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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 105

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Locan with a firm look looked at the fortress.

There were no evil spirits as the reconnaissance team had informed, and the only thing guarding the fortress was a relatively small number of skeletons.

Although the facilities of the broken fortress were being repaired, it was still too much to serve properly.

These walls didn’t mean anything to the werewolf with superhuman physical abilities.

“How dare you! We will make you regret entering our land.”

Locan’s sharp fangs appeared.

“Start the hunt.”

Sung-Hyun hurried out at the sound from the front and could witness a small disturbance at the entrance.

A man confronting Death Knight, who was guarding the entrance, was engaged in a war of nerves, staring sharply at each other.

“I’ve never seen you before. Where did it come from?”

A man with long black hair in human shape.

It was not an ordinary monster, as can be seen from its appearance.

“He’s a….”

“They’re dirty shits.”

Izuna frowned sharply.

It was the “Werewolf” tribe, the ruler and demon mafia with the blade canyon under their hands.

Originally, even if it was a werewolf, it was just a demon tribe living next to it, but there was no special encounter in the dungeon, so there was no emotion.

However, this was not the case in the past.

Some of the lost memories came back, and the bad feelings that had been deeply remembered even the old facts of the werewolf and the enemy were revived.

“Are you guys…?”

Meanwhile, Werewolf was on alert when he found Sung-hyun and Izuna behind Death Knight.

However, he sniffed and smelled for a while, and his expression changed suddenly.

“You’re human.”

He showed strong hostility from his expression.

The spirit of a werewolf` that exudes a full of life

His instinct as a monster was telling him to tear Sung-hyun to death.

“No wonder there was a monster I’ve never seen before, and the door to the dungeon opened. But why is your vampire stuck next to a human being? Are you already a servant to the humans?”

He even saw Izuna next to Sunghyun.

However, he did not seem to have noticed that she was the vampire’s monarch, only thinking that she was a vampire.

If he noticed, he’d be running away with his back turned.

“If you give me an order, I’ll pull out her head right away.”

“No, that’s not necessary.”

Sung-Hyun shook his head at Izuna’s harsh tone.

It was difficult to try to kill so hastily.

“That’s great. It’s not a monarch anyway, but I can at least grasp the power in advance.”

Before he faces their boss.

It was an opportunity to see with his own eyes what characteristics the Werewolf tribe had.

Sung-Hyun took a step forward, and the moment the growling Werewolf was about to rush toward him.


Ankaras, who had been waiting for Sung-hyun all the time in the sky, landed next to him, folding his big two wings.


With the appearance of the giant wyvern, the lord retreated.

“Oh, Ankaras? Why is he here……!”

The Lord of Wyvern, who reigns in a mountain range of boundaries divided by two fields

The werewolf was in a cold sweat in his posture.

He was a very belligerent person until he became Sung-hyun’s subordinate, and she was nervous when she knew him.

Ordinary Wyvern can easily knock it down, but dealing with the monarch was a different story.

“Don’t be too nervous. Think of it as an interview.”

Sung-Hyun kindly told Warewolf, who clenched his fist in the midst of a beleaguered situation.

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