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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 98

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A legion of demon soldiers was advancing without hesitation.

As many as 8,000 people advanced toward the center of the blade canyon.

They were already armed with black heavy armor, but even the shadow of Seonghyeon was full, so there was no separate corps of darkness.

From the perspective of monsters facing them, it was like a black disaster.



The bodies of monsters piling up where the legions pass.

The monsters were simply swept away by the corps’ hands or were frightened away.

However, a large group of monsters confronted the corps of evil spirits soldiers, who had been striking the ground, appeared.

Strong A-rank monster, frost troll.

The trolls were basically a tricky monster species with excellent regenerative power, strong strength, and a mill.

However, adapted to this harsh climate, frost trolls have become more frightening than normal trolls.


Hundreds of frost trolls poured out of steep slopes on both sides, attacking evil spirits.

As if they had no intention of letting the intruders who invaded their territory live, a group of monsters who occupied the heart of the canyon flocked to the area with great momentum.

But that’s a bit.

Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!

In an instant, evil spirits soldiers attacked the frost trolls.

Even regular monsters had a record of 150 levels.

They were evil spirits soldiers who already understood the concept of dust prevention even if Sunghyun didn’t train them.

Even the number was superior, so he was not a match for a frost troll who rushed recklessly rushed.

But then, a huge monster broke into the battlefield.



Several evil soldiers fell off at once by the monster who ran vigorously.

The appearance of a huge frost troll with different momentum.

It was the king of frost trolls and boss monster “Grom.”

It was also boss monster-like to stir the battlefield, breaking the formation woven by evil spirit soldiers.

On the other hand, there were no boss-class summons such as Geard and Carlisle in the corps of the evil spirits that gathered now.

However, that didn’t mean that they had no history of dealing with him.


Death Knight, with a sword on his shoulder, walked out among the evil soldiers.

When Grom found Death Knight approaching him, he immediately jumped at him and stretched out his big arm.


Death Knight, who was struck with a heavy sound, was pushed back by Grom’s power.

Since it is a boss monster based on strong physical abilities, it was so different that it could not be helped by a front-end power fight.

But Death Knight wasn’t alone.



The swung halberd cut off Grom’s arm in a heartbeat.

He roared and struggled as if he were in pain.

Let’s go!

The arm of Grom, which had been cut off, stopped bleeding in an instant and grew back with flesh and bones.

Even if the trolls had the excellent regenerative ability, they couldn’t show that much resilience, but they showed a different level of resilience like a boss monster.

He had regenerative characteristics like Oleg.


But at that moment, two swords were stuck in Grom’s body at the same time.

There were two death knights that ran from the front and put the sword in.


Two black knights staring at Grom without saying a word.


Grom struggled violently and swung his arms, trying to shake off Death Knights with the bayonet.

But then another sword penetrated deep behind his back.

On the other side, the Halberd swung and cut off the regenerated arm again.

As many as five Death Knights joined forces and joined forces, he can’t get away from them.

Finally, Halberd swung and cut off Grom’s head in a heartbeat.


The head of a large frost troll fell on the floor.

“Woo, woo…….”

When the leader, Grom died, this agitated frost trolls.

The Death Knights didn’t miss this atmosphere, and they took the lead in cutting them down.

The battlefield was again turned into a one-sided massacre, and all the remaining trolls were brutally murdered.


A battlefield filled with bodies of trolls.

This successfully secured the area of frost trolls in the heart of the canyon.



When the fight was over, the Death Knights gathered together and faced each other.

Death Knight was a very powerful force in itself, but he also had very good individual intelligence.

In the case of evil spirits soldiers, they were passive, as given orders, but the Death Knights, a clan of the same race as Carlisle, were different.

Even if Sung-Hyun didn’t give any instructions, they thought they would use their brains enough to grasp the geography on their own, divide it up to the advance, and march.

They even exchanged eyes and communicated with each other to actively draw decisions.

It was for this reason that Carlisle had A-rank’s summoner rating even though he was not a demon.

It was only incapable of human speech but had a high level of intelligence that looked almost like a human or a demon.


Death Knights, who exchanged glances, nodded and began to move.

It was planned to advance without delay as much as possible, but as long as the boss monster was knocked down, Sung-Hyun needed to retrieve the body.

In addition, while communicating, they began to identify several surrounding areas, with some scattered personnel, including evil spirits.

It was to find resources hidden between the canyons in advance.

Instead of marching recklessly killing monsters, the corps was quickly getting their hands on each resource-buried base.

There was a wide variety of rare mineral resources that were rarely found outside in the blade canyon area.

It was ordered by Sung-Hyun to identify the resources of each region.


Meanwhile, a Death Knight, which was wandering around, stopped in front of a small cave.

The entrance was hidden under the steep glacier cliff of the canyon.

Looking suspicious, he stepped inside to check it out.


But the moment he put his foot inside.

There was a strong spark and a rejection and surprised Death Knight stepped back.

System messages that appear simultaneously.

[You found the sanctuary of the Guardian]

[Caution – Monster is restricted!]


Death Knight stared blankly at the entrance to the cave.

A strange place where they can’t get in.

It was an entrance full of heterogeneous energy, and the one who was agonizing for a while nodded.

It took the power of the lord to find out the identity of this place.

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