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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 67

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An old deserted factory

There was a loud sound of dull beating in the place where no one was supposed to be.

” I can’t feel better at all.”

Cheongseong’s C-class hunter, Hwang Il-woo, shook off the blood on his hands.

Hwang Il-woo, who twisted his cigarette, looked down at the man bleeding with his arms tied.

“Turn it off…”

It was Han Tae-sik, a D-class hunter who had previously failed to deal with Sung-hyun.

After he failed his mission, Hwang Il-woo beat Han Tae-sik to his heart’s content instead of Sung-hyun.

It was definitely good that you didn’t have to control your strength as if you were hitting a normal person because you were a hunter.

Nevertheless, his mood did not get much better.

“Lee, who thought he would be on the road, suddenly woke up as a hunter and said the seizure had been delayed. And he’s just sitting there making weird noises.”

“I’m… I’m telling you.”

“Oh, yeah. You’re telling me this guy really beat you up? How about a D-Hunter who’s just a few days into his wake-up?

“I don’t know what you did, but I do.”

“Oh, this is driving me crazy.”


Hwang Il-woo’s fist was stuck in the middle of Han Tae-sik’s face.

It was a fist that did not control its strength at all, and Han Tae-sik, whose neck was bent, was out of breath.

“Get rid of this. It’s too much to play with. Just say the same thing. It’s not funny.”

Hwang Il-woo, who shook his hand, left the body to the man next to him and turned his back on him.

Even though he played with it as much as he could, he couldn’t feel better for some reason.

Han Tae-sik is a D-class hunter.

Former head of department Lee Sung-hyun, who just woke up and became an E-class hunter, was not at a level he could dare to deal with.

Han Tae-sik, however, repeatedly said that he had been beaten by Lee Sung-hyun.

‘You’re saying the same thing, I doubt you’re real.’

Hwang Il-woo’s eyes narrowed.

Of course, it was not a plausible lie, nor was it a reason to avoid responsibility.

Nevertheless, Han Tae-sik continued to make such absurd claims.

“If I were just trying to escape the situation, I would have prepared something more plausible. Do you really think Mr. Lee……?’

If Lee Sung-hyun is hiding his power.

And if he broke the sword of Han Tae-sik, a D-class hunter, just a few days after he woke up.

It showed such a rapid growth rate that common sense did not make sense.

‘If you’re really growing up at that rate, it’s not like this guy’s going to hold you tight.’

It is absolutely impossible unless you have a lot of S-level characteristics as soon as you wake up.

Sooner or later, he may appear as a new S-class hunter or become an enemy of the Cheongseong guild.

Mr. Lee must have a bad feeling about his integrity.

There may be a big enemy that will shake the game.

‘But to be honest, it’s a ridiculous assumption.’

Hwang Il-woo laughed in vain.

It’s perfect to hear a crazy person talking to someone like this.

However, Hwang Il-woo, who had been agonizing for a while, finally came to a simple conclusion.

“Oh, I don’t know. Anyway, if you kill him, that’s it. It’s been bothering me for some reason, so let’s just clean it up.”

Hwang Il-woo threw away his cigarette butts.

Honestly, it was unlikely that Han Tae-sik’s words were true, but it didn’t matter either way.

The only reason was to kill him because he didn’t like it.

He thought he would live in a miserable way after leaving the guild, but it wasn’t that either, and the grudge that he was insulted by Kang Il-hoon didn’t work out properly.

He still needed a target to solve his anger and inferiority complex instead.

“Piljae, I’m going to take the opportunity to deal with it quietly, so just put a follower on this section chief’s side. This time, one of our kids. I don’t trust the outsiders.”

“Yes, sir.”

The man who was helping next to Hwang Il-woo nodded.

It was not a member of Cheongseong, but a group of hunters who worked under Hwang Il-woo.

“It’s not my personality to leave a piece of shit behind.”

‘Yeah, the guild is in a mess anyway, and it’s been a while since we’ve done this.’

It was difficult for the retaliation to flow into the ears of Kang Il-hoon of Cheongseong.

As a result, Lee Sung-Hyun had to go missing or be treated as an accident without anyone knowing.

So this time, he will come forward and deal with it quietly.

“I’m so frustrated that I’m going to leave my work to other people. I’ll take care of it myself.”

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3 months ago

Hwan ill woo, throwing himself direct to the cold embracement of death. Beautiful

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