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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 64

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After a fierce battle ended.

His minions had to clean up the broken citadel.

While organizing the noisy main hall and the throne room, Sung-hyun was being served tea in another reception room at the empty castle.

‘I never thought I’d be treated by a monster to tea. It tastes good.’

A clatter.

Sunghyun put down the teacup.

Vampire lord Izuna was sitting across from him.

“How dare I sit so comfortably in front of my lord…….”

“I told you not to mind such a strange thing.”

Sung-hyun nailed it to Izuna, who has been restless since earlier.

It was the first time that the vampire clan was taken as a servant.

However, the attitude itself was not much different from other monsters.

Her arrogant attitude, which she was belittling as being inferior in everything, completely disappeared and turned 180 degrees.

A servant who follows only the orders and is absolutely obedient

Sung-hyun had been asking her some questions.

“Then let’s keep talking. You said you knew about the outside world.”

“Yes, I know that there is a human world outside the dungeon. And that there are awakened and hunters.”

“Do non-magic monsters know that?”

“I don’t know exactly what the lower species are, but… I’m sure they have some awareness of the human world.”

“That’s what it is.”

Sung-hyun nodded at her words.

Monsters know that there is a human world, and when the entrance is made, they instinctively come out of the dungeon and attack humans.

It was a very interesting fact.

“Then what is this dungeon? Why is this happening? Do you have any purpose?”

Sung-hyun has always asked questions that he was most curious about.

Since the first dungeon, it has already been decades.

However, the fundamental reason for the sudden occurrence of the dungeon is not known at all.

It was almost certain that it had transitioned beyond other dimensions, but nothing more was known.

All the creatures in the dungeon are monsters who want to kill humans.

It was impossible to communicate, so I couldn’t know about the world beyond.

“That’s… we don’t know.”

“I can’t tell. Where do you mean you don’t know?”


Izuna said as if she was in trouble.

It was not expected, nor was it a convincing answer.

“All of it? At least you know where you’re coming from.”

“No, I don’t remember.”


“There’s only an incomplete concept left, but every memory we have of the past is gone.”


Her words that all memories of the previous world have been lost.

I didn’t even tell you, but there’s a concept of dungeons or the human world, and the original memory is gone.

It was hard to understand easily.

However, it was impossible to tell a lie to the owner, Sunghyun, as long as he accepted the shadow and got a second life.

There is no reason to lie to such a situation in the first place.

‘I thought I could know the secrets of the dungeon, but it was a disappointing answer in many ways.’

“Well, Lord, I have one thing to tell you.”

Izuna, who was wiggling her hand, quickly opened her mouth, as if she had read Sung-hyun’s disappointing expression.

“What is it?”

“When the doors of the dungeon open, the beings inside will recognize it one by one. Even if you don’t find the entrance yourself. As time goes by, the monsters here beyond the gray ground will know that doors have sprung up.”

“Is that true?”

Each dungeon had a wide variety of characteristics.

As soon as the dungeon opens, there is a dungeon where all the monsters inside come out.

Unless the monster found the entrance himself, many people never knew that a passage had been created.

However, hearing the story from the monster of the dungeon in person made it simple.

“But before the fight, you said you didn’t feel ‘still’ about the gate of the dungeon. Well, then we’ll have to be prepared. You told me well.”

Izuna, who received praise from Sung-hyun, bowed her head as if she were embarrassed.

She tried not to show her face, but she looked as if she would shake even the tail without a tail.

Where did the arrogant look go before?

Anyway, thanks to you, Sung-hyun found out that it was quite brutal.

‘If there’s too much delay, there’s a lot of monsters deep down there.’

An underground dungeon of SSS+ class, almost like a double-edged sword.

Given that Izuna in the second field hadn’t noticed yet, there would be some time left for the monsters deeper.

However, even if it is not necessarily because of the Cheongseong people, there is more reason to fight quickly.

There’s an important difference between this dungeon and the other regular dungeons. There might be more clues if we go further.’

After organizing his thoughts, Sung-hyun jumped up from his seat.

He told Izuna, who was looking at him.

“If it’s a castle repair, it’s probably over by now, so we’re going to have to start working, right?”

“What if it’s a job……?”


Sung-hyun smiled at her.

I’ve heard some stories about their species.

Vampires had a very high level of alchemy and magical powers.

They knew how to smelt rare metal, and it was they who applied mana to it and used it as a weapon.

In other words, they were the best talents that Sung-hyun was looking for.

I’ll have to make sure to use them properly.

Having acquired Jinhong’s citadel, Seonghyeon quickly took control of the gray land.

As expected, the vampires, who were in charge of him, were well aware of the land they occupied.

Thanks to this, he learned the location of resources located throughout the gray land, and Sung-hyun began developing them with his minions.


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