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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 104

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Izuna and all other minions and monsters were handed over on a different level.

And other dimensions of information were still uncharted territory.

Not only can monsters explain to humans.

She and the vampires, who became obedient to Sung-hyun, lost their memories of the past, so it was too much to explain to Sung-hyun about the dimensions beyond.

But the moment she got her hands-on ancient books, Izuna’s memory came back.

Sung-Hyun naturally asked excitedly about the surprising fact.

“You’ve regained your memory, is that true?”

“Oh, yes… but not all memories have returned.”

Izuna said with a look of trouble.

Unfortunately, not all the memories that were lost were revived.

Only a small fraction of Izuna’s memory was returned, especially on an abstract level without any specific details.

They did not live in such a dungeon from the beginning, but in a vast landmass on the continent.

And she remembered that the vampire group she was leading was a much stronger force than now.

Other trivial facts came to mind, but most of them were still blurred.

“Did you happen to have any more ancient books like this?”

“No. This is the only old book I found here.”

A look of regret passed Izuna’s face.

Since it was a matter of her lost memory, it was natural to be greedy beyond Sung-hyun.

“Why don’t you take another look.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Izuna, who bowed her head, accepted the only ancient book again and began to look carefully at the contents inside.

Sung-hyun also hoped that there would be any clues.

“What do you say, do you recognize anything?”


Izuna shook her head when asked by Sung-hyun.

Still, she couldn’t find out what was written in the ancient book.

This was not because all the memories did not come back, but because the writing system itself was different in the first place.

It was also an ancient alphabet by vampire standards, which they could hardly recognize.

“What is this book, and where is this place? It’s hard to understand.”

Izuna looked around as she handed the book back.

It was Izuna, who was suddenly called as such a heterogeneous place and was quite confused to recall some of her memories.

However, Sung-Hyun took the old books he received and took a step back after putting them in his inventory.

“Let’s go outside for now. And then I’ll explain it slowly.”

From the unknown sanctuary to the essence of light absorbed directly into the existence of the Guardian.

Sung-Hyun’s head had not been properly organized yet.

But one thing he was thinking about was that maybe the cause of all this was related.

It would never be a coincidence that there is an existence of a Guardian that is clearly different from monsters, and an ancient book that reverts Izuna’s memory.

‘It’s a place that’s never been found in any other dungeon. This won’t be the end.’

Just as the ever-discovered demons were found only in the dungeon in his basement.

It was the same here, and there was nothing strange about the sanctuary being hidden elsewhere.

So Sung-Hyun and Izuna returned to their way and headed out.


As he left the historical site and reached the cave entrance, the canyon’s cold wind blew again.

However, it felt much less cold in the snowfield than originally felt.

The effect of the newly acquired cold-air resistance is already emerging.


‘Hmm? What’s going on?’

The sudden appearance of a powerful black legion in the realm.

By the time they noticed their appearance, more than half of the blade canyon had already fallen into their hands, and the werewolves had to take measures immediately.

After dispatching a scouting team to find out the situation,

The opponent was a monster-controlled necromancer, and even a human being, not a dungeon monster

It must be a hunter who came from the outside through the entrance of the open dungeon.

However, the level and size of the corps he was leading were not normal.

It was not an easy opponent to overpower even though it was a Werewolf clan.


However, as soon as the enemy became clear, they immediately began to act.

It was different from monsters waiting to be hunted.

Werewolf warriors hiding in front of the fort in the North under cover of darkness.

The number was more than 50 people, and they appeared one by one in the bushes.

“You’ve come to the right place.”

A dark-haired man with a wild impression opened his mouth.

It was Locan, the chief of the Warewolf.

Rather than waiting, he chose to launch a preemptive strike directly with a handful of warriors.

“Don’t let him run away, no matter what. You have to kill in one shot so that you don’t miss it.”


The warriors nodded at Locan’s words.

A Necromancer with enough skill to doubt that he is Lich or not

However, he apparently let his guard down without moving with his Summoner Corps.

If you’re a necromancer, if you disable the body, the rest will disappear.

‘We need to take this opportunity to completely cut off his breathing. If you come in with all those legions, even if you defeat them, the damage to our clan will increase.’


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