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Sung-hyun, who landed with Ankaras, descended to the ground.

Death Knights knelt toward their monarch, and Sung-hyun smiled and looked up at the monster’s body.

It was a big frost troll, boss monster Grom.

“You’ve got the boss. Good job, everyone.”

Between the Death Knights standing up, Sung-hyun approached the dead body.

He knew it was a powerful force but didn’t expect to have the body of a boss like this.

On top of that, the seat next to it was full of bodies of dead frost trolls.

None of the men who attacked the legions could escape alive.

‘They’re definitely trustworthy, and they can take care of their jobs.’

Sung-hyun shed his shadow on the body of a large frost troll.


Grom’s big arm touched the ground.

The wounds all over his body healed quickly, and the black energy passed over his body, and the boy opened his eyes, which had been closed.

[“Grom” the king of frost trolls.]

[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 105]

[Boss’ pressure], [Rejuvenation], [Fire Vulnerable]


As Grom roared, the bodies of frost trolls piled up around wriggled.

The men, who began to rise from the shadows, greeted the new monarch with their second life.

It was the hundreds of Frost Troll Corps that came under the command of Seonghyeon.

It was quite impressive to see this many vicious monsters gathered.

“I’m going to leave it to monsters deep in the thumb or the rest of the frost trolls, but we’ll be able to move right away, right?


At Sung-hyun’s words, Grom nodded vigorously and turned around.

There was no disagreement with the monarch’s instructions.



As the roar of the grom exploded, all the frost trolls under the command began to move at once.

They started to climb steep canyon slopes freely, scattered all over the place.

Frosty trolls adapted to snow conditions and are not disturbed by the climate, of course.

It was able to move freely and quickly between the terrain of the rough and steep snow canyon.

It will be able to absorb scattered frost trolls and quickly clean up a group of monsters located in deep rough terrain other than the main advance toward the evil soldier corps.


When the frost trolls left, the evil soldier corps also began to move in unison.

The surrounding geography was understood, and Sung-hyun recovered Grom’s body, so it was to start advancing again with a battle line.

As many as 8,000 people are leaving the canyon in a row.

However, the Death Knights stood by Sung-Hyun’s side to see if they were waiting for his order.

“Did you happen to have resources around here?

When Sung-Hyun said, Death Knight nodded.

There were two mines where rare metals were buried around the site.

“Really? Then I’d rather start right away than wait to join.”


Sung-Hyun, who stretched out his shadow, summoned his minions at once.


Hundreds of Goblin and Skeleton warriors have emerged.

These guys were also good at fighting, but they were not brought in for that.

It was to proceed with the development of the mine during the main unit’s march.

“Then I ask you guys to do the work here”


They started to move on their own even though Sunghyun didn’t have to explain.

The Death Knight and the Demonic Legion were advancing and quickly gaining access to the main channels and strongholds of the Knife Gorge.

Goblin and Skeleton warriors followed suit and were building infrastructure, including production facilities, warehouses, and accommodations in the occupied area.

It was necessary to share such a separate role because more than ten mines had already been advanced and secured.

From relatively common iron and copper mines to silver mines, one of the most important materials used in alchemy.

Rare metals used to produce armor were also secured and were used to make alloys with rare metals to become more sensitive to magic.

Thanks to this large amount of metal resources, it is possible to produce quality weapons on its own that are not inferior to equipment produced outside.

It would be soon to supply armor in addition to weapons due to elasticity in production speed.

“Things are going smoothly. As Izuna said, the area of the demons is the northern tip of the Knife Gorge, so we can push ahead with it smoothly.’

Izuna, the ruler of the gray land, was also roughly aware of the situation in the third field next to her.

Thanks to her, the location of the demon tribe was already understood.

However, he did not intend to rush into their territory.

There wasn’t a shortage of troops to take control of the field anyway.

It was the farthest place, so it was enough to take over the field step by step and take control of it and deal with them.

“There’s nothing special about it’s… Let’s all move again.”

With Sung-hyun’s words, Death Knights disbanded.

The ones who started their journey with a corps of evil soldiers.

However, unlike other Death Knights, there was a man who stayed until the end.

“Hmm? Is there a problem?”

Sung-hyun looked at him with a puzzled expression.

Death Knight began to tell about what he had seen.

“What? Suspicious place?”

Death Knight’s story about finding a suspicious cave.

It is said that it is a place where he cannot enter due to a rejection, but it was a very unfamiliar story for Seonghyeon.

There can’t be a place like that in the dungeon.

However, he would not lie to him, and he needed to check for himself.

“Let’s go right away. Guide.”

When Sunghyun said, Death Knight nodded and immediately began to move.

Following Death Knight’s stride, Sung-hyun reached the cave entrance under the canyon’s glacial cliff.

“Are you talking about this place?”

Death Knight nodded at his question.

After stopping for a while and looking at the entrance, Sung-Hyun stepped toward the inside.

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