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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 101

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As the fight against the stone statue began, the room was quickly devastated.

The floor was broken and the pillar collapsed in a barrel that wielded weapons relentlessly while living their own.

The men who persistently pursue Sung-hyun with the intention of eliminating intruders.

As expected, they had great power to match their large size.

In addition, even Sung-hyun was at risk for his life if he was hit by such a large weapon.

‘But as long as I am not hit, I am safe right.

Sung-Hyun quickly made fun of himself and avoided the attack.

Although he was not big and slim, the speed difference between the two was not even comparable.


Sung-hyun, who quickly dug in, cut out the back of the statue’s ankle.

The sword didn’t go deeper than he thought.

Space was not the only place protected by light, and the statues were not easily broken either.

‘You’re annoying me.’

However, it was not as strong as the level of interference hanging from the stone gate.

It was annoying to have to deal with a pretty solid topic, but there was nothing he could do.

There was a black shadow on the blade of Sunghyun.


A completely destroyed stone statue collapsed.

Every time Sung-hyun swung a sword, the bodies of the statues were greatly cut and collapsed, and he soon stood between the rubble.

[Name – Lee Sung-hyun]

[Celebration – Those who have reached the level.]

[Level – 154]

[Job – Necromancer]

[Key Capabilities]

Strength: 286 Agility: 274 Physical: 275 Mana: 362

[Hold Properties]

Status window (S), Shadow Monarch (S), White Night (S)

Although it was not long after awakening, Sung-Hyun’s status window had grown completely different from the beginning.

These statues were protected with at least A-rank power and heterogeneous energy.

The enemies of the same level were Sung-hyun, who would not even be able to face them, and when he put on weapons and black mana, he could easily overpower the statues by cutting them down in a single blow.

Let’s go!

Meanwhile, the energy of light from the collapsed stone statue scattered and disapeared.

As expected, it was not an ordinary monster when it said it gave off a foreign energy.

“Wait, this is……?’

Sung-hyun picked up the key that bounced off the statue when it was broken.

The large rectangular shape of the front part was not an ordinary key.

Sung-hyun, who turned his head with a feeling, could find a similar-shaped groove at the stone gate.

“I thought it was a loud decoration, was it a keyhole?”

Sung-hyun approached the stone gate and put the key into the gap.


When the key was inserted, the locks on the stone gate began to move in unison.

It was a gate made of stone, so he thought it was just carved and engraved with unique patterns, but it turned out that there were a lot of harness-powered devices.


Very complex structural devices opened one by one, and soon the tightly closed stone doors opened wide on both sides.

Sung-hyun stepped into the passageway beyond that.

At the end of the fairly long passage, the room just before opened up a huge space that was considered a joke.

‘What’s this, man?’

There wouldn’t have been this much space, but it was a spacious and high space as if the space was distorted.

Above all, there was a huge stone statue in the middle of the space.

A statue of a giant size that can’t even be compared to the statues seen before.

It was a statue of a strange giant with an animal’s face, and he could feel the pressure just by looking up.

‘No way…’

The giant statue may have been severely damaged for some reason, but it was not intact.

However, Sung-Hyun was overwhelmed with a sense of foreboding before the statue.


“Jesus, it was me.”

Sung-Hyun hurriedly pulled out the sword.

The huge stone statue opened its eyes.


As the giant statue moved his legs, a loud noise erupted.

The name of the sanctuary of the Guardian.

Sung-Hyun instinctively realized that the guardian who spoke there meant him.

You want me to deal with this?

A huge stone statue filled in front of one’s eyes.

It was the largest size of all the monsters he had ever faced.

Sunghyun quickly moved around and swung a sword at his ankle, but it just bounced off badly.

His attack with shadow didn’t work at all.

Yeah, yeah!

As the giant statue wielded its arms loudly as if it were interrupting, the columns that had been stretched out fell down.

Sung-Hyun had to move to avoid the huge pile of debris pouring down.

But Giant soon gathered his arms and shot them down at him

Despite the long distance from the attack, Sung-Hyun was thrown away by the aftermath.


Sung-Hyun, who rolled the floor once, woke up right away.

Unbelievable power.

If he was hit directly, he will be crushed and disappear in one shot.

‘He’s moving like that.’

Clearly, the giant was severely damaged and the power was significantly lower than its original appearance.

The face alone was severely damaged, the entire surface of the body fell off, and there was a huge crack in the chest that looked dangerous.

But I can’t believe you’re showing this much power even in such an imperfect shape.

It’s never an ordinary monster.

[The effect of the premium potion,’ Fresh Green Elixir’ has been activated!]

[The effect of the top-notch potion, ‘Elixir of Anger’ has been activated!]

[The effect of the premium potion,’Indomitable Elixir’ has been activated!]

Sung-Hyun took out three potions and swallowed them at once. 

Even if it was an unexpected enemy, he had no intention of backing down.

‘If you’re a guardian, you’re protecting something. In addition, this guy has been making moves to protect that street since earlier

A small passage behind the street where the statue of the giant is standing in the way.

Sung-hyun’s eyes naturally turned to the man who was running wild but refused to leave.

I don’t know what you’re trying to keep, but it can be a clue to beings other than common sense.

‘I don’t think he’ll just get out of the way, but I’ll just have to deal with it.’

After organizing his mind, Sung-Hyun corrected his posture.

It was very embarrassing to face such a presence in a place where the summons could not be summoned.

However, even if a summon cannot be called in person, he did not have to fight alone.

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