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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 97

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“Jesus, I can feel the cold with this body.”

In the cold wind, Sung-Hyun touched his arm slightly.

A snowfield bearing the cold of cold weather

If you entered the body of the general public, there was nothing strange about freezing to death without even taking a few steps.

He wasn’t even walking normally.


Sung-Hyun was on the back of Ankaras, the flying monarch of the Wyverns.

Of course, you have to feel much colder than walking.

However, Sung-Hyun, an S-class hunter, could be fine even if he was flying through the wind in this climate.

He has already become difficult to die in any way that is not related to monsters or hunters.

If you get into a car accident or something on the street, it’s the driver who was driving a 5-ton truck that got hurt

Anyway, thanks to this, even though you were flying in this freezing cold weather, your body did not have any problems.

I can only feel the cold in my senses.

‘But he did make me feel much more comfortable.’

Sung-Hyun tapped Ankaras on the back while he was climbing.

Accepting Ankaras as a minion had more than just combat power.

First of all, the fact that it greatly reduced the travel time that it usually takes to move has become essential to cover the wider area.

In particular, Ankaras was larger than other ordinary Wyvern, but the flight speed was much faster.

‘And when you face a new field like now, you don’t have to spend time scouting.’

It was Sung-Hyun who was looking down from the sky.

Moving freely in the air, looking down, I could skip the previously cumbersome reconnaissance process at once.

Of course, as the name of the blade canyon, the terrain was quite complicated, so there were many points where you had to go down and take a closer look.

However, even if there were hidden places, the approximate geography, and the open places were all visible from afar.

Thus, Sung-Hyun was looking down from the sky to understand the approximate distribution of each terrain and monster.

The specter of frost, white tops, and other wild beasts.

It had a rough environment, and as the third field, monsters were generally high-quality.

Among them, monsters at the level of the A-rank dungeon seemed to be boring.

It was difficult for ordinary hunters to even survive here.

‘There seem to be a lot of places that look like Regen, and I won’t be worried about other guys’ leveling up.’

Sung-Hyun raised his lips as if he was satisfied.

For some, even if it was a disaster day monsters, Sung-Hyun, who had already reached the level of an S-class hunter, seemed only good high-level hunting and a mass of experience.

“Let’s take a closer look over there.”


Ankaras swerved at Sung-hyun’s words.

Then he immediately lowered his altitude and began to fly.

He was able to fly freely despite his large size, and he was able to walk through the canyon and take a closer inside.


Sung-Hyun went through the canyon to see if there were any monsters or resources that he missed.

At that time, Sung-Hyun’s eyes turned to the noise he heard.

Boom boom!


The ferocious cries fill the canyon.

It was the sound of a white top barking, a predator of the snowfield.

He wondered what happened, and saw a fierce battle down there.


His chief servant leading the Zombie Legion, Oleg, the ragged monarch was in the middle of a battle with a group of monsters, which look like at least a few dozen, flocking to Oleg, which stood alone.

In addition to the size of a large white top, Oleg standing alone and being attacked by a siege looked very dangerous at first glance.

‘Oleg, you’re working hard.’

However, Sung-Hyun was just watching the fight from above with a calm attitude.

Those were the poor ones.


A white top was trampled by Oleg and turned into a red blood cloth.

Of course, they were like powerful beast monsters, and they were not afraid of their own people.

As many as dozens of them, other guys rushed in and ripped off Oleg’s flesh.


However, even if the white tops bite with all their might, it was only a small scratch on Oleg.

Even the flaws recovered quickly in less than a second.

Since the difference in weight is so severe and has regenerative characteristics, such small attacks were not even ticklish.

It was as if he was making the final move to the opponent who could not defeat him anyway.



Oleg, who squashed the last one in a frugal way, began to move again.

Oleg advanced, devastating all the monsters he encountered.

He is raising his level by quickly building up eight times his experience.

‘Everyone’s already over 100 levels. Things are going smoothly. The other side should be doing well by now.’

Not only Oleg, but also the monarchs under him, had been scattered into their respective territories and hunted.

It is to clean up the swirling monsters in the area and to help them grow individually.

Recently, the level of Sung-Hyun, who defeated the S-class dungeon, soared to 150, widening the level gap with the monarchs except for Carlisle.

Therefore, they were hunting in the dungeon without a break-even while Sung-Hyun was away.

They were boss-class minions who didn’t have to sleep and didn’t get tired, so they would follow soon.

“So how far did the main team reach by now?”

Boom boom!

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