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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 95

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The power of nine major guilds is safe to say that they actually dominate the country.

It was never easy to report absurdities related to the giant guild as a mere individual.

Even the giant guilds were not playing separately but in unison.

Although each guild is said to compete strongly for supremacy, they were silent as much as they did not see the absurdities committed to people within their territory.

Of course, this was possible because of the tacit agreement between the guilds.

It’s not like there’s a weight difference enough to overwhelm the opponent right now.

This is because it was obvious that if they were dragged into a mud fight by revealing each other’s secrets, only the width of their movements would eventually narrow.

So, each guild agreed not to dig into the mess that was happening behind them, even if they had to put a knife to the opponent’s neck with force.

That’s why society was now in this shape.

The intertwined giant guilds’ grip grew bigger, and the media did not speak out at a single phone call by a member of the giant guild.

A dystopia-like society where not only the media news but also all form of media is directly or indirectly controlled and monitored.

However, even in this situation, there was no way.

“Fortunately, the 9th guild is a fierce competition. And even if there’s an implicit agreement, some of them are just leaving.’

It was the Baekryong Guild in Incheon that would be the power of Seonghyeon.

They didn’t care about the guild’s tendency, whether it was an implicit agreement or an agreement on dirty work.

It is not a matter of image what others say because it was already a guild that heard crazy people and its guild leader.

Of course, it held several direct media outlets like the 9 guilds.

It would be hard not to care about their image in a guild this size.

This reflects Baekryong’s firm values that power is everything.

‘Anyway, that’s what makes me the right card for me.’

If the Baekryong Guild could hurt the rival guild, it was a place to be willing to go to the exhibition.

In addition, it had been struggling with Cheongseong in the border area because it had been laying the groundwork for its recent advance into Seoul.

It was obvious that it would be willing to bite the rice cakes he brought to weaken Cheongseong’s influence.

‘And the results were as expected.’

Looking into the screen, Sung-hyun smiled.

Baekryong’s affiliated media companies were pouring out articles about Cheongseong.

With the same nine guilds behind us, it is impossible to get these articles down even if they have bad hearing.

As the issue was more of an issue than anything else, the rice cake was burning hot.

“I’m done with my work. I didn’t even think about it… Thanks to you, I was able to tell the truth.”

A-rank hunter who collapsed while blocking Hwang Seok-il.

Seo Joon-young approached Sung-hyun wearing a mask and bowed his head.

“No, thanks to you, I was able to wrap this up. If I were alone, I wouldn’t have solved anything.”

Seo Joon-young was a helper who actively helped Sung-hyun in this matter.

It is obvious that the truth will be diluted when Sunghyun, who is already hostile to Cheongseong, comes forward and talks.

Only when a third party at the scene directly exposed and gave evidence could it bring about a bigger impact.

And the best fit for the role was Seo Joon-young.

As the incident intensified his antipathy toward Cheongseong, he was willing to join and help the approaching Seonghyeon’s plan.

“You even saved my life from Hwang Seok-il’s hand, and it’s natural. Come to think of it… What are you going to do now?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“I’ve heard that you’re hostile to Cheongseong. But dealing with a giant guild alone, no matter how much an S-class hunter, won’t be easy.”

Seo Joon-young said as if he was a little worried.

He didn’t want to see the benefactor who saved his life die in vain in their hands.

“Maybe it’s a little nosy, but… If you want to fight against the Blue Star, you’d rather be in another guild.”

“No, it won’t happen.”

Sung-hyun smiled at Seo Jun-young’s words.

It was right that it was much easier to join the competition guild to break down Cheongseong.

No matter how strong it is, it was almost impossible for an individual to deal with a guild.

But Sung-hyun was in a position not to reveal his true identity.

Above all, as we can see from this incident, other giant guilds were fundamentally no different from Cheongseong.

Cheongseong is the first thing to deal with.

From the perspective of Sung-hyun, who is trying to fix this different society, they are the opponents who will eventually face each other.

“Wow, aren’t these crazy people?”

Citizens walking on the street talked nonstop.

It was shocking news, so it quickly spread to everyone, and there was no room for disagreement.

“I knew you were doing all sorts of dirty things behind our backs, but you’re killing people trapped in dungeons?”

“Oh, my God, they’re gonna kill you! If it weren’t for Hunter…….”

“If you don’t protect me properly, why are you there Cheongseong? It’s better for the Hwashin Guild to take care of Gangnam!”

Citizens’ feelings for Cheongseong were seriously deteriorating.

In Cheongseong, where the work was done so thoroughly, this large-scale incident has never leaked out and exploded, which has led to a greater impact.

“I’m very prepared for anyone.”

“I mean, it wasn’t just enemies in the first place.”

Furthermore, Sung-hyun benefited from the issue.


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