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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 103

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“What the hell is this….”

Sung-hyun’s surprised eyes widened.

As soon as he absorbed the power of the fallen Guardian, he could immediately realize what happened.

No, even if you are not aware of it, the system message was telling you clearly.

[Enhanced attributes apply to all powers.]

[Strength Stat +15]

[Agility Stat +15]

[Health Stat +15]

[Magic stat +15]

[Cold resistance +50%]

Sung-Hyun took down the essence that the Guardian had and absorbed it.

Seonghyeon strengthened the power of the shadow by making essence’s power his own.

Of course, this wasn’t just about growing one’s own power, like hunting and raising levels.

The entire corps was buffed up and the power went up.

A great competency bonus that applies to all legions, not only to each monarch but also to their subordinates, such as Goblins and Banshee.

Additional stats were added to their existing abilities, and most of all, the most impressive option was cold air resistance.

As much as 50 percent of the cold air resistance was attached to the corps.

The powerful effect of resisting all cold-air attacks and halving the damage that should be done.

Of course, it was only natural that Sung-hyun, who was at the top of the corps, received the same effect.

‘It’s a huge bonus that the whole army is 50 percent cold-air resistance.’

No matter how high the property resistance was, there was a limit, and 100 percent of the resistance was impossible in the system.

However, if placed close to the maximum, the damage to the property could be reduced to a level where there was little damage.

If Sung-Hyun even uses the dragon’s scale characteristics, it will apply to the extent that it is virtually close to the maximum for cold air properties.

‘But… there’s also a pathetic message.’

[The existence beyond the dimension has recognized your existence]

The message window appeared when the Guardian was destroyed and the essence was absorbed.

It was talking about something beyond the dimension.

Even if it is true that there is a second dimension, it was very surprising that everyone knows about this side beyond the dimension.

‘I’m sure there’s something to do with this place. You don’t look at me in a good light because I came in out of nowhere and destroyed the Guardian.’

Still, the message was all that appeared yet, so it was not known whether it was hostile or favorable.

But it was clear that there was something beyond the dimension.

The system doesn’t lie.

“More than an unidentified being that didn’t appear in person.” 

‘I need to check what’s in front of us right now.’

Turning his head, Sung-Hyun approached the passageway.

It was necessary to find out what the Guardian was trying to protect here.

Passing through the hallway, where all kinds of letters were written, Sung-Hyun reached in one shot.

It was a small room that looked like nothing.

However, there was an old book hanging with an exhibition table in the middle of the room.

‘What’s this?’

Sung-Hyun picked up the book reflexively.

It was a book full of ancient texts that were not recognizable, such as those written throughout the historical site.

However, Sung-Hyun could recognize the title of the book right away.

[Memory Book]

Message to Sung-hyun.

Status window characteristics that give detailed specifications of weapons and penetrate unidentified potentials.

He expected this time, but unfortunately, only the name appeared, and no special information was written.

‘But it’s probably not an ordinary thing.’

Sung-hyun, who had been agonizing for a while, combed the room to see if there were any other trophies or hidden spaces.

But no matter how hard he looked at it, there was nothing else.

Just in case, Sung-hyun opened the book himself.

It was a long way too much for him to interpret something, just because the letters were full were wriggling like worms.

‘I can’t recognize it. I’m going to draw a picture for you know……. Maybe I should ask Izuna.’

It was different from the texts used by vampires in the citadel.

Still, he thought that if he were a demon mafia like her, he might be able to recognize the text here.

Then Sung-Hyun immediately called Izuna aside.


Izuna, who appeared in the shadow, nodded.

“Did you call me, Lord. But this place… That’s quite unfamiliar.”

“It just happened to be a leak. Anyway, I called you because I wanted you to help me. Can you read this?”

Sung-hyun gave her an old book.

However, Izuna shook her head as she was looking closely at ancient books.

“It’s completely unrecognizable to me. I’ve never seen this text before. It’s been a while.”

Izuna didn’t take her eyes off the book while she was talking.

But the moment she put her hand on an old book to look over a page.

She slumped down in her seat, breathing in rough breaths.

“Oh, my…!”

“What, what’s wrong? Is everything OK?”

Surprised Sung-hyun approached her.

However, Izuna seemed shocked and couldn’t move easily.

It was not visible to Sung-hyun’s eyes, but the mana contained in the ancient book suddenly rushed into her head.

Sitting in a rather blank stare, she slowly lifted her gaze.

“I remembered, Lord.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I lost my memory… and now they are back.”

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