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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 107

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Werewolf warriors quickly entered the fort.

He lightly burned the wall by teasing his sleek body, and entered the inside to avoid the eyes of skeleton warriors who were busy repairing.

He was not as sensitive as a monster with only bones left, so he was easy to get out of

“This way.”

Locan’s gaze shifted inside the fortress building.

It was a fairly large fortress, but only the smell of human beings came from inside the citadel.

The location was clear, and Locan quickly chased the smell with the warriors.


But it wasn’t just outside that skeleton warriors were wandering around.

Skeleton was being deployed and wandering in the middle of the hallway, and the werewolves had to stop with their ankles caught for a while.

The number is much higher than they thought to pass by.

“Leader, what do I do?”

“We are getting rid of everything. Don’t make a fuss about it.”

Skeleton was not a tricky enemy to the werewolves at all.

A person who can handle as much as you want.

As soon as Locan’s words fell, they emerged from the darkness at once dark.


Skeleton warriors rolled around in a sudden surprise.

They couldn’t cope with the appearance of a larger number of werewolves without having to lift their weapons.


However, not all skeleton warriors fell down in one shot.

Some skeleton warriors, who responded early, dodged their fists and immediately lifted their swords and shields.

Werewolves rushed violently, but they were attacked and began to counterattack.

“What, what?”

“Come on, take care of it!”

The skeleton warriors, who were not easily taken by them, were instantly embarrassed

If there was a disturbance here, the goal could have escaped, so the fight should not have been prolonged.

“Get out of the way.”

Lockan, who stepped forward, threw a fist in an instant.


Lokan broke the entire shield lifted by the skeleton warrior and shattered it into pieces of pieces.

It was too much for ordinary monsters to handle the power of his fist, and even the rest of the skeleton warriors who were on the defensive were killed at once.

Stomping on the shattered bones, Locan frowned and looked down under his feet.

“These guys… were skeleton warriors on the gray ground.”

A skeleton warrior was a monster he knew well.

The monster in the next area was recognized at what level it was, even if it was not often encountered.

But now these guys were much stronger than the Skeleton Warrior he knew.

It was only when he stepped up in person that he did it in one shit, but he did not easily deal with the Werewolf warriors unless it was a surprise, and the movement he just showed was quite agile.

“Does the Necromancer give each skeleton these weapons?”

The weapon in hand was different from that of an ordinary skeleton warrior.

He couldn’t believe Skeleton carrying a rare metal weapon.

He heard the story, but the monsters wearing strange black mana were also not ordinary opponents.

“I must stop breathing here.”

There was nothing strange about any variable, and it was good to finish as soon as possible.

“A little more haste.”

Locan led the warriors to move.

They followed the increasingly clear smell of humans to the underground of the fortress, and were able to reach the doorway of the basement, avoiding the disturbance.

With a goal just around the corner, the warriors exchanged glances.

‘I’m coming in in a single breath.’


The whole door fell off with a loud noise.

At the same time, the warriors entered the inside.

He should not have given room to him, and he tried to bite his neck as soon as he saw a human.

“What, what!”

“Is nobody there?”

The werewolves who came inside looked around embarrassed.

It definitely smells like humans, but there was no one in the room.

It’s just scattered stuff, and inside the empty room.

Locan’s eyes quickly turned when he sensed an ominous smell.

He felt powerful mana behind the wall.


Yay! Yay! Yay!

A large flame ball flew behind the wall.

One wall collapsed completely, and the room was swept away by a flame explosion.

The marks of burning heat.

Seonghyeon and Izuna walked out to the collapsed wall.

“It’s been repaired, but now it’s like this. Skeleton’s gonna be mad.”

Sung-Hyun looked at a pile of debris that covered the room and scratched his head.

It was so powerful that part of the wall was not collapsed, but the entire pillar and ceiling in the room collapsed.

Thanks to this, more than half of the werewolves that were swept away by the flames were buried in the rubble and died.


Of course, tough werewolves won’t be wiped out this easily.

The wolves began to appear one by one in the rubble.

Let’s go!

The charred werewolves’ bodies recovered quickly.

Basically, he was very good at physical specification and had persistent vitality and resilience.

If they are not killed immediately, they show terrible vitality.


“I’ll kill you!”

Angry werewolves rushed toward Seonghyeon in an instant.

They look like they’re about to tear their bodies apart.


However, Izuna took a step forward with a snort and pulled out a sword.


The flash flashed and blood splashed.

Izuna showed off her fine sword skills and cut down the rushing beasts one by one.

The bodies of the dismembered were rolling on the floor, and Izuna swung the sword without even blinking.

“Yes, you!”


Even if several people rushed at the same time, the results were the same.

Werewolvesves who changed their appearance had a much larger size than her, but even with such differences, Izuna was not able to hurt a fingertip.


It was Lokan, the great chief who stopped the warriors excited by the smell of blood.

If they run like this, they will only be slaughtered.

The magical power that just flew in, and the opponent was not an ordinary vampire.

“How can you… No, why are you with a human being?”

Lockan, who stepped forward, frowned and said.

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