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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 102

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‘Here it comes.’

Sung-Hyun was nervous about the cold mana that began to circulate around the giant statue.


With his arms open, a powerful cold-air storm poured out.

It was a powerful cold storm that would cover the entire space, and there was nowhere to hide because there was no cover.

Then, Sung-Hyun quickly invoked his third characteristic.

[Lord, you have absorbed the shadow of Ankaras!]

[The Scale for Dragon attribute is enabled!]

The scale characteristics of the dragon by Drake Ankaras.

The trait itself was a defensive characteristic that increased, but this was only an additional effect.

As a characteristic of the dragon family, the main effect of this characteristic was that magical resistance and elemental resistance increased significantly.

Thanks to this, Sung-Hyun’s body, which was temporarily affected by its characteristics, was able to withstand the cold storm from the front.


His whole body seemed to freeze, but if he had delayed his movement a little bit here, he would have fallen into pieces.


Sung-hyun, who bit his teeth tightly, immediately changed his characteristics as soon as he escaped from the cold-air storm.

[Lord, you have absorbed the shadow of Ankaras!]

[The Flame Breath attribute is enabled!]


A strong fire came out of the sword held by Seong-Hyeon.

In addition to the already covered shadows, the flames of the dragon tribe fluttered, and a black flame was put on his blade.


Sung-Hyun’s sword hit the statue of the giant

In addition to the full-fledged swordsmanship, the statue was swept away by the bursting black flames.

He was a man who didn’t nod when he attacked before, but when he attacked the damaged area, he added the effect of non-attribution, clearly entering the damage.

He also had a weakness in his flame properties, just like a man who was spewing cold air in the snow field.

‘It’s going to keep going on!’

Sung-Hyun continued the attack, persistently targeting only the damaged parts of the main body.

The giant continued to show a tricky pattern of vomiting cold air throughout his body, but it was bearable thanks to the dragon’s scale characteristics.

In fact, it was an attack that was almost impossible to avoid, so he continued to drink recovery potion and received it with his whole body, and continued to accumulate damage beyond the blow his body could receive.


As a result, one knee of the reeling statue touched the ground.

Sung-Hyun, who finally made him kneel down, didn’t miss the moment and jumped up the bridge of the statue.

It’s over!

A huge crack in the chest of the statue.

Sung-Hyun’s sword, which ran for exactly that, was wielded greatly.


The body of the statue tilted slightly with a black flame that burst out when it hit a deadly weakness.

The huge stone statue fell and became a pile of rubble.

Messages filled up in front of Sung-hyun’s eyes.

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


[Obtained the title,’ The Adversary of Destiny’!]

[Not affected by the overpressure effect against any enemy.]

“Oh, my….”

 Sung-Hyun took a hard breath.

No matter how effective the scale characteristics of the dragon were, it was Seong-hyeon who struggled through the cold storm several times.

He hurried to drink the potion because his whole body froze and trembled because he pushed to the limit.

The frost on the cheek remained but he felt a little better.

‘Right, there was something I needed to check.’

Sung-Hyun, who belatedly came to his senses, approached statue, who collapsed.

Then he let his shadow flow to him.

“…you really can’t, can you?”

Just slipping through, Sung-hyun couldn’t breathe his shadow into the statue.

He used to run like that even when he was badly damaged.

No matter how hard you look at it, it couldn’t be a regular monster, at least a monarch-class boss, but the characteristics of the shadow monarch don’t work.

“You’re not really a monster.’

The only thing Sung-hyun can make is a boss-class monster.

If you were not a monster, he could not make you serve as strong as the boss or not.

However, it is not a monster that is not a human being, so he had no idea what the identity was.

There has never been any other classification.

‘The energy that was covering the entire site seems to have been exhaled by him.’

Sung-Hyun looked around for a while.

After destroying the guardian of the sanctuary, the heterogeneous energy of light surrounding the site disappeared.

The effect of blocking monsters from entering was also eliminated, so the summons could be called in now.

Let’s go!

‘What… what?’

At that time, a white sphere of light flowed out of the fallen statue.

The heterogeneous energy of light flowed directly into the body of Sung-hyun and was absorbed and disappeared.

It was for a moment that Sung-hyun, who was flustered.

He soon could feel the power fluctuating in his body.

[You have acquired the Guardian’s essence!]

[The power of shadows has been strengthened by the power of essence. Earn a new corps reinforcement bonus]

[The existence beyond the dimension stares at you]

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