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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 106

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“You can deal with it alone, right?”

When Sung-Hyun said with a glaring look, Death Knight proudly stepped forward.

Ankaras and Izuna had nothing to do.

It would be rather difficult if the fight ended too early.

“Don’t be flattered, man.”

The werewolf gritted his teeth.

How dare a human being to be so condescending.

As a proud warrior of the clan, there was also a degree to which it seemed ridiculous.

Despite Ankaras’s pressure from the back, she stepped forward with all her might.


Werewolf warrior who had been rushing to the ground in no time.

Death Knight swung the sword.

However, she dodged the flying sword, teasing her body, and stepped into the street and punched hard.


Her fist was blocked by the urgent recovery of the sword.

However, as if he had expected that much, Werewolf pushed his opponent more persistently, even though his fist was blocked.

Because he was an opponent with a large sword, he tried to narrow the distance as much as possible so that the weapon’s reach was rather a disadvantage.

No matter what weapons they used, they could not be closed even after several clashes


Werewolf, who deflected the sword, punched Death Knight.

The body did not cut off even though it was in the middle of exchanging blades with each other.

She avoided cutting directly by spilling attacks, and her bare body itself was different from ordinary tribes.

It was not pointless to say that Izuna had strong maids.

‘But… there’s a big gap.’

 Thought Sung-Hyun, who was still watching the fight.

Knowing the history of Death Knight, the outcome of the fight was obvious.


‘Hey, how is this……!’

Death Knight’s ability was revealed, and as the fight continued, it developed into a one-sided flow.

Despite the use of an unfavorable sword at this distance, she was increasingly struggling to keep up with Death Knight’s movements.


In particular, the powerful force of the Supreme Prosecutor would have split in half if it had been hit properly even once.

She was going to get rid of the black knight in front of her quickly and think about what to do with Ankara in the back.

In reality, she struggled completely from the very beginning.

‘I think it’s going to be useful. Right now… He’s a gangster.’

Sung-Hyun watched the fight and thought.

Just by looking at the movements, you see now, the werewolves certainly had enough potential as a demon mafia and elite monster.

But that didn’t mean she had the upper hand against Death Knight.

Death Knight, an elite S-class dungeon monster, became part of Sunghyun’s shadow, following the monarch Carlisle at over 150 levels.

Werewolf also appears to be at least 100 levels, but they were not able to reach that level, so of course, they were pushed back.


Damn it!

She frowned and slipped back.

It was because she knew that she would end up being beaten by this trend, but it was not to turn her back and run away.


“I will kill all of you here…….”



Her body began to twist strangely.

Completely different energy and life.

The beast’s nature stood in her eyes on her fast-inflating body.

The broadening characteristics revealed the true appearance of werewolves.



The roar of the werewolf reveals its true nature.

Watching the scene, Sung-Hyun’s eyes shined.

‘Got accepted. These guys are definitely hired.’


Werewolf began to push Death Knight hard.

She was a woman who moved much faster and took an extremely aggressive offensive than before.

There was a clear gap and a change in the current trend, which was only one-sided.

“That’s enough. I think I’ve seen everything.”

Sung-Hyun’s gesture that it’s okay to end now.

Then Izuna nodded and pulled out the sword.

“The Lord has commanded the end.”

Izuna was just around the corner of the werewolf.

The startled opponent tried to respond quickly, but the situation was already late.

“That’s all I can do for you.”



Izuna grabbed Wearwolf’s head in an instant and crashed it into the ground.

The ground split and a powerful shock erupted.

It was a quick move that could not even be responded to by an opponent who was already looking away from Death Knight.

The strong shock broke the bones of the whole body and crushed under Izuna’s feet, the werewolf burst into the blood.

“You… cut in suddenly. Cowardly….”


Izuna inserted a sword into the heart of the werewolf without any hesitation.

There was nothing to hear about the grumbling that was going to kill me anyway.

As long as Sung-Hyun’s order was given, she could not waste a little time on this kind of guy.

“Lord, what shall we do with this?”

“I’m gonna bring it back to life anyway… Just get the bodies back in moderation.”

Sung-Hyun replied to Izuna, who pointed to the drooping body.

Then he climbed onto the back of Ankaras, who had been waiting for him.

Having passed the interview, it was time to prepare for the recruitment in earnest.



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