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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 62

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When she checked the opponent’s appearance, Izuna was greatly embarrassed.

When it comes to Skeleton Boss Monster and Zagos in the heart of the gray earth, she could not have known.

Why does the Skeleton’s monarch follow human orders?

She couldn’t understand it.

And Sung-hyun, aiming for the gap, flashed a sword.


Izuna’s cheek has a long scar.

The noble blood of the pure-blooded vampire lord flowed down, and the deep blood flow stimulated her sense of smell.

“Go, how dare you!”

Izuna, full of life, roared.

Her eyes were fluttering red with soaring anger.

Her surroundings were overflowing with red energy, and the vampire’s mana was intertwined like a complicated thread.



Numerous stone statues in the main hall began to move alive.

He thought she had too many statues, but it was a monster gargoyle serving vampires.

In addition, even the vampires, who had not yet appeared, appeared one by one at the monarch’s call.

“How dare a human… I’ll tear your limbs to death!”

Izuna said in a harsh tone.

A group of vampires and gargoyles surrounded them, and powerful mana fluctuated around her.


However, Sung-hyun lifted the sword with an expression that was not agitated at all.

It’s just a monster in the dungeon, to tell you the difference.

You can just be hunted by Hunter.

“You, shut up and be my shadow.”


A huge number of skeleton warriors poured behind Sung-hyun’s back.

A group of gargoyles and skeleton warriors collided.

It was a huge number of fights that filled not only the inside of the reality but also the main hall.

Although there are still skeleton soldiers who have not joined the gray land, the skeleton warrior alone in the cemetery was already a great number.

Thanks to this, he was able to overcome the stronger Gargoyles based on his numerical advantage.


However, vampires’ death hounds poured into the hall and entered the fight.

As a race that considers itself a noble, there were quite a lot of authority in the castle.

“Die, you worm!”


In addition, the pouring magic hit the skeleton warriors.

As a relatively vulnerable Skeleton-based monster, the swept warriors were shattered.

‘They’re the most problematic.’

A pack of vampires, Izuna’s direct minions.

The number was about two or three hundred, and each of them stirred the battlefield as a strong individual.

Even more skeleton and iron-arm spiders were being pushed back by the vampire’s offensive, which freely uses swordsmanship and magic.

If the fight continues like this, Sung-hyun’s minions would not be able to hold out.

Of course, he could have called in more summons because he had not yet mobilized all his minions.

‘But it’s too cramped here to summon the number recklessly.’

Already, the main hall and the throne room were filled with monsters fighting.

If the gap becomes more dense, it will be easily swept away by vampires’ wide-area magic.

You can’t get too much damage if you overdo it.

“If only a regular monster is not enough… I’ll help you a little bit.”


Sung-hyun summoned Niadra and Oleg at the same time.

The situation turned around when the two giants from both sides rushed to the battlefield and began to fight.



“Well, what are those?”

The vampires were perplexed in front of the two boss monsters who pushed in with tremendous force.

It was the same to shrink in front of the pressure of the boss, even though they were a mafia.

However, it wasn’t just his subordinates who put pressure on the boss.



“I don’t think it’s time for you to care about anything else.”

Izuna’s sharp nails narrowly brushed past Sung-hyun’s neck.

Sung-hyun was so sweaty that she was sweating due to her strong energy.

Before Sung-hyun could take the next offensive position, her blade came to his neck.


It was Zagos, the king of bones, who blocked the angry vampire lord.

He wielded a heavy retreat to block Izuna’s movement, and Sung-hyun, who saved time, summoned Goblin’s great general, Geard.

“Let’s go!”


Sung-hyun joined forces with the two boss-class summons.

Izuna avoided the attack with a quick movement, but it was not easy to deal with the three at the same time.

She frowned as she narrowly avoided Sunghyun’s blade.

“Don’t mess with me, trash!”

A powerful mana was in Izuna’s hands.

Like a vampire skilled in various element magic, a large ball of fire was shot at Gead and Zagos.

It was going to blow up the annoying boss monsters at once.


With a loud explosion, thick smoke rose.

It was an attack that was so powerful that no matter how boss-class monsters they were, they could not be safe.


However, Zagos looked fine in the smoke.

Although the bones and armor were severely cracked, it was not enough to interfere with the immediate battle.

“How does this……?”

“Before I came into the citadel, I put the juice of orinroots. Including me, of course.”



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