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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 65

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The land of the undead is barren and dull.

As a result, there were many rare herb habitats that grew only in barren places or sucked up the energy of death.

In addition, there were many resources related to alchemy, such as upper mana stone and runestone, on gray land.

Therefore, Sung-hyun deployed skeleton warriors in each mine.

“How’s the situation?”

“The development and repair of the five mines you mentioned before is complete. We’re in production without a big problem.”

“I’m sure you have a lot of hands.”

After hearing Izuna’s report, Sung-hyun nodded satisfactorily.

‘Thanks to the Skeletons, we’ll never be short-handed.’

Even though he wasn’t actually the one who took control of the territory.

Of all the monsters in the gray ground, it was true that the number of skeletons was the highest.

When all the defeated soldiers were incorporated into their minions with Zagos, the king of bones, the number of skeletons under Seonghyeon exceeded 10,000.

It is a pity that Zagos is not a monarch-level summoner, so his intelligence cannot be as high as Goblin, but he still secured a great labor force from his point of view.

Due to the characteristics of the skeleton, they felt little physical fatigue, so they had a natural talent for this kind of work.

‘I’m going to play a different role anyway, because there are vampires.’

Sung-hyun glanced at Izuna.

As you can see from what we’re hearing now, vampires were high-intelligence monsters on the same level as humans.

The changes brought by their joining were indeed huge.

I’m going!

“Here’s the new form. Here you go.”

“Already this much……? I’m using it alone. Aren’t you giving me too much? What’s yours?”

“The reinforcement ports that the bosses and elite will use are separate because they are low-end anyway. If it’s for the lord, of course it’s made with only the finest ingredients.”


Sung-hyun looked at a pile of burdensome poses on his desk.

Vampires had a deep understanding of alchemy.

In this regard, it far exceeded the human awakening craftsmen.

It was at best a decade ago that dungeons broke out on Earth and alchemy sprang up.

However, vampires lived hundreds of years by default.

Even if they lost their memory, research on alchemy has been done long before, and they had to be much better at it.

[Fresh green elixir]


[Duration-1 hour]

[Temporarily, the agility stat increases significantly, and the reflexes increase 1.5 times.]

[The elixir of anger]


[Duration-1 hour]

[Temporarily increases the strength stat, and increases the damage of physical attacks by 30%.]

These are unusual potions at a glance.

There were many kinds.

Although there are up to three effects of doping potion that can be applied in duplicate, it could be used according to the situation as there are various types.

‘It’s working so well that we can’t sell it to the outside world, but… I don’t know if it’s okay to be extravagant like this.’

Due to the nature of the potion, where the ingredients and craftsmanship are important, what has a great effect was the great price range.

However, Sung-hyun was able to drink as much as he could, like water, top-class sports drinks

The material for the potion was available inside the dungeon he owned.

It’s the alchemist’s ransom, and vampires made it without receiving labor costs.

“…I’ll take it thank you.”

“It is our pleasure to serve the Lord.”

With Izuna’s almost burdensome comment, Sung-hyun poured a lot of potion into his inventory.

I didn’t even run out of what I got last time. I’ll try harder on the next hunt and drink some doping potion.

Even though he has recently gained the title of a drug addict which increases the efficiency of the potion by 10 percent because he has been drinking it every hunt.

“How’s it going with the rare metal?”

“No problem. Lower… No, goblins also taught me how to smelt quickly. It has already entered the mass production process.”

The rare metal mine that Sunghyun discovered was being produced smoothly.

But that’s all.

Not only that, there was one more rare metal mine developed by vampires in the northern part of the gray land.

All the weapons that vampires had in the first place were made of this.

Vampires who are good at magic were able to use the characteristics of rare metal to inject special effects into weapons such as strengthening their power and increasing their durability.

“Of course, for rare metal weapons that have been given magic, it’s difficult to mass-produce because the process is tricky, but it’ll soon be available to the elite, such as the Hobgoblin and Skull Knights you mentioned.”

“Good job.”

A legion of summons armed with rare metal weapons.

No one outside would ever imagine this.

When the supply of weapons was over, they were going to be dressed in rare metal armor, so the power would rise incomparably.

“Then do you want to wake up now? I think it’s time.”

Izuna asked carefully.

As usual, it was time for Sung-hyun to hunt himself.

At the eastern end of the gray land, there was a good hunting ground where a large group of monsters of Class C reached Regen.

It was an optimal place to raise the level, even though it could not be made into a consignee because there was no boss.

While he was sleeping or away, other boss-class summoners were growing up hunting monsters there.

As a result, his men continued to level up to 70 levels.

Sunghyun was not lazy in hunting, so he exceeded 98 levels.

Izuna, who had been at a high level of 81 since her first acceptance, was the closest to 86 levels.

In the first place, she was already an A-class monarchical boss monster, so it was more than just a simple level of strength.

I found out for sure by fighting for myself and hunting together.

“It’s already time. But today’s hunt needs to be pushed back a little. I have to go out for a while.”

Sunghyun got up from his seat.

Izuna then looked at him with a look of despair.

She felt that her hunting schedule with Sung-hyun, whom she had been looking forward to all day, was out of order.

“If you say outside…….”

“Yeah, I have to stop by another dungeon.”

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