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[You found the sanctuary of the Guardian]

[Caution – Monster is restricted!]

“You’re telling the truth……?”

The system message window that appeared in front of him as soon as he took one step.

It was exactly what Death Knight said.

‘I’ve never found anything like this in a dungeon before. What the hell is that?’

The existence of a completely different dungeon in the dungeon was often seen in large dungeons.

However, this kind of place has never been found.

It’s a place where monsters are restricted from entering the dungeon where there’s only monsters.

He didn’t even know what the place was.


At that time, a cracking sound came from behind Sung-hyun’s back.

Death Knight standing outside the entrance.

He tried to follow Sung-hyun, but he was blocked from entering the building due to another rejection.

It seemed true that the monsters couldn’t get in here.

‘Cause I’m not a monster, so there’s no problem. First of all, I’m sure it’s not a regular dungeon. I need to find out what this is.’

This case has never been found in the past decade.

You can’t just ignore a place like this.

Perhaps there was a secret about the dungeon in the basement.

“I’ll check it out, wait for me.”


Nodding, Death Knight posed to Sunghyun.

Izuna would have helped a few words, saying she was worried, but he only obeyed because it was Sung-hyun’s order.

Either way, it was the same for themselves, but the responses to orders seemed to differ in many ways between the same subordinates.

Death Knight began to guard the front of the entrance with a weapon.

Sung-hyun walked through the entrance of the cave, leaving him behind.

‘Is this a historical site?’

Entering the cave, walls and columns appeared.

The atmosphere of the old site was different, but something was different from those from ordinary dungeons.

It was a place that gave off some sort of heterogeneous energy.

It felt like a place to play completely separate from the dungeon outside.

A large stone gate appeared in front of him as he was walking.

‘This, this?’

After passing through the wide-open door, Sung-Hyun opened his eyes wide.

Let’s go!

It was a place worthy of the name of the sanctuary.

Unrecognizable texts were written on the walls and columns, and brilliant light structures surrounding them were placed.

The light that contains sacred energy surrounds the entire place.

What the hell is this place?

Sung-Hyun was completely distracted at the moment.

He has never seen such a place before, and it has never been reported anywhere in the world.

I’d like to call Izuna and ask her, but it was impossible now.

After entering this place, He tried to summon his minions just in case, but failed.

Something unknown was strongly interfering.

Rather than preventing the summoning itself, it feels like the existence of monsters in this place is being rejected.

‘I don’t think I will get to know anything even if you ask Izuna.’

It was not a place in the gray land, and monsters were not allowed to enter in the first place.

They couldn’t have known anything in detail about places they couldn’t even come in.

‘Then I have to find out for myself.’

Sung-Hyun began to search inside the historic site.

It was a sanctuary that seemed to have passed a long time, but there was no sign of damage, perhaps because the monsters could not be built.

However, the internal structure was very complicated.

‘It’s bigger than expected. We should be careful not to get lost.’

Sung-hyun went on carefully so that he wouldn’t miss anything.

As it is a place where there is no knowing what there is, He did not let go of his guard.

He met the blocked road several times, and he went back and found the way several times.

It took so much time to find the right place.

“I found it. It’s not an ordinary room.”

Entering the big room, Sung-hyun looked around.

Between the very high ceiling and the pillar.

Giant statues shaped like giants lined up on both sides, and at the end of them, stone doors that looked like the entrance were tightly closed.

Considering that he searched almost everywhere else but found nothing, he thought there would be something about this sanctuary beyond.

‘Oh, it’s not budging. Then cut it off and it’ll be enough.’

When the tightly locked stone gate was not pushed by force, Sung-Hyun pulled out a sword.

Then, the sword that wielded with all its might was inserted into the middle of the stone gate.



However, Sung-hyun frowned and stepped back.

His sword, which he thought would pierce through the stone gate at once, was thrown out terribly.

‘What’s going on here?’

A stone gate with no blemishes.

The stone gate was not even made up of special materials.

It was his sword that could easily cut off even a powerful monster’s crust, but he couldn’t cut off an object standing still like this, not even during a fight.

‘It’s not just because the material is hard.’

It felt like it was protected by something.

It was also related to this energy of light that surrounds the entire place.

It was a place that he didn’t understand in many ways.


Then, the room began to shake with a loud noise.

The statues in the room began to move in unison.


Giant stone statues armed with axes and spears.

They looked at Sunghyun and approached him with an apparent hostile attitude.

“Monster? No, monsters are not allowed in. So these guys aren’t monsters?”

A creature other than a monster that exists in a dungeon.

It was impossible in common sense, and it was unclear what it meant.

However, as the statues approached, Sung-hyun briefly put aside his complicated thoughts and grasped the sword.

“Once… you smash it, you’ll get something.”

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