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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 63

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Before heading to the citadel, Sung-hyun had already fought with vampires once.

Among the plants growing in the lake west of the field was a rare plant called Orin, which had excellent magical resistance.

Of course, he didn’t have the time or energy to make a form.

Sung-hyun clenched the juice from the roots of the plants and applied it to the whole body of himself and his bosses.

He can’t believe you just squeezed the juice out of those expensive roots.

Compared to properly manufactured foam, it was much less efficient than overconsumption.

But he wasn’t in a situation to care about that.

He knew it was not an ordinary monster, so he was prepared in advance, and as you can see, the result was successful.

A big club that flew in the thick smoke.



Geard’s club hit Izuna directly.

Unable to avoid the attack, she went out far away and threw up blood once.

“What do you think, giddy? He got a promotion not too long ago.”

Sung-hyun said with a shrug.

Geard was promoted to B-rank, strengthening his strength and strengthening his existing characteristics.

The shock wave accompanied by his attack gave the opponent a much stronger shock than before, causing internal injuries.

“You cheeky bastards……!”


Excited Izuna rushed toward Seonghyeon.

However, the situation was already completely reversed.

With the cooperation of the co-ordinated Sunghyun and the bosses, she struggled and was pushed out.

It was too much to deal with those who suffered internal injuries and even carried magic immunity at the same time.


One by one, the wound stretched on her body.

In the end, Sung-hyun inserted a sword deep into Izuna’s heart.

“You can’t do this…I’ll… To you and your servant… How can this end……!”

A bossy, tenacious creature.

Izuna, whose heart was pierced by a sword, struggled, grabbing Sung-hyun’s arms and neck.

However, Sung-hyun twisted the sword once without expression.


[Vampire Lord Isna is dead!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


[You have earned the title of the Mass Killer!]

[Apply 12% additional damage to all  demons.]

[You have earned the title of ‘Mage Slayer’!]

[10% resistance to all magic damage.]

When the sword was pulled out, Izuna’s body slipped.

Then all the vampires and minions in the castle stopped moving.

“Oh, my God….”


The vampires devastated by the monarch’s death completely lost their fighting spirit.

Gargoyles and Death Hound, who were running wild, were also stopped and struck when their owners disappeared.

The fight is completely settled.

‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe I leveled up 14 times.’

Meanwhile, Sung-hyun was drawing attention to a series of level-up messages.

As much as B-level dungeon’s boss-class monster was killed alone, it gave a great deal of experience.

Even eight times the experience level is applied, so an explosive level-up has been achieved.

In addition, the effects of the given title were very good.

In particular, the Mage Slayer designation gave as much as 10 percent of magical resistance.

It is a very precious option that is hard to obtain even by characteristics.

In fact, these rewards were also related to Izuna’s strength that he knocked down.

He was able to win because he had two S-class characteristics, but she was originally a jaw-dropping opponent at Sunghyun’s level.

As he defeated a difficult enemy, that’s why he returned.

But this was not the end of the reward.

[All linked quests completed!]

[You have gained a large amount of experience!]

[Mana stat increased by 100!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


[Name – Lee Sung-hyun]

[Title – Mage Slayer]

[Level – 89]

[Job – Necromancer]

[Key Capabilities]

Force: 164 Agility: 158 Health: 151 Mana: 231

[Hold Properties]

Status window (S), shadow monarch (S)


After opening the status window, Sung-hyun laughed.

In addition to the large amount of experience gained by knocking down the boss and questing, Sung-hyun’s level went up from 67 to 89 at once.

On top of that, he earned an additional 100 mana-stat.

Just like the first linked quest, the reward was also unconventional.

‘All right, I’ve checked everything you’ve got. Now we have to move on.’

Sung-hyun turned his head around.

He shed his shadow over Izuna’s fallen body.

Let’s go!

Countless wounds disappeared and the heart that had penetrated healed again.

Izuna, who opened her eyes, slowly got up from her seat.

Izuna, wearing a shadow, looked calmer, blinked red eyes and approached Sung-hyun.

It was the first time that demons were under the command, so he was a little nervous, but he quickly learned that it was a useless concern.

“Lord, I will serve you.”


Izuna knelt on one knee in front of him.

[Vampire Lord “Isna” (A)]

[Grade – Monarch]

[Level – 81]

[The pressure of the boss], [the noble blood], [the heart of the mana].

[All Izuna’s men accept your shadow!]

Let’s go!

Shadows spread out from Izuna in all directions.

All vampires accepted the shadow of Seonghyeon, and so did Gargoyle and Death Hound under Izuna’s authority.

With this, Sung-hyun was able to put Jinhong’s citadel in full possession.

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