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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 66

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Many giant bears flock into the cave.

As can be seen at a glance, it was not an ordinary wild animal.

“Here we go again! Everybody get your position!”

Hunters, who raised their weapons, greeted the ferocious monster.

Arrows and magic flew to them, and close class hunters struck forward.

The inside of the dungeon, where such a fierce battle is taking place.

‘Hmm… boring.’

Sung-hyun swung the sword with an expressionless face.

After narrowly avoiding the bear’s swinging arm a few times, he stabbed it here and there to the right depth not to die.

And then when the other side’s fight is over.

Only then did Sung-hyun end the fight by cutting off the head of the bear he was marking.

“Whoa, damn it. There are a lot of bearish kids out there’s a lot of them.

“But I don’t think there’s much time left until the boss.”

Hunters who shake off the blood from the weapon and share a word.

“Sung-hyun, are you having a hard time?”

“Oh, I see.”

“It’s only been a while since you’ve been in class E, so of course. But we’re almost there, so let’s cheer up a little bit more.”

“Haha… thank you. It’s encouraging.”

Sung-hyun, who pretended to be tired due to the kindness of an attacker, smiled.

On the outside, Sung-hyun was kicked out of his job, but luckily, he was a new hunter who just woke up.

Therefore, he regularly served as an E-class private hunter, wandering around the daily attack squad of nearby dungeons.

‘I know Cheongseong won’t be watching me right now, but… But if you think about it later, it’s a necessary process.’

That was all he knew about the existence of the dungeon in his basement.

If you lived without any economic activity, you could be in trouble later when Cheongseong’s investigation network gradually narrowed down.

At that time, small details of his activities as a hunter were needed to avoid suspicion of Cheongseong.

It was a waste of time pretending to be an E-class hunter outside, but it was necessary for him.

‘This is enough to take a couple of Hobgoblin and smash them all.’

Small and medium sized dungeons that can be swept away in seconds without even touching a finger.

However, Sung-hyun pretended to be a moderate mess and did only one portion.

So he finished attacking the boss with seven attackers and cleaning up the dungeon.

“The distribution of trophies has been confirmed, so we’ll leave the rest to the company and disband. I’ll see you next time if I have a chance.”

“Yes, thank you all for your hard work.”

These are individual hunters who match through appropriate companies.

They were not even fixed attackers, so they were coolly separated from each other.

There’s nothing good about seeing other hunters anyway.

For Sung-hyun, it was safest to work this way.

“Well, I feel like I’m losing level even though I’m running around a dungeon. I’m going back and running.”

Sung-hyun walked out of the scene.

However, while walking down the street, he saw a familiar face on the other side.

“You’re back! I’ve been waiting.”


Izuna approached him with a smile.

She came out to meet Sung-hyun while waiting for him.

“Weren’t you supposed to be hunting in Dungeon?”

“Maybe something could happen to you. I’ll always be right next to you.”

“No, you don’t have to.”

Sung-hyun reacted sourly.

If the other minions were on the street like this, they would have had a heart attack, but she was the exception.

This is because Izuna, a vampire lord, was seemingly no different from humans.

The red eyes and sharp fangs, which are called differences, could easily be hidden, and the black shadow received from Sunghyun was hidden unnoticed.

Thanks to this, others thought she was a foreigner.

Of course, it was hard to attract people’s attention like a celebrity because of her beautiful appearance with white silver hair.

Even now, some people’s eyes were glancing here.

“Do you care about the way they look?”

Izuna looked at the citizens glancing with pathetic eyes.

Pride as a vampire was still strong and still looked down on other humans.

Of course, it was a complete exception for Sung-hyun, who became his monarch.

“You’d better be careful if you want.”

“If you don’t feel comfortable looking at other people… There’s a way to look a little more natural.”

“There’s such a thing?”

All of a sudden!

Izuna put her arms around Sunghyun’s arm.

Sung-hyun was surprised by her act of leaning even slightly, and her body hardened.

“What do you think? I’ve studied the way humans behave, as you asked.”

Izuna looks up at Sunghyun with a proud expression.

Because she had to understand human behavior to go around outside, she studied through various media in Sunghyun’s house whenever she had time.

However, the eyes of the people around them became more focused on them.

“People are looking at me more……! Hurry up and let go?”

“Oh! I’m sorry. Please forgive my rudeness.”

Izuna, who had no expectation of Sunghyun’s reaction, was embarrassed and lost her temper.

Then Sung-hyun, who scratched his head, gave a short sigh.

‘I don’t know what I’m doing. Cheongseong can’t keep an eye on me anyway, but she’s overreacting.’

Sung-hyun is just one of Cheongseong’s many debtors.

It wasn’t Cheongseong who could care about small-sized dogs like himself.

They never came first unless they were trampled on by the tail of their masked activities or endured without paying.

It is said that it is good to be careful normally, but you don’t have to be overly conscious of your daily gaze.

“Well, well, I’m… for the Lord’s sake.” I never thought I’d be rude.….”

Meanwhile, Izuna was still groaning in the background.

She looked sullen as if she had lost the whole world, perhaps because she thought she had been scolded.

I don’t think this character was supposed to be like this.

Sung-hyun looked back and said.

” Izuna, let’s go home. Let’s hunt together.”

“Oh, yes! It’s an honor, Lord!”

Izuna’s face, which follows behind, quickly turned bright.

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