characteristics of the sword.

“Now let’s check the spoils.”

“The spoils? Ahhhh.”

Sung-hyun’s eyes turned to Ankaras.

He immediately shed a shadow over his body.


[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 80]

[Boss’ pressure] [Flame breath] [Dragon’s scale]


Ankaras, who had a black energy, got up from his seat.

All the Wyverns under the leader became the power of Seonghyeon, and the one who lowered his head greeted the new owner.

“You’ve got a nice ride.”

“But you’re still riding on the same boss-class summon.”

“What’s the problem? It’s a great honor to be able to ride the Lord. If possible, I’d like to volunteer…….”

“Okay, let’s not talk.”

Sung-hyun, who stopped Izuna’s nonsense, climbed on top of Ankara.

“Are you going around the dungeon outside again today?”

“Okay, I’ll be right back, so let’s all hunt together. Not all the gray land is under control yet. I can trust you, right?”

“Of course, Lord. See you later.”


Ancaras, who spread his wings, quickly soared into the sky.

It was the entrance of the dungeon, which became quite far away as it advanced to the gray ground, but it was quick to reach the entrance when he/she borrowed his/her power.

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