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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 96

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Sung-hyun’s activities that destroyed all the guild members of Cheongseong who were in the barrier

He thought it was simply because of the bad relationship, but it turned out that it was not because of the previous grudge, but because it was to save the citizens.

Naturally, his stock price, which prevented Hwang Seok-il’s massacre, rose more and more.

In addition to saving citizens from monsters, public opinion was completely turned to Seonghyeon’s side in the extreme contrast between the two.

Of course, it is such a strong base that citizens won’t be able to kick out Cheongseong just because they wake up.

However, such complaints and public opinion alone have forced Cheongseong to come as a significant burden and risk.

Cheongseong had a strong enemy, the Hwashin Guild, in Seoul, so it had to pay attention to the public sentiment inside.

In fact, after this incident, Cheongseong hurriedly began to deal with it.

Media companies, which had been keeping their mouths shut due to Cheongseong’s demand, belatedly began to write late articles and post them.

The Cheongseong Guild officially announced its apology.

In the desperate situation of an S-class dungeon, frightened Hunters rushed to cut their tails, saying that criminal acts committed by themselves were revealed during an internal investigation.

It was a good way to deal with them.

However, such an announcement was not an issue that could be easily calmed down.

It was so shocking that the once-burned fire showed no signs of easily subside.

In particular, the reputation of Cheongseong and Han In-ho, who have been working hard on image management, has been a big blow, and they are in quite trouble.

‘Of course, you can’t just hope for the fall of Cheongseong with this. If this is the only thing that’s gonna bring them down, they’ll be gone. However, it will take some time to put the brakes on a coercive investigation into the public.’

It was Cheongseong, who had recently caught even a little suspicious people to catch Sung-hyun, and was chasing clues by mobilizing violent means.

But for the time being, they won’t be able to do that.

No matter how much it was Cheongseong, it was too much to go around doing such a thing with public sentiment deteriorating to this extent.

As long as Hwang Seok-il is dead, there is no way he can go too far to investigate against the guild policy.

‘I checked with Kang Il-hoon just in case, but I was relieved that he said he could be relieved for a while.’

He didn’t mean it, but the fact that there was an insider in the enemy camp was more useful than expected.

Anyways, this incident has made Cheongseong’s movements passive.

In other words, Sung-hyun will be able to move relatively freely.

Then all I have left is to build up my strength.

‘But simply that’s not enough.’

It was Sung-hyun who stepped into the world of S-class Hunter.

He still needs to focus on becoming stronger, but now he has to start preparing to face Cheongseong and other forces in earnest.

The dungeon in the basement was the best place for growth, but it will no longer be confined here.

‘I felt it this time. It is also important to increase my strength and material supply, but I also need forces outside the dungeon. You can’t just sneak around and hide under the feet of Cheongseong forever.’

Sung-hyun’s move to avoid the eyes of Cheongseong was not enough for full-fledged activities.

One needs his power to move for himself even in the sun where everyone’s eyes are on him

‘As Seo Joon-young said, individual power alone is limited. Then I will build a guild and fight against them.’

“Lord, we’re all set.”

Izuna approached him, who was lost in thought, and reported.

Then, Sung-hyun nodded silently and looked down at the scenery under the mountain range he stood.


A cold wind brushed his face, and his eyes overlooked the third field of the dungeon.

snowy areas covered with white snow

Sharp glacial canyons were seen swirling everywhere.

“You said there was another demon mafia in the third field, right?

“Yes, they’re very strong.”

“Then it’s better.”

It is true that outside forces should be created, but that did not make it possible to trust other hunters.

In this dirty industry, betraying each other and stabbing each other in the back happened every day.

For Sung-hyun, who will fight against huge enemies in the future, a clumsy ally could have been a greater risk.

However, the story is different when it comes to subordinates who have become their own shadow.

Monsters such as Goblins and Skeletons cannot operate outside, but Izna, the vampire monarch in front of him, was different.

With a little education, she was a demon mafia who could act like a human being outside, and this was the case for all vampires under her command.

Sung-hyun intended to use them to build a guild and power that could move his own way.

“But since it’s a low-numbered high-end workforce, vampires, who are already busy with alchemy and magical things, are not enough. We need to recruit more people.”

Large-scale forced recruitment for high-end staffing.

The demons who dominated the next field were the targets.

“Let’s go.”


Izuna, Geard, Carlisle, etc.

Eight monarchs standing behind Seonghyeon followed him at the same time.

Of course, the monarchs were not the only ones because they had no intention of expanding their territory as slowly as before.

50 Death Knights lined up with heavy swords and halberds.

Then a corps of 8,000 evil spirit soldiers filled the border mountain range began to move in unison.


With the roar of evil spirit soldiers roaring through the mountain range, Sung-hyun stepped toward a new field.

[Entered the third field, Knight Gorge!]

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